How to Fix Gboard Has Stopped Working on iPhone, Android, And Tablet

Gboard is one of the most popular and free keyboard applications for iOS and Android devices. Several users reported that they face Gboard stop working issues when they want to use the Gboard keyboard on their iOS or Android device. This issue occurs on your device due to application glitch, bad cache, and other reasons. […]

Make Family Sharing Possible With Reminders App On iPad And iPhone

Sharing is not only caring; it’s rather productive these days. Family Sharing is an incredible outcome of the Apple world that allows the shared access of up to six family members (including you) to superb Apple services. That said, you can also look for a phone if somebody loses it in the family.  Reminders App […]

How to Search Within the Text Messages on iPad and iPhone

Texting on the iPad and iPhone is quite handy. The experience of having a conversation on text looks more accessible and friendly. Text messages are indeed easy to send, and it doesn’t require an internet connection to begin the chat. However, several things make it reliable. Most of the users who have an iPad and […]

How to remove location data from your iPhone photos in iOS 13

When you snap a photo on your iPhone or iPad, iOS automatically uses GPS to record the exact location of the shot. This is an enormous convenience, as it allows you to catalog your many images according to exact location (as well as occasion). It assists in sorting out photo shoots and helps keep track of family […]

How to Use the Document Scanner on iPad and iPhone?

Apple has one of the best document vaults, and one of them is called Document Scanner. You can store any receipt, document, or business card into this tool. You will be glad to know that this is an in-built application within the Notes app. You can simply launch your camera and capture the document in […]

5 Best Tips to Boost Poor iPhone Signal Strength

It is frustrating when a user waits for the website to load or an email to send. The situation becomes more exaggerated when they know that there is strong network connectivity in their area. There are multiple reasons when we face such issues on our device. It might be a bad signal or internet connection, […]

12 Best Apps to Install on Your New iPhone

The craze of Apple iPhones are undeniable, and undoubtedly, it is one of the best and popular devices in the world. Apple is continuously innovating the designs, technology, and other features, which has led the Apple iPhone to massive success. The popularity of Apple iPhone could be understood with the fact that it has occupied […]

How to Utilize Shortcuts Automations on iPhone and iPad

The Automation is the new add-on function to the shortcut lineup, and it can be utilized on iOS & iPadOS 13. It makes use of a trigger to activate with the help of Siri by tapping the widget or from the application. It may be triggered on various occasions like the time of day, arrival […]

How to Download Files from OneDrive on your iPhone or iPad

OneDrive is indeed an amazing backup source with millions of its users around the world. Users keep OneDrive to back up their essential documents, media, and files. Today, OneDrive comes as a default backup source in many smartphones. You can easily upload files on OneDrive with your Google as well as Apple ID account. It […]

How To Change Language On An iPhone

It is simple to change the language of Apple products. The language of iPhone is set in the initial setup process. If you wish to change the language on your iPhone, then read on. The method of changing the iPhone’s language settings Follow the below mentioned steps for changing your iPhone’s language settings. Firstly, go […]

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