How to Enable Alexa Song ID Feature in UK and US

Amazon has recently released Song ID in the UK. This useful feature enables people to find out which song is playing. The new Alexa feature is presently available only to those living in the US and UK. The voice assistant can now tell the users the name of the song and artist before the track […]

5 Best iPhone Cleaner Apps In 2019

Performance of your iPhone or iPad depends on the space available in them. iPhone is one of the best and treasured smartphones around the world, but it has the drawback of limited internal memory available in it. The more stuff is present in your iPhone, the slower it becomes. Here are the best iOS cleaner […]

How to remove and recover photos or videos from Photos on Mac

Whether you want to free up storage, cut out your bad shots, remove the duplicates, or eliminate unnecessary photos, Photos in Mac make this effortless. You can delete a single or many images as well as videos. However, you can recover your deleted photos and videos within 30 days of deleting. After that, they will […]

How to use the News+ service of Apple News app

News+ is the subscription service that Apple has added to the News app. The service is available for free only for one month trial. News+ subscription provides you content from premium newspapers and more than 300+ magazines. Do not get confused, you can still use the News app for free and get your personalized and […]

How to use Google Maps Timeline on iPhone and iPad

With the Google Maps Timeline, you can view your Location History details. You can view the places you have visited, distance, and other information in the location History. In your Google Maps Timeline, not only you can view location history but also edit entries, delete information or all of the location History data. Although your […]

What To Do If Outlook Doesn’t Get Started?

The presence of Outlook makes work life more manageable. Outlook handles data properly. Most of the people use it as a mail app. But it can even be used to handle our contact details and calendar. Sometimes, people are not able to open it. The correct method to solve this issue will be to update […]

Easy ways to improve the performance of Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft Internet Explorer comes with all Microsoft operating systems. However, after some time the performance of the browser will go down. If your Explorer browser is also running slow, then upgrade it to the latest version. If it doesn’t do the trick, then read ahead. Things you can do to increase the Internet Explorer performance […]

How Safe Are Wi-Fi Security Cameras?

Wi-Fi security cameras play a significant role in working places like shops and offices. There are even many famous cases, that I guess you may have come across, about thieves who got caught because of such hidden cameras. If you want to have such cameras but are getting confused about which one to purchase, then […]

How to Fix Xbox Error Code 8015D000?

During the time you play games on your device by using the Xbox controller, you may come into different issues related to Hardware and software. Many times it could itself be a game, or users might encounter Xbox error code 8015D000. Probably, you can easily get the exact meanings of most of the error that […]

How to accomplish season 7 week 5 Fortnite Battle pass challenge event

Challenges for season 7 week five are unveiled by Epic Games and new battle pass events are quite challenging and exciting at the same time. For all the battle pass players the thrill is at its peak. This is because, after 14 days of Fortnite, players are eager to know about the latest upcoming challenges […]

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