Google Pixel 5 Vs. Google Pixel 4: Which One is Better?

Google smartphones are widely used among professionals. Their built and design is quite different from the other brands and looks more professional. Each of their subsequent smartphones tries to outdo the previous ones in terms of features and design. The latest Google Pixel 5 has tried to do the same, but some contradictions are going on. Users are claiming that the previously launched Google Pixel 4 is far more compelling than the latest version.

Google Pixel 5 Vs. Google Pixel 4

Google launched Pixel 5 in the year 2020. Pixel 5 has many of the latest software that negates many hardware limitations observed in the earlier version. But it also removed certain useful features that are present in Pixel 4. Usually, Pixel smartphones are quite reasonable in price. Google has also released some budget smartphones for a wide range of user base. But Pixel 5 neither has unique features, nor was its price reduced. This could be the reason why people think Pixel 4 as a feasible option. 

The largest-selling point of Pixel 4 was the Motion sensor, which is absent in Pixel 5. Maybe it was required to make space for the hole-punch display. But Pixel 5 has a rear fingerprint scanner, which is quite an advantage. There are certain similarities and differences in the specification of both phones.


 Google Pixel 5Google Pixel 4
Refresh rate90 Hz90Hz
Camera lensUltra-wide lensTelephoto lens for 2x optical zoom
Battery4080 mAh2800 mAh
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 765GSnapdragon 855

You will notice that the latest Pixel 5 has the processor Snapdragon 765G which is quite an old processor compared to the Snapdragon 855 of Pixel 4. Google didn’t follow the conventional method of embedding the stronger processor in the latest model. The lower chip does not give the speed that is required to perform multi-tasks. But other than that, Pixel 5 has the entire upgraded feature, including battery, RAM, storage, display, etc. The most remarkable feature of Pixel 5 is that it is the only Google phone that comes with 5G support, which is the future of smartphones.

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The slow processor is a down point in Pixel 5 still if you want to enhance your Android experience, the software system is undoubtedly the best in Google, but it still has a long way to go as far as the hardware is concerned. Google is a visionary company that strives hard to achieve perfection in all its devices. Pixel smartphones are a commendable move from their side. It allows Google to stay in the competition with all the latest smartphones. The only thing they can do in the future is to reduce their price by replacing costly hardware.

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AirPods Pro Vs. Jabra Elite 75t: True Wireless Earbuds Comparison

Jabra Elite 75t are true wireless headphones released in the year 2020. They are an excellent option to consider instead of Apple AirPods Pro. Jabra Elite 75t can pair with any smartphone and comes at an affordable price as compared to Apple AirPods Pro.

AirPods Pro Vs. Jabra Elite 75t

The Jabra Elite 75t offers a pair of comfortable earbuds that can easily rest inside the ear. These earbuds can be charged by a wireless charging case similar to Apple AirPods Pro’s charging case. However, Jabra Elite 75t provides better battery life for 7.5 hours without the charging case, and 28 hours with the charging case. On the other hand, Apple AirPods Pro offers a battery life for 4.5 hours without the charging case and 24 hours with it.

The Jabra Elite 75t wireless earbuds are also water and sweat-resistant, similar to Apple AirPods Pro. One of the best features of the Apple Airpods Pro is the noise cancelation ability. Apple AirPods Pro is more effective in noise-canceling because of the “in-ear” concept. It is capable of blocking most of the external noises and plays a vital role in providing a clear and balanced sound. On the other hand, if we talk about the noise-cancellation feature of the Jabra Elite 75t earbuds, they also offer a decent noise-free environment by using a noise-isolating fit that removes most of the external sounds. Even though both of the earbuds provide you the best music without any interference from the background, Apple AirPods Pro still has the best command on the noise-canceling feature.

Which Is the Best True Wireless Headphone?

Both Apple AirPods Pro and Jabra Elite 75t have the best features and deliver a powerful sound while listening to music. AirPods Pro includes a mesh microphone port to protect from wind and other externally interfering factors. On the other hand, Jabra Elite 75t consists of four microphones that are responsible for capturing the voice and removing the other external voices. However, Apple AirPods Pro also has additional microphones, but they are used for protecting the microphone from external interferences instead of providing higher voice quality.

If we talk about the features of both the earbuds, they are somewhere equally featured, but if we talk about their prices, they have the most significant difference. The cost for Apple AirPods Pro is approximately USD 249. On the other hand, the cost for Jabra Elite 75t is around USD 149.

