5 Best Racing Games for Android Users in 2019

Racing games provide an enthralling experience, whether you play it on any platform. If you don’t have much time to play on other devices and own an Android phone, you can play racing games anywhere and anytime on your device. The Google Play Store boasts a lot of exciting racing games, and you can install […]

Top 5 Free-To-Play Games in 2019

If you like to play games and showcase your gaming skills, free-to-play games are the best for you. There are wide ranges of free-to-play games available for you. You can either choose Battle Royale games or League of Legends or more. The best thing that you don’t have to pay a penny to play these […]

How to Use Mozilla Popcorn Maker App

You can use Mozilla Popcorn Maker app for adding various features to videos. With Popcorn Maker, you can easily enhance, remix and share digital videos. Let’s explore the process of using it. Follow the General Familiarization Guidelines •    Make a new persona account to sign in by entering email address and password. •    Go to […]

7 Best Lightweight Web Browsers for Linux

Web Browsers give us access to enter the world of internet.  They have evolved with the passing time and made our lives much more comfortable since inception. You can find various advance web browsers that will let you access everything on the internet correctly. But when it comes to using a Web Browser in a […]

10 Best Ways To Improve iPod Touch Battery Life

People feel very annoyed at the time they are in the middle of the most exciting part of a movie, and their iPod touch battery gets over. It is a fact that iPod touch has a beautiful battery life, but a couple of people who use an iPod touch on a high note might finish […]


Once in a while I look into Microsoft Office products to find out if there is something new has surfaced, be it a new product, service or update, as long as it is attractively priced, I am interested in it. However, the last few years cast a grim shadow over the rising influence of Microsoft […]

The Best Ways to find complete system information

If you wish to know only the information related to the recent version of your Windows and other basic specification like memory and processor, you can use the Settings app. Here are the steps to check the related information: 1. Go to Settings. 2. Click the System option. 3. Now, click ‘About.’ 4. Check the […]

The best ways to contact Microsoft to Setup Office Manually

Microsoft Office is one of the leading enterprise business in the world and is also known around the world. This productivity tool is spread all over the world across continents and is almost available to the remotest part of the world. As it has made its presence all over the market and internet itself. Microsoft […]

How To Prevent People From Finding You On Facebook

Facebook has privacy settings that you can use for managing which person shall be able to search or contact you over there. Fortunately, it has plenty of privacy options in its settings, and it gets modified with time because it plays a significant role in the life of the people. The method of changing Privacy […]

How to block phone and FaceTime calls on iOS

Frustrated by annoying callers? Does someone keep calling you endlessly and relentlessly? Here is how to stop them. A simple blocking is the simplest trick to avoid a call, message, and FaceTime from a contact. Whether it is from your friend, relative, or a prank caller, you can block the user who is irritating you […]

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