Everything You Need to Know about the New Rivet App

A smartphone can be either beneficial or harmful for your kids. It depends on the type of apps they use and the time they spend on devices. You can let your kids use phones and tablets as a learning tool by keeping only useful apps. Google has always been an excellent tool for learning new […]

5 Best Screenshot Apps and Extensions for Windows

Screenshots are an utmost necessity these days. No matter what device you use, you have to capture something from time to time. On that note, if you wish to have a snapshot or screenshot app for your Windows PC, this blog will help you with the best Windows screenshot apps and extensions. Here are the […]

How to Change Sign-in Name in Windows 10

Windows 10 allows you to customize your computer entirely. If you want to change the account name, you can do the same in different ways. All the available methods are described below, go through them.    Changing account name using Settings in Windows 10 Once you connect your Microsoft account with your Windows 10 computer, it […]

5 Best Add-ons and Accessories for Google Home

To add more versatility to your Google’s smart speakers, you can choose various third-party gadgets. They add more value to the Google Home smart speaker and the Google Home Mini and make the user experience better than ever. Have a look at these budget gadgets given below, which are destined to make your existing smart […]

10 Best Apps For Fixing Blurred Pictures

Don’t miss out the best part of the picture at any cost One of the most annoying parts of capturing any picture is that the best part becomes blurred. You can get the blurred part fixed by using any of the below-mentioned applications correctly. SmartDeblur It is simple to use and can make your work […]

How To Change Language On An iPhone

It is simple to change the language of Apple products. The language of iPhone is set in the initial setup process. If you wish to change the language on your iPhone, then read on. The method of changing the iPhone’s language settings Follow the below mentioned steps for changing your iPhone’s language settings. Firstly, go […]

How To Print SMS Conversations On Android

Many people wish to print messages from their phones. The reasons behind it can be many. For instance, printing out the messages is good for keeping evidence. If you want to know the method of printing SMS from Android or iPhone, then this blog is perfect for you. Best ways to keep your SMS conversations […]

How to Check Hard Drive Space in Computers and Smartphones

Do you want to know know how much storage space is left on your device? Sometimes you try to install an app or game, but it will fail to download. Maybe this is happening because you don’t have enough space on your device. Therefore, you may want to check the hard drive space of your […]

How To Set Up FaceTime On iPod touch?

iPod touch is widely popular across the globe. It is quite similar to iPhone. The big difference between both of them is that the iPhone can get connected to cellular phone networks. There are some basic points that you should know before starting using FaceTime on iPod touch, so go through this bog carefully to […]

How to Excel at Mobile Phone Photography?

All of us want to get fabulous images on our smartphones, but we don’t know how? Don’t worry, get through these tips and you will become a pro at mobile photography. It is all about the light No one can deny as this is an ultimate truth. Good light will help you in capturing a […]

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