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After discussing the features of both the earbuds, Apple AirPods Pro and Jabra Elite 75t, we have concluded that both of the headphones have almost similar features. However, Apple AirPods Pro are the best earbuds so far in terms of their noise-canceling feature. Even though the Jabra Elite 75t also has a noise-isolating feature, AirPods Pro’s noise-canceling feature is unbeatable in today’s date. Therefore, it is entirely your decision to choose a pair of best headphones out of these two depending upon your choice, budget, and priorities.

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Best 5G Smartphones You Can Buy Today

5G is the latest and most advanced form of connectivity. It is said that 5G is going to be fast enough to change our way of life completely. It is not like 5G will be replacing 4G LTE or Wi-Fi entirely, but it is certainly going to help us in exploring new dimensions of surfing on the internet, streaming videos, and watching movies. All the leading smartphone manufacturing companies have started to roll out 5G enabled devices and there are a lot of 5G enabled smartphones available in the market these days in various price ranges. In this article, we are going to look at the best 5G smartphones available in the market. Let’s scroll down.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Samsung has always been a leading brand when it comes to offering the latest technology and they have not stayed behind in offering the best 5G enabled device as well. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is one of the best smartphones in the world when you look at the features and specifications of this device and 5G connectivity makes it outstanding. This device has a big and bright 6.9 inch Dynamic AMOLED display and it is powered with the powerful Samsung Exynos 990 processor. A rear camera setup of 108MP + 12MP + 12MP and a front 10MP camera can make it a dream buy for any user. This device comes with 12GB RAM for the smooth performance and 128GB internal storage to store a lot of your data. It runs on Android 10 and comes packed with a powerful 4500mAh battery. All these features make it one of the best 5G smartphones.

Google Pixel 4A

Google Pixel 4A

Google Pixel 4A is another one of the best 5G enabled smartphones on our list. It is coming with a bright 5.81-inch touchscreen display. Google always tries to provide the best performance with the devices it produces and Google Pixel 4A is powered with Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G processor that gives you a great seamless experience while using this device and 6GB RAM adds more to that seamlessness. Google Pixel 4A is provided with a 12.2MP rear camera and 8MP front camera which allows you to click high-quality photos and there is 128GB internal storage provided in this device to let you store a lot of your pictures and other stuff. Google Pixel 4A runs on Android 10 and you can update it to a new version instantly after the launching. The battery provided with this device is 3140mAh which can last long for the day. All these features make Google Pixel 4A worth considering if you are looking to buy a 5G enabled smartphone at an affordable price.

OnePlus Nord

OnePlus Nord

OnePlus Nord is another popular 5G enabled device which comes with a stylish look and strong built. OnePlus Nord comes with a big and sharp 6.44-inch touchscreen display. This device is powered with the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor which makes the functioning of this phone smooth and 12GB RAM adds more to the seamlessness. The rear camera setup of 48MP + 8MP + 5MP + 2MP allows you to capture high-quality videos and photos and the front camera setup of 32MP + 8MP works great to handle your selfies and give you a brilliant video-calling experience. It has a massive internal storage of 256 GB which makes it one of the best picks among all 5G enabled smartphones. The battery provided with this device is 4115mAh which can last long for a day. This phone runs on Android 10 that is easy to use and all these features make it one of the best 5G enabled devices available in the market.

LG Velvet 5G

LG Velvet 5G

LG Velvet 5G is a premium offering from LG and it comes with all the essential features of a good smartphone. It comes with a big enough 6.8-inch display which is bright, sharp, and colorful. This phone is powered with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor to make your experience of using this phone smooth and 8GB RAM adds more to the seamlessness.  You can capture high-quality videos and photos with the rear camera setup of 48MP + 8MP + 5MP and 16MP camera is good enough to handle your selfies and give you an amazing experience of video calling. You will be able to store a lot of important data in 128GB internal storage provided in this device. This device runs Android 10 and it is provided with a powerful 4300 mAh battery. All these features make it one of the best 5G smartphones.

Motorola Edge Plus

Motorola Edge Plus

Motorola Edge Plus is one of the most popular 5G enabled Android smartphones. This phone comes with a 6.70 inches touchscreen display that is bright and sharp. Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor makes the functioning of your device seamless and 12GB RAM adds more to that seamlessness. You will have an amazing experience of capturing high-quality photos and videos with a rear camera setup of 108MP + 16MP + 8MP and a 25MP front camera will allow you to click brilliant selfies and make high-quality video calls. This phone comes with a 256 GB internal storage which is not going to get full anytime soon and you will be able to store a lot of data on your phone. This phone is provided with a 5000 mAh battery which makes it outstanding. This phone runs Android 10 and all these features including 5G connectivity make it one of the best smartphones in the market.

The market is getting flooded with 5G smartphones as different companies are launching new devices with varied features and prices. In this article, we have listed the best 5G smartphones which you can consider buying if you are looking for a new Android smartphone.

