Best Gaming Stuff That Parents Can Gift Their Kids

If you are among the parents who are getting worried because you’re getting confused about what to gift on some special occasion, then put a full stop to your worries now. With the help of this blog, you will get to know some of the best gaming stuff that you can gift your kids. Whenever […]

How to Fix Action Centre Won’t Open in Windows 10 PC?

Windows 10 let their users to easily see all the significant notifications straight from its Action Center. Additionally, it allows the users to view the notifications from various Universal apps. Regardless of seeing the notification, the user can be able to manage all the notifications too, and always able to take the required actions. However, […]

Ways to Beat Facebook Addiction for iOS Users

A while ago, I would spend hours on Facebook. I used to think that it was the place where my buds and family would share some pictures, posts, and funny memes.  However, this habit turned to addiction, and I started spending hours stalking people and endlessly scrolling pages. With the rise of other social networks, […]

Know About Preventing Windows 10’s Inbuilt Advertising!

Sadly, Windows 10 consists of plenty of inbuilt advertisements.  And many of the times while doing the official work we get disturbed in between because of advertisements. To prevent such advertisements, follow the instructions provided below carefully. Prevent Lock Screen Advertisementsa Windows 10 currently shows advertisements on the lock screen by Windows Spotlight. Many of […]

Best Guide to Disable Xbox One Video Autoplay in Microsoft Store

Sometimes, you are too much busy in finding your desired game and finally happen to locate it; you see a description page related to that game alongside the screen. This page usually has the details of the contents of the game and also shows a trailer. However, when you browse the Xbox One Store on […]

Best Ways to Fix Windows Update Error 0x80092004

Some updates which are released by the Microsoft for the Windows computers are an important component. Users who are using the Windows operating system in their computer system are always waiting for a few new updates and latest releases. Sometimes it filled with bug fixes, security fixes, lots of stability, and latest drivers for the […]

Guide to Printing Text Messages Out of Any Phone

There can be various reasons that why people print textual messages from their phones whether Android or iOS, but the key reason is to save the records of proof of information, back up the messages in time of theft or phone crashes. Some need a PC/Mac while others can do printing directly from the phone. […]

How to Fix Driver_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL Error on Windows 10?

Generally, this “DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL” error might occur when your network driver uses an incorrect memory address. Sometimes, you might also see “ndis.sys” error on the screen. This ndis.sys refers to a system file of network drivers. To fix this error, you need to update the network driver on your Windows 10 computer system. Usually, this error would […]

5 Steps to Boost Your Online Privacy

Nothing is more shattering than seeing your most sensitive information online. What will you do if you see images, files, bank account info, and everything online with no consent of yours? We usually see news about various celebs and politicians who aren’t much careful, and their private data gets leaked.  Sometimes, famous figures pass out […]

How to use Stacks for Managing MacOS Mojave Desktop

The desktop is the first window that you refer to operate any feature on your computer. But eventually while working on different projects over time, it starts to accumulate with various work files and starts to look clumsy. If you regularly clean up your desktop by managing and allocating files on your desktop to their […]

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