Colin Farrell Denies His Leaked Look as Penguin in The Batman

Colin Farrell, the star in Batman, denied his role as DC’s supervillain Penguin and he has not started filming till now. Actually, the film’s production initiated prior this month, and it only took a few to leak the set photos on the internet. In the set images, it is clear that Robert Pattinson is riding on a motorbike and there is a news media broadcasting van as well as Colin Farrell portrayed as Penguin aka Oswald Cobblepot. After a while when production began, the director Matt Reeves confirmed that Farrell is portrayed as The Penguin.

Just after the first photos released, some more new images came out introducing Farrell with silver-white hair with his new mustache and due to this many people explained that it is his new style for the DC character Penguin. His mustache and white-silver hairs were a totally new appearance for him and never tried something like that before. Farrell always used to go with a clean shave in the live-action films. Due to this fact, many fans voted that he is got this new style for Matt Reeves 2021’s project.

However, later when Farrell got to know this, he clearly denied that his new hairstyle is not for his Penguin’s role in The Batman. But he agrees with his new look was adopted during the production of The Batman movie. Meanwhile, in his role in The Ellen Show, he had a brown color hairstyle, and after that prolonged filming project finished, he wanted to get something new look that could be simple as point a nail black or something else between.

He recently dyed his hair when his last production ended, but something went wrong with his dyed hair, and they kept shifting colors which left his hair in the silver-white color combination. During his shoot in The Batman, his hair was looking silver-white unintentionally due to some common dying issues. For now, he stated that his hairs are not related to his role in Reeves’s project, and he hasn’t even started his actual shoot for his role in the upcoming movie. According to him, he will begin his shooting in the forthcoming weeks or maybe after two weeks.

Though it might be true that Farrell is not lying and his statement for his new hairstyle indeed right, but his clarification is, honestly, a slight doubtful. It appears it is a preplanned appearance as Penguin by Colin but to keep everything secret he is making a bit of excuse like he had dyed his hair for the first time in his life. Even if we believe his statement, is it necessary to show up in the white-silver hair, especially at the time of the shooting? Humorously enough, The Batman 2021 is not a first DC film that has the hair dye-correlated debate on social sites.

Recently Joker introduced a shot in which the character Arthur Fleck was someway able to color his hair dark green even with no initial bleaching. That topic has still had some debates, and especially the women are likely to get more involved in the movie’s hot topics regarding the hairstyle issues. However, the Colin Farrell’s accidentally appearing in comic accurate silver-white hair does not seem to be a real accident, and it is more likely an excuse to cover down the topic by telling a weird story. The studio did not intend to post their filming images on social media, but The Batman set some social media users leaked pictures, and now many secret things are uncovered of the upcoming movie.

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The Batman: What Set Images Might be Hinting?

The Batman shooting location’s set images reveal a few significant hints about the movie’s plot and other details about DCEU’s cape crusader. Recently some of the new set images of DC upcoming movies are posted on social media. With Directing Matt Reeves, the film was initially a pre-planned sequel for Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Ben Affleck was the initially selected actor for the dark knight detective.

But because of a critical as well as a business reaction for Batman v. Superman, they decided to reject Ben Affleck for the future solo projects, and this was quickly covered by the famous director Matt Reeves.

In May 2019, we heard the Earth breaking news that Reeves recruited Robert Pattinson for the future role of the Bruce Wayne in DCEU movies changing Ben Affleck and setting up the solo Batman movie on a totally new representation of the DC character. After that, a few more stars have been proclaimed for the significant roles- Jeffery Wright playing Paul Dano playing Riddler, Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, Commissioner Gordon, and Colin Farrell as Penguin.

Some of the new set images dropped out at the beginning of January 2020 presented an appearance of Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne as well as Colin Farrell as Oswald Cobblepot, aka, Penguin. Further, the set images of The batman introduces Gotham City police and news broadcasting organizations in Gotham City. The first look of these images meant that it might be Bruce Wayne wearing civilian clothes presenting that he is maybe trying to look normal in public. The images further show other unverified stars in the film’s cast and indication to the storyline of the film that might make use of its plot from.

Gotham City Police and News Van

You can see a crowd of media units standing outside an area that is gated, and It is maybe a house or an essential structure of Gotham City. The photos also show Robert Pattinson’s Wayne on a bike with wearing civilian clothes; it possibly a scene of the movie in which Bruce Wayne is coming back to Gotham after a long time, possibly after his training. As per the current reports, the movie will not feature Batman’s origin, so this might a flashback scene displaying the feedback of Gotham on the return of their prince after a long from overseas.

Bruce Wayne on a Bike

the photos feature the first look of how Robert Pattinson would possibly appear as Bruce Wayne, as well as it looks really amazing since he is utterly suitable for the role of the caped crusader. His outfit is maybe a preplanned strategy used by Batman to look like a drifter or wanderer rather than being the richest guy of Gotham.