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Best Processors for Laptops

A processor also called the Central Processing Unit (CPU), is a set of electronic circuits that is responsible for the execution of a computer program. It allows a computer to receive the input and after processing it provides the appropriate output. There are several processors available in the market for your laptop. To select a proper processor depending on your needs should be a wisely taken decision.

Here we will discuss some of the best processors for your laptop.

AMD YD297XAZAFWOF Ryzen Threadripper

AMD YD297XAZAFWOF Ryzen Threadripper

Threadripper is one of the best processors of the AMD family. It is a 2nd generation 2970 processor. It processes with a Turbo speed of 4.2 GHz and also has a base clock of 3.0 GHz. It allows you to run the productivity applications smoothly with tremendous expandability. One of its disadvantages is the cooling device not being included.

Intel Core i9-9980XE Extreme Edition Processor

Intel Core i9-9980XE Extreme Edition Processor

The Intel Core i9-9980XE is another high-end processor available in the market for the better user experience of your laptop. It includes a 3.0 GHz base clock and a 4.6 GHz boost clock. It also supports Wi-Fi 6. The construction of this processor is thermally efficient. It is an excellent performing processor with a great overclocking.

AMD Ryzen 5 2600

AMD Ryzen 5 2600

AMD Ryzen 5 2600 is another great processor of the AMD family. It is a 2nd Gen unlocked processor. It comes with the AMD StoreMI and SenseMI Technology. It also possesses a feature of max boost frequency of 3.9 GHz. One of the best features of this processor is its compatibility with all motherboards. Its feature bucket also includes a decent cooler.

Intel Core i9-7920X-Series Processor

Intel Core i9-7920X-Series Processor

It is another efficient processor for your laptop and possesses various excellent features. It has a CPU speed of 12 x 2.9 GHz, and the RAM speed is 2666 MHz. It can execute more simultaneous threads as compared to other processors. The disadvantages of this processor include the non-inclusion of the integrated graphics and lower running frequency.

AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core

AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core

The AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core is another excellent and stronger processor from the group of AMD. It is a 3rd Gen Ryzen with an AM4 socket. It supports DDR4 RAM. It also includes a Wraith Stealth cooler. The architecture of this processor is Nanometer Zen 2. It lacks in gaming as compared to the Intel processors.

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We have discussed some of the best processors for your laptops and computers. Some of them are genuinely efficient in gaming, and rest are more vital in other productivity applications. After exploring the details of all these stronger processors, we have concluded that you should buy a processor depending upon your needs, budget, and preference.

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The Best Pruners for Gardening

Every person who loves gardening always wants their garden to blossom with flowers. But for that, you need high-quality pruners. Gardening pruners are the need of everyone, whether you are an amateur gardener or a professional horticulturist. They are accommodating when it comes to sustaining the beauty of your garden by maintaining its state. These pruners are invaluable to all those interested in handling plants, whether big trees or small flowering plants. Pruners are meant to give life to the plants. They are used to remove unwanted elements that can hinder the thriving potential of the plants. Pruning activities include eliminating certain parts of the plants like branches, buds, and roots.

Here is the list of some of the best gardening pruners for all those who love gardening and want to see their gardens full of well-maintained flowers. Our selection of these pruners is based on the research and reviews received by these pruners.

Felco 2 Classic Manual Hand Pruner

Felco 2 Classic Manual Hand Pruner

Felco 2 has topped among all gardening pruners due to its features. The pruner is not only easy to use and repair, but also it is durable and smooth. It will require you to exert only a slight force while cutting thick branches due to its soft opening and bypass blades. The plastic coating of forged aluminum alloy on its handles has made it unbreakable and easy to repair. Besides, it has strong blades of hardened steel, making it capable of withstanding sharpening even dozens of times. You can most significantly find replacement parts very quickly and widely for your pruner if its function has been worn out. The lovers of gardening and gardeners widely admire it. It serves the best when it comes to trimming and clipping delicate branches, shrubs, flowers, and perennials due to its specifically designed blades.



If you are yearning for the perfect pruner, then ARS HP-VS8Z can give you the utmost satisfaction. It’s worth getting due to its significant features. The tool is excellent when it comes to getting perfect cleaning, flat cutting in soft stems, hardwood dowels, woody growth, and even crushing and tearing of buckthorn branches of about 3/4 inches. The stunningly sharp blades made of high carbon steel have been modified for resilience and hardness. Besides, the availability of tight and precise tolerance between the two edges of the pruner makes its cutting action smooth. The presence of aluminum handles in the plastic coating has made it easy for the users to hold it and move as per their needs and get easy cutting. However, its pricing is inconsistent, but it is available widely everywhere.

