Fortnite’s Chapter 2 Season 3 and Live Event Delayed Again

Epic Games has decided to postpone the new upcoming event and season of Fortnite due to the protest for George Floyd in the US. Epic Games has announced this news by itself, and they also said that the event will now arrive on June 15 whereas the new season of Fortnite will start from June 17 onwards.

In addition to this, the spokesperson of Epic Games also stated that they totally understood the suffering of the family of George Floyd. They are standing along with the rest of the people in this protest. They believe in equality and always oppose injustice, so according to the on-going condition of the states, we are delaying the Device event of the Fortnite. Additionally, they also added that they are trying to provide extra time for the people to focus on their communities and family.

However, it is not happening for the first time with Season 3 that it gets a postponed date for its release. In the post, April it was confirmed by Epic Games that Season 3 would release in its initial week. Unfortunately, due to amid pandemic the date has to be altered to the initial week of June. Now, the date has been changed again.

Although, several events of other video games and tech conglomerates have been delayed too due to amid protest. One of the most significant ones was again the postpone of the release date of PS5 which was about to release on June 4. Additionally, Google delayed the unveiling of Android 11’s new feature, whereas EA delayed the proclamation for the arrival of Madden 21.

The protest in reference to the murder of George Floyd has been spread extensively in the US and its subsidiaries such as Brazil. It’s been over two weeks since the barbaric incident took place, but still, the federal government is unable to put the guilty behind bars. However, the accused police officers are under police custody, but still, no strong action or lawsuit hasn’t been filed yet.

Besides, Fortnite is about to get a new Season. After a long time, the fans and gamers have been waiting for Season 3 since March. Now, finally, their excitement and anticipation will meet. However, before Season 3, the Device event will take place and still, no one has a clear idea of what it would be. So, on June 15, when it will finally be started, we will get to know about it. Till then let us wait and see how the gamers and fans of Fortnite will greet it.

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