Best Tips to Attract Customers With eCommerce Video Marketing

You might have come across several eCommerce advertisements daily if you are a regular social media user. Video marketing gained its popularity years ago, but it is delightful to see that it is also changing now. The formulas that were used in the 90s and early 2000 are now getting redefined. Easy access to the […]

You Can Now Use Your Apple Watch as a Digital Car Key

Recently Apple released the 10th update of WatchOS 6. They have named it the WatchOS 6.2.8, and there are speculations that the upcoming smartwatches by Apple will include this update. Last month, Apple launched WatchOS 6.2.6, which is a security update.  WatchOS 6.2.8 comes a month after the launch of watchOS 6.2.6, a security update. If you […]

New And Updated Details About The Microsoft Xbox Series X

Modern games require modern gaming solutions. Significant features are necessary to create a real universe that can enhance the gamer’s experience. There are several resources available in the market that can be used to offer a better gaming experience. The present generation is considered as the gaming generation, and all are happy in this generation. […]

How to Fix PC Lagging Issues?

Windows computers are used by a number of people across the globe. However, over time, PCs often start lagging or freezing. There are many reasons for freezing or lagging, such as insufficient PC resources, out of date software, and multitasking at once. So, if you are facing this issue, then we understand how annoying it […]

The Watch Dogs Legion Release Date Gets Announced In The Ubisoft Forward Livestream

The Ubisoft Forward event was aimed at doing much more than an ordinary live stream. The event focused on spilling some beans about the Watch Dogs Legion and its release date. Ever since the trailer’s release, the fans were eagerly waiting for a confirmed release date of the game. No wonder there will be millions […]

Putting A Tape Over Your MacBook Camera Isn’t As Ideal As You Think, Says Apple

There are many folks around the globe that believe in sticking a tape over their new laptop cameras, and you know who you are. The widely known purpose of doing so is to protect the privacy of the owner. However, Apple isn’t very happy with the act and advises that you must not do it […]

Nintendo Of America Wanted to Make Bizarre Changes to Pikachu’s Design

Every audience has a different taste. It is merely a luck stroke to find the interests of two different countries similar. Thus, sometimes it becomes a need to change existing designs and norms to fit with the audience. Nintendo of America thought of doing the same, with the look of Pikachu. The team believed that […]

Apple Releases iOS 14, iPadOS 14 Beta Versions, What’s New for You?

iPhone users have spent years using the same interface without much complaining. “Not much complaining” because the features that users have been asking for were long ago, added to devices running on iOS’ foremost competitor, Android. But better late than never. Apple is finally coming out with features that Android users have been privy to […]

Greyhound: A Film Based on a Navy Commander During World War II

Greyhound is a war/drama film, directed by Aaron Schneider who has featured Tom Hanks in the lead role as Ernest Krause. The film is however based on a 1955 novel ‘The Good Shepherd’ which was written by C.S. Foster. The Good Shepherd is a novel based on war story and nautical fiction which denotes the […]

Quick Settings in Gmail: Change the Theme of your Inbox

Google offers an option to change the default theme of Gmail in a more customized way. You can access the feature, which is quite more convenient than ever before. The web-based free email service, Gmail has been developed by Google, which is used by many people all around the world. Now, Google has introduced some […]

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