Corona BP 3180

Corona BP 3180

Corona BP 3180 can be considered as a great budget pick. It has enough sharp blades that can slice through thick branches and spindly stems efficiently and swiftly. Moreover, you can cut branches of about 2/4 inches one-handed with this pruner. Also, it accepts replacement springs, blades, and screws. The pruner has large enough handles splaying out widely. The introduction of forging compact molecules of steel in the pruner has made it the most durable and most robust to give maximum performance. The pruner’s hook and blade design are of much use for the users for providing precise, close, and clean cuts.

Our other picks that are giving tough competition to these pruners

The Felco 6 is the smaller version of Felco 2 with the same sharp blades and efficient functionalities. However, the handles are slightly shorter, giving a smaller capacity and lighter weight. The pruner can be an excellent option for users whose hands are fast. The other Felco model is Felco 14, a smaller model but an excellent one for consistent performance. Apart from these, the Tierra Pro 38-1713 7.5 and Tierra Pro 38 1710 8.5 bypass pruning shears are equally swift and efficient in giving clean cuts.

Our next favorite pick includes the Okatsune 101 7-inch bypass pruners, which can be the favorite for the bonsai enthusiasts. The pruner is made of Izumo Yasuki Japanese steel delivering a Rockwell hardness of about 60+/-1. In simple terms, the pruner can stay sharp for a longer time than the other pruners. The pruners can cut the dowels and live branches correctly and quickly. The Burgon & Ball Professional compact Bypass Secateur GTO/PRL gives similar performance as Okatsune. Similarly, the Tierra Garden 35-1731 Ergo Forged bypass pruners do also not have the same level of performance as the Tierra Pro model, but they can cut scallions swiftly and correctly; however, they tend to crush the Norway maple branches and dowels.

The Burgon & Ball RHS GTO/SC Bypass Secateur is respectable, opening wide and snapping hard at shutting. It can cut dowels of about 1/2 inches and buckthorn branches of about 3/4 inches when you will force it with your two hands. Besides, it can make flat and good cuts in live branches.

The Fiskars Quantum Hand Pruner can’t cut scallions but can shorten the Norway Maple branches of about 3/8-inches unevenly along with tearing bark. Regarding Fiskars PowerGear2, its manufacturers Fiskars have said that it can give up to 3.2x power on every cut. The Gardena 8757 Classic Vine Bypass Hand Pruner can cut materials up to the thickness of 20mm and cut the branches dowels of 1/2 inches and buckthorn branches of 3/4 inches. The Tierra Pro 38-1707 7 inches bypass pruning shears can barely cut the buckthorn branches of 3/4 inches and leave the uneven surface with torn barks and cuts.

The Corona BP 3350 Bypass Pruner has an adjustable grip, and it is economical too. Moreover, the replacement blades are also available if you want to buy it. However, you will need to exert more pressure while using your two hands to close it on the buckthorn branches of 3/4 inches and dowels of 1/2 inches. The Corona BP 6310 required more force while cutting scallions. On the contrary, Kenyon Forged Bypass Pruner 41406 is very much decent on slicing raspberries and scallions; however, it requires you to exert more force while cutting live branches and wooden dowels.

You can get AM Leonard 1286 Traditional Bypass Pruners at a slightly lower price than Felco 2. These pruners are very much comfortable as that of ARS HP-VS8Z, and also you can get replacement parts. However, the Fiskars 7936 PowerGear Pruner required more force than any other pruners while cutting raspberries and scallions cut dowels of 1/4 inches unevenly. Still, you can cut the branches of Norway Maple with your one hand only. The ARS HP-VS8R Signature Heavy Duty Rotating Handle Hand Pruner is very resembling the ARS HP-VS8Z featuring the same sharp blades and smooth and perfect function. The EZ Kut Heavy Duty Ratchet Pruner can slice the raspberries canes of about 1/4 inches efficiently and effectively without ratcheting. It can also ratchet through the dowel’s of 1/2 inches and branches of 3/4 inches without any fuss and with little force.

The Gardener’s Friend Ratchet Hand Pruners are the easiest ratcheting pruners for cutting. It can cut branches of 3/4 inches and dowels of 1/2 inches with a little force. The tool also comes with a sponge saturated in mineral oil and embedded in the handle to oil and clean the blades. The lightweight Corona RP 3230 Ratchet Action Anvil Pruner is quite an economical choice and can cut through easily even thick branches. The Flexrake LRB205 Ratchet Anvil can do a mediocre job of slicing scallions. The Gardena 8798-U Smart cut Ratchet Pruner is the most expensive one, but it comes with a specific feature. It has the lever that can switch the pruners from the direct bypass mode to ratchet mode. In the end, the Gardenite Ratchet Pruning Shears are, however, more extensive than any other pruning shears, and you will need to squeeze twice at the end of every snip for engaging it to perform a clean cut.

