How to Utilize Shortcuts Automations on iPhone and iPad

The Automation is the new add-on function to the shortcut lineup, and it can be utilized on iOS & iPadOS 13. It makes use of a trigger to activate with the help of Siri by tapping the widget or from the application. It may be triggered on various occasions like the time of day, arrival […]

How to Download Files from OneDrive on your iPhone or iPad

OneDrive is indeed an amazing backup source with millions of its users around the world. Users keep OneDrive to back up their essential documents, media, and files. Today, OneDrive comes as a default backup source in many smartphones. You can easily upload files on OneDrive with your Google as well as Apple ID account. It […]

How To Change Language On An iPhone

It is simple to change the language of Apple products. The language of iPhone is set in the initial setup process. If you wish to change the language on your iPhone, then read on. The method of changing the iPhone’s language settings Follow the below mentioned steps for changing your iPhone’s language settings. Firstly, go […]

How To Reduce Motion On An iPhone

The parallax wallpaper motion effects of iPhone can seem a bit attractive, but after some time it can make you distracted when you are doing your work. Generally, it can also make you irritated after a point of time. Thankfully, this feature can be disabled easily. Go through this blog carefully to know the method […]

How to transfer Health data to an iPhone or Apple Watch

Did you switch to a new iPhone or Apple Watch but want to see your health data on your new device also? As it is a private type of information, it is considered as optional data to sync. Here is how to get your health data on your new device. How to backup your health […]

How to transfer calls, messages and emails from Apple Watch to iPhone

Apple Watch is the best for short quick response and small conversation. But, if you’re having a long conversation, then it becomes uncomfortable. Many of you want to transfer your call, messages, and emails from your Apple Watch to your iPhone. Here is how to quickly move from Apple Watch to iPhone. Guide to transfer […]

How To Save Image From Messages And Facebook On iPhone

You may have noticed that the pictures of the iPhone don’t get saved to the Photos application, but luckily you can easily save images from Messages in iPhone. You can store not just the pictures that you get but also that you send. Go through this blog to know more about it. Steps for saving […]

How to Change the General Preferences on Safari

In case the users wish to change the Safari browser preferences on their iPhone, then they can do so by using iPhone settings application but not the Safari browser application. The user can adjust Mac settings by going to the Safari browser Preferences page. MacOS users will get more preferences options as compared to iPhone […]

How to Download, Stream, and Delete Podcast Episodes on iPhone or iPad

Podcasts app for iPhone allows its user to stream episodes online and offline. You can search for your favorite episodes and listen to them from the Podcasts app. Here is how to stream podcasts episodes online and save them to listen offline. You’ll also know how to delete episodes if you want to get rid […]

How To Fix An iPhone That Keeps Shutting Off

iPhone has plenty of remarkable features and uses. However, no technical device in this world is perfect. And same is the case with iPhones. Sometimes, it faces some significant issues like it keeps turning off by itself. Reasons behind an iPhone turning off again and again There can be many reasons behind an iPhone that […]

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