How to Utilize Shortcuts Automations on iPhone and iPad

The Automation is the new add-on function to the shortcut lineup, and it can be utilized on iOS & iPadOS 13. It makes use of a trigger to activate with the help of Siri by tapping the widget or from the application. It may be triggered on various occasions like the time of day, arrival […]

How to Fix Adobe Error Code 16 on Windows 10

Adobe error 16 can restrict you from using Adobe tools and programs such as Photoshop, InDesign, etc. This error can leave you disappointed and frustrated. If you are encountering Adobe error code 16 on your device, then you have landed in the right place. This article is dedicated to troubleshooting error 16 on Adobe programs. […]

How to Record And Edit Slow-Motion Video on Your iPhone?

Everyone knows that slow-motion videos are a good way to add flair to your action videos. The iPhone’s camera can do it very quickly. To know the correct way of shooting and editing slow-motion videos on your iPhone, go through this blog carefully. Recording slow motion on your iPhone Adjusting slo-mo settings on an iPhone […]

How to break free from traditional desktop productivity

The experts Computer Weekly recently spoke to believe that while it’s not going away, organisations must break free from traditional office productivity and embrace a new collaborative approach to sharing ideas. In its latest quarterly filing, Microsoft reported that Office 365 commercial revenue grew 25%, driven by installed base growth across all workloads and customer […]

How to Check Wi-Fi Signal Strength on Windows 10?

If you use a Wi-Fi network on your system, then you might have noticed that the Wi-FI network strength differs according to the place. If you want to find out the best spot to get the most out of your Wi-Fi, then checking the network bar is the simplest way. However, this is not the […]

How to Find Someone on Google Photos

Google Photos is an incredible backup source designed and introduced by Google. It comes as the default backup option in many smartphones, and it has quite amazing features that are quite easy to use too. A user can start backing up files, documents, media just by signing up with a Google account. Google Photos has […]

How to Fix No Device Detected in Corsair Utility Engine

Corsair’s Utility engine is a software which has been used to control the Corsair peripherals connected with your Windows PC or laptop. Corsair peripherals are devices connected to your PC such as keyboard, mouse and much more. Besides this, several users complain they sometimes face en error which shows No device detected on their windows […]

How to Cancel an App Store or News+ Subscription?

Apple offers a number of subscriptions. For instance, it can be iTunes Match, Apple Music, or Apple News+. These subscriptions are paid, and you may want to stop them for some reason or the other. Here’s how you can cancel the subscriptions to News+ and App Store. To cancel an App Store or News+ Subscription […]

How to Send an Email as an Attachment from Outlook App

If you want to forward an email complete as it is, send it as an attachment.Sending an email in this format will be useful in showing someone the exact message.  Anyone can send the email as attachments from the Outlook app of their device easily. Moreover, you can use any version of Outlook app to […]

How to Create & Customize Radio Stations in Apple Music?

If you have subscribed to Apple Music, then you will get a number of radio station options such as Beats 1 live station. With the help of the company’s smart algorithms, you can make automated and customized stations. Creating your own station is easy. You can select any title, album or artist and just create a […]

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