How have these Pruners been Picked?

Several key points were taken into consideration before preparing the final list of these pruners. Pruners are required to make clean and straight cuts without hurting the hands of users. If any pruner is cutting unevenly, then it can create several problems. Uneven cuts make it difficult for the plants to get healed and expose them to disease and insects, creating the crevices in which water can get collected and increase the chances of rotting and infections. So, we need a pruner that can cut the branches and stems reliably without hurting your hands.

To find out the best gardening pruners, we first consider the quality of its blades. The blades made of high tempered carbon steel or carbon steel last longer. Some companies put chrome coatings or titanium on edges for rust resistance. The second thing that holds importance is the overall design of the pruners. The system should allow the pruners to cut accurately and evenly.

Moreover, it should come down to the middle nut. Also, the screw should control the distance between the blades. If the pruners’ edges rest very tightly against each other, then blades will become unable to do cuttings. Besides, a pruner must fit the user’s grip for smooth opening and closing with one hand. In the end, you can find two types of pruners basically in the market. These two types include anvil pruners and bypass pruners.

Source: The Best Pruners for Gardening

Best Smart TVs You Can Buy in 2020

TV has always been an essential part of our daily lives, and it has evolved dramatically over the last few years. Now, smart TV dominates the market, and you can choose from a variety of options when it comes to a smart TV.

Smart TVs allow you to access online content by connecting you with the Wi-Fi network. The primary benefit of a smart TV is the accessibility they provide to different TV programs, movies, and music. They also support web browsing, gaming, and other media content. 

In this article, we will mention some best smart TV you can buy in 2020:



The LG CX OLED is the smartest TV with an OLED panel that offers you outstanding picture quality. Because of the OLED screen, the TV can produce perfect blacks and have a rapid response time. Its wide viewing angles, excellent reflection handling, color accuracy, and low input lag makes it the most amazing OLED TV options in the market.

CX OLED also supports voice recognition by its ThinQ AI platform, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. For all sports lovers, CX OLED offers its Sports feature where you can keep track of broadcasts of your favorite teams. It streams Netflix in 4k with HDR and Dolby Vision, Amazon in UHD, HDR, and YouTube in 4K.

Samsung Q80t QLED

Samsung Q80t QLED

Samsung Q80t OLED TV offers 100% color volume and direct Full Array 8X with object tracking sound. Its powerful processor optimizes the picture quality for an excellent viewing experience. It’s Quantum Processor analyses the input source and reduces the image noise while restoring the lost details. It automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen according to the varying environment. The Quantum HDR 12X gives deeper contrasts and reveals the hidden details in dark areas. The color and contrast are adjusted in every scene because of HDR10+.

TCL 6-Series

TCL 6-Series

The TCL 6-Series offers fantastic 4K HDR picture quality with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. It’s Quantum Dot Technology offers striking color contrast, and the contrast is optimized to reveal hidden details in bright and dark areas of the image. For gamers, TCL 6-Series offers THX-certified game mode with less response time and input lag.

Its TCL AiPQ Engine optimizes the color contrast and delivers excellent clarity for an incredible 4K HDR viewing experience.  Dolby Vision offers superior 4K HDR quality, and Dolby Atmos provides immersive surround sound. Its search function will enable you to find different apps like Netflix, Google Play TV, and movies, Amazon, VUDU, and others.

Panasonic HZ1500

Panasonic HZ1500

Panasonic owns a proprietary piece of software called My Home Screen. In 2020 My Home Screen offers its fifth iteration. You can choose from three options when you click on the Home button: Live TV, Apps, and Devices. The My Home Screen smart platform is straightforward to use and helps you in storing your favorite apps to the home page for quick access.

It’s easy to use a smart platform and doesn’t require a significant amount of processing power which makes it very responsive and robust. The Home Screen offers all streaming and catch up services you need without any unnecessary recommendations. It provides other catch up services like BBC iPlayer, ITV hub, AI, My 5, BBC News and Sport, and UK Play.

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon’s Fire TV is the proprietary operating system owned by Amazon and used in the Amazon Fire TV streaming stick. You can install it in a handful of TVs like Toshiba, Insignia, and JVC. Fire TV turns an ordinary TV into a smart TV without spending a lot of money.


With smart TV, you don’t need to plug-in a streaming stick to access Netflix or Amazon on your TV. With integrated voice recognition features, you can use Alexa or Google Assistant to connect to your smart home devices. Smart TV offers unique advanced features and stunning picture quality which can surely enhance your viewing experience.

