Crunchyroll Releases Trailer for Webtoon Vampire Series – Noblesse

Written by Son Jae Ho, Noblesse is the story of noble vampire Rai (Etrama Di Raizel). Rai has been asleep for more than 820 years but when he wakes up, he finds himself in an abandoned building in South Korea. But he is having a hard time comprehending the world since humanity has made so […]

How to Fix Gboard Has Stopped Working on iPhone, Android, And Tablet

Gboard is one of the most popular and free keyboard applications for iOS and Android devices. Several users reported that they face Gboard stop working issues when they want to use the Gboard keyboard on their iOS or Android device. This issue occurs on your device due to application glitch, bad cache, and other reasons. […]

Make Family Sharing Possible With Reminders App On iPad And iPhone

Sharing is not only caring; it’s rather productive these days. Family Sharing is an incredible outcome of the Apple world that allows the shared access of up to six family members (including you) to superb Apple services. That said, you can also look for a phone if somebody loses it in the family.  Reminders App […]

7 Best User-Friendly Laptops for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens and elderly people are usually confused about the technology and being friends with latest inventions can be a task to them, even if they are well aware of the technology evolution. Since their generation didn’t grow up with screens, going hands-in-hand with laptops and phones can be a pretty daunting experience for them. […]

How to remove location data from your iPhone photos in iOS 13

When you snap a photo on your iPhone or iPad, iOS automatically uses GPS to record the exact location of the shot. This is an enormous convenience, as it allows you to catalog your many images according to exact location (as well as occasion). It assists in sorting out photo shoots and helps keep track of family […]

Most Beneficial Meditation Apps Available For iOS and Android Users

Meditation is a way to align your mind, soul, and spirit. Its regular practice can help you cure anxiety, depression, stressful thoughts, overthinking, and many more. It helps a person to connect to their thoughts and themselves. It is making a comeback in people’s lives as the world realizes how important it is to take […]

6 Best Microsoft Store Tips to Try on Your Windows 10 Computer

Exploring apps became easy with the Microsoft Store in Windows 10. The user-friendly interface is simple and effective, which will make your work easy and fast. If you want to make the most out of the Microsoft Store, try the tips given below. HOW TO CHANGE THE LOCATION OF YOUR DOWNLOADS When you install any […]

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