Source: Best Smart TVs You Can Buy in 2020

Crunchyroll Releases Trailer for Webtoon Vampire Series – Noblesse

Written by Son Jae Ho, Noblesse is the story of noble vampire Rai (Etrama Di Raizel). Rai has been asleep for more than 820 years but when he wakes up, he finds himself in an abandoned building in South Korea. But he is having a hard time comprehending the world since humanity has made so much scientific progress. He finds his servant, Frankenstein in a school, where he later enrols with his help. Rai befriends some students there and forms a group with them. The group then goes on dangerous adventures against a surreptitious organization as they uncover Rai’s past in the process. 

Nobles are powerful people who could not stand the murder of helpless humans, so they have always guarded humans against predators. They have a power to mind control and it was thought that Nobles were beings at the helm of the vampire race but it is later revealed that Nobles become Vampire after consuming human blood.

Noblesse follows the story of the noble vampire Rai and his group which stands up to the Union, a secret organization that is planning to take over the world. To achieve their goal, they have started sending modified humans to get their hands-on Rai putting people around him in danger as well. But Rai has decided to wield his power to defend himself and protect those around him. The Webtoon is immensely popular because of its strong storyline and just recently Crunchyroll has released the first trailer for its Anime adaptation.  

The latest release of the trailer and key art has got the fans excited for the much-acclaimed supernatural anime. It is expected to be available exclusively on Crunchyroll by October. Noblesse has been one of the first few manhwa to be officially translated to English on a digital platform. But with its latest anime adaptation, Crunchyroll has shown they are not afraid of experimenting with new shows.

The anime and manga focused streaming site has recently drawn a lot of attention for its original series called Crunchyroll originals. The company has been investing heavily in producing or co-producing new anime for its subscribers. In the last three years, it has been very successful as it has grown exponentially and doubled its paying subscribers to 2 million. With shows like The God of High School and Tower God, the streaming site is all ready to introduce its viewers to the supernatural and action-packed world of Noblesse. It can’t get any better than this, Noblesse is all ready to take over the anime world.

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Source: Webtoon Vampire Series

Google Nest Wifi Review

In this article, we will discuss Google’s Nest Wifi, which has some impressive features. It is a high-speed, whole-home reception and easy to set up Wifi. Although it may seem a bit pricey to some individuals, it will provide very impressive wireless performance throughout your home.

Google Nest Wifi

Buy for $164.95 from Amazon

Google’s Nest Wifi is one of the excellent options among the Wifi facilities. It was released in 2019 lately. This Wifi has improved version of the original Wifi hardware of Google, and it provides faster speeds than many of the Wifi facilities available out there. The more-improved hardware setup of this Wifi can easily blend with your home atmosphere compared to the other Wifi available in the market.

Even though it is a bit more pricey compared to the other Wifi systems, it is a value for money product as it delivers complete house network coverage. It gives high-speed performances, has an impressive and robust hardware design along with a foolproof process for setting up.

Google Nest Wifi: Design

Google Nest Wifi: Design

The design of the Google Nest Wifi is simple and clear cut. Nowadays, the structure of the Wifi routers has changed a lot compared to the ones we use to see earlier. They used to come up with an attached antenna or very complex design.

The Google Nest Wifi can be considered as a huge marshmallow shaped Wifi router. It has a simple design with rounded rectangular dimensions of 4.3 * 4.3 * 3.6 inches. You will see a “G” logo on its top and an LED light for indication. It has a rubberized base at the bottom, and you will see a cutout portion where two Ethernet ports and the power adapter are placed.

If you want to extend the Wifi signal throughout your home, you can pair with the slightly smaller Wifi points available there on the router. The router also comes with a built-in Google assistant.

Google Nest Wifi: Setup Process

Google Nest Wifi has a hassle-free setup process. This is pretty impressive. You need to plug the Wifi router into the power adapter. Then you have to connect it with your modem by using the Ethernet cable that you will receive in the box. Then download the Google Home app on your handset, and the application will find out the nearby devices and will guide you further regarding the procedure for connecting.

Google Nest Wifi: Connectivity

Google Nest Wifi: Connectivity

Buy for $164.95 from Amazon

Google Nest Wifi provides smooth surfing. Generally, other traditional routers give you two varying speeds, and you can choose from them, with which you want to connect your device. If you connect with the network having 2.4GHz bandwidth, it will have lower speed, but it can reach farther. But if you connect with a network having 5GHz bandwidth, you will get high-speed connections, but then it will not be able to reach farther.

On the other hand, Google Nest Wifi can combine two different bands to form a single network. It then chooses among them the stronger band automatically. The Google Nest Wifi can simultaneously support over 100 devices at a time. Google Nest Wifi is simple and easy to the Wifi router with impressive performance.

Google Nest Wifi: Price

Yes, Google Nest Wifi is not as cheap as you think. You will have to pay a reasonable amount to have access to Google Nest Wifi. The price for the router is $169. However, if you want to get hands-on the Wifi point bundle as well, along with the router, then you will have to spend $269 in total for both. If you want to purchase a set of two router packs, then you can get them at a combined price of $299. If you want to get a single router but along with two Wifi points, then you may have the collective bundle for $349. The two Wifi points will be over 5,400 sq. Ft. If you want an additional Wifi point for using on any of the systems, you can get it at $149.

If you are getting a smooth and impressive experience, that is exceptionally well, compared to your previous router setup then surely you will not hesitate in grabbing this Wifi router irrespective of its price. And of course, if you are paying a bit more amount compared to other routers, you are getting a good experience too, as it will have all the capabilities of network handling.


We will recommend you to go for this Wifi router if you are planning to switch from your old router to a new one. Google Nest Wifi can provide you with a reliable and robust connection throughout your home, without any network disturbances.


Best File Compression Software in 2020

We have such files in our system that eat up a lot of memory because of their large size. And since they are the important ones, we can’t even delete them. Then comes the savior, the file compression. What does file compression do? It helps compress a file size according to the user’s set size and saves the memory space of the PC. File compression is also beneficial these days, as you might need to upload a file or a picture in some form, social media site, or on a website, and that site only allows up to a specific large file. In the scenario, one can use file compression software and can smoothly perform the procedure. There are also a vast number of file compression software available online. This article will cover the few best file compression software of 2020, that you can use for your work. And also, how can you use them, and which one suits your job better. Let’s find out!


WinZip doesn’t need an introduction. It is the most popular software among users. WinZip provides a 45 days free trial and $35.34 for standard WinZip. It offers many features within only one application. One can compress his/her files using this app, and also quickly decompress them anytime. WinZip also protects the data, and its users can easily share them with the other platform. It deploys banking grade encryption hence providing its users with the best-protected service. Another friendly feature of WinZip is, it offers easy access to cloud storage, namely, Google Drive, Dropbox, and etcetera. The reason for its being famous is all the features it provides to the users for making their life/ work easy. The only limitation that can be pointed out is one can use WinZip only in Windows systems.


7-zip has a special place on this list. Firstly, because it provides a free service to its users, secondly, it has fantastic features to serve. It has a high compression ratio that eases your job. If a user wants software that minimizes a file to the minimum limit, 7-zip is for you. This application can compress a file to its minimum size.

It has secure AES-256 encryption for its users. 7-zip is widely used for the commercial sector, and business uses. Its self-extraction feature is another exciting part of this software. LZMA and LZMA2 are the two types of algorithms that are used by 7-zip for its compression technique.


WinRAR is best for RAR file extraction. It provides free usage for 40 days, and then it charges $29 per person. For those who don’t have a particular choice about the file size and want easy access with minimal interaction, WinRAR does the job for them. This software automatically chooses an ideal size for the file and compresses it accordingly.

It allows its users to create RAR and ZIP archives and split the data in a separate volume. Besides, it will enable a 256-bit encryption password for a secure service. The other reason for its popularity is that it provides the option of 50 different languages. WinRAR saves the space of the disk and also cuts the transmission cost. The exciting part is its users can also add comments to archives. It supports formats like RAR, CAB, ZIP, UUE, Z, ACE, ARJ, 7-ZIP, and TAR.


PeaZip is a software that hasn’t gained much popularity, but one should try it once. Also, PeaZip is user-friendly free software. So even if you try it, it won’t cause any harm.

One can have 150 different choices of format for compressing a file. It is a safe software to use and does not contain any harmful data. PeaZip can split an archive into multiple volumes of records. This software also includes some additional features like two-factor authentication. It can efficiently search duplicate files.

It has an encrypted password manager that keeps your data safe. The most interesting feature is that it can schedule archives and control the sessions according to the users’ requirements.

Hamster Zip Archiver

Hamster Zip Archiver is another fantastic software that is recommended. The most attractive thing is despite having some great features, this application is free to use. One can use Hamster Zip Archiver if they are looking for a secure interface. If anyone is new to file compressor software, then this is for them too. It is one of the easiest to use apps. One can drag open a file to compress it.

Moreover, it also allows sharing files directly from the software. It also provides features to store the compressed data in the cloud like Google Drive, Yandex Disk, and Dropbox. One can easily share it with his/her friends or co-workers.

Hamster Zip Archiver can almost open files of all formats. The other exciting thing is it also provides 40 languages to its medium for the different lingual users. But what limits its capability is, one can only use this software in Windows systems.

When you have to compress some files, you can use any of the above-mentioned software.


Best Tips to Attract Customers With eCommerce Video Marketing

You might have come across several eCommerce advertisements daily if you are a regular social media user. Video marketing gained its popularity years ago, but it is delightful to see that it is also changing now. The formulas that were used in the 90s and early 2000 are now getting redefined. Easy access to the internet and smartphone can change this field of marketing. Audiences and consumers are also becoming smart with their choices. They are looking for something authentic to believe and rely on. And hence the strategies of companies are also changing.

Initially, the only mode of advertisement was through television. Now the medium has also changed. People can feel what connects and what does not. The attention period of the audience has changed and shortened. The more confined and short an ad is, the more chance of it is to reach further. Since this field has become a little complex to understand, and because of the vast number of platforms, it is also challenging to choose which one is more liable. So for those small businesses, and startups, this article will share some tactics to increase your audience with eCommerce video marketing.


The most important thing is the statistics. One should understand the numbers properly while doing the business as numbers speak it all. Before investing in this area of eCommerce video marketing, one must thoroughly study which platforms are useful, what is trending among people, how the theme needs to be chosen, and, most importantly, how you want to portrait your company among your consumers. A great strategy can ease the rest of the process and also saves time and money.

Studies say:

  • Over 80% of the companies are using eCommerce video marketing as it is the most convenient way to communicate with consumers. Videos can effectively convey thoughts and goals.
  • Videos themselves have proven to be a useful mode of communication with the customers. Company data says they can reach about 90% of their target audience through video advertisements.
  • The vertical video frame is the most wanted and desired frame among users. They say it is easy to watch a video in a vertical structure; otherwise, they need to change the screen orientation.
  • YouTube has two billion users worldwide. And every day, one billion video hours are played on YouTube.


The more authentic the content is, the more chances are that the audience is going to love it. What our world is losing right now is authenticity. When something got popular, or some marketing formula got hit, everyone started using it like some herd of sheep. Very few organizations try to experiment and create something more real. Today’s audience is brilliant, they know what they want. So if you are going to give them some copied stuff, they will reject it.

Moreover, consumers want to watch more original videos defining them; those high brand value shoots aren’t going to help you reach your customer. Try to show them the flaws, the hard work, the failures, and the success.

So media companies should write relatable scripts that are inspired by society, memes, and pop culture. And should keep changing the technique as the world is also changing day by day. Consumers want to see themselves and relate themselves to those situations; only then can you impress them.

Dove has done a beautiful campaign for ‘Choose Beautifully.’ If you have some time to spare, check the video online. It represents the women of all around the world and their insecurity of being not beautiful. It was heart-touching watching something like that, and a fantastic idea to reach to their target audience.

Social Media

After YouTube, Instagram is also growing its popularity in advertising platforms. It is also improving and updating new features to the application to make it more user-friendly. Companies can recruit the influencers for original reviews, which also help the marketing connect with the influencers’ followers.

The features on Instagram, like stories, IGTV, promote poll, question-answer, contest option, featuring Live, are helpful. Among all online buyers, about 48% put Instagram stories with the products and reviews, which eventually help the brand gain raw opinion, authentic publicity, and word-to-word recommendations. The Marketing teams can put behind the scene footage in stories to connect better.

The National Geographic channel used it well. They put a picture of Yellowstone and asked its audience which year it became the 1st National Park, and gave two options. It is a great way to connect to the target audience directly and also helps to keep them engaged.

Silent Videos

Silent videos are unexpectedly doing well. Initially, it was introduced on Facebook; later, they are being adopted by YouTube and Instagram. It turns out, and people are liking watching silent videos online.

Videos with short and defined instructions are becoming popular among people, and audiences are also finding it convenient to attend. Make a short, hyper-lapsed, and exciting video ad; consumers are going to love the advertisement.

VR, AR and 360-degree

Virtual reality, 360 Degree, and AR are not very accessible. But they are the future, as the 5G network is slowly started to rule the era. Studies say 86% of people find 360-degree videos more engaging and exciting. It can be made more appealing by adding creative art and originality to it.

One can learn a fantastic example from Google Doodles 360 degree advertisement. It is fascinating and fun to watch a video in a 360-degree view, which means apart from what the video serves, and it allows us to explore another new corner of the video. However, making such videos can cost a bit more and is also time-consuming.

Use the tips mentioned above and engage your potential customers in a unique way with video marketing.


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