Bruce Wayne has appeared in the same kind of bike and outfit in the DC comics, so it is clear the movie is not making a non-comic story. The set pictures hint that Bruce, as Batman riding on a bike, might be in an intention to fight the Riddler after his return to the Gotham City. However, there is no clarification about whether the film will follow the DC comic point to point.

Oswald Cobblepot as Penguin

The photos also feature Oswald Cobblepot standing somewhere around Gotham’s news units, police, and Batman. Farrell, aka Penguin, is clearly visible in the set images with his silver hair and accurate comic umbrella, and The Penguin had been portrayed in the same way in DC comics numerous times. The Batman’s set pictures are proof that the film will be full of thriller for fans and it will be a completely new concept for the Batman solo movie.

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Robert Downey Jr. Won’t Tell About Iron Man’s Cameo in Black Widow

MCU’s beloved superhero Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr. won’t say anything about his appearance in the Black Widow movie no matter what. Hollywood’s popular actor now aware of the importance of secrecy, and he will not say a word about whether he is going to star in Black Widow or not.

Downey started his career in the MCU movies way back in 2008’s Iron Man, and it was the first movie of the MCU. Robert Downey Jr., as marvel’s Tony Stark, was one of the best comic superhero adaptation in the live-action movie. He instantly became one of the best and motivational superheroes for the fans since the plot of the 2008’s movie was extremely motivational and exciting. Since the first solo film, he appeared in two sequels and several other Marvel’s team-up movies. As we saw in the Endgame, Tony Stark sacrificed himself in order to kill Thanos and his complete army. His death in the Avengers Endgame movie makes it almost impossible for him to make an appearance in the future Marvel movies.

There is an even more puzzling matter, recently Robert Downey Jr posted a comment on a post about his return in the MCU future movies. He said, “I have hung up my guns, and I am happy to let it go,” he also stated that anything could happen in the future. Several fans are defining his statement “anything could happen” into his suspicious return in the Black Widow movie. This is because of the September 2019’s rumor stating Iron Man will return in Black Widow.

Black Widow 2020 solo film will be presented in the events of Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War. If we look technically, then we would realize that the Black Widow movie itself tells that one dead MCU character is already becoming alive for the future Marvel movie. So fan believing that Iron Man can appear in Black Widow can become officially true because Black Widow is also dead in the current MCU timeline. 

Downey is presently marketing his latest movie, Dolittle, and his fans are asking about his future role in the MCU films. In the Entertainment Tonight with CBR, when asked by Tony about his next cooperation in the Movie, he responded, It would be great if they had informed…..they can do anything. This could be a deepfake conversation for all we familiar with.” In this statement, it is apparent that Robert doesn’t want to say anything, and he now a secrecy lover. He doesn’t want to reveal anything about the movie. Instead, he had decided to keep the secrets always private.

Even if Iron Man makes a cameo in Black Widow or not, fans are filled with hype for the upcoming solo movie. The movie stars Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff, Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova, Rachel Vostokoff, and David Harbour as Alexei Shostakov, aka Red Guardian. MCU Black Widow originally appeared in 2010’s Iron Man 2. The upcoming solo Black Widow film will introduce Natasha’s past and her origin in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Fortnite: How to Unlock Different Styles for Remedy vs. Toxin Skin

The delay in the release of Fortnite’s Season 2 has allowed Epic Games to continue Remedy vs. Toxin Skin for one more week. However, the reason behind this expansion can also be the intriguing missions of this challenge.

This week the players who will accomplish each task of this challenge will be rewarded with a purple color outfit, which is based on the theme of Remedy vs. Toxin. Players require to attain level 40 for including their skin to the specs of the character.

Once players successfully unlocked the base cosmetic, then they can include distinctive styles to modify these newly unlocked skins. Players can easily acquire the styles of Toxin from the game, but the most prominent style can only be unlocked by accomplishing all the tasks of Remedy vs Toxin. Players need to ensure that they accomplish these tasks before 15th February 2020.

How to Unlock Purple Style

Players will be eligible to unlock the Purple style only after completing at least 9 missions from 12, and accomplishing them is not a hard job to do. Most of these mission requires the players to visit distinctive locations or using specific weapons.

Players can easily accomplish all these tasks, and instead of one purple style, they will be rewarded with three. In addition, players will also get extra XP alongside the unlocking of more cosmetic items and enhancing of level too. The only prerequisite for proceeding towards these tasks is that players need to attain level 40, and here is the list for all the tasks of Remedy vs. Toxin:

  • The gamers have to find and visit at least three food trucks.
  • The gamers have to obtain at least three Silver Survivor Medals.
  • The gamers have to eliminate enemies through SMG for at least three times.
  • The gamers have to locate seven chests.
  • The gamers have to increase their Shield and Health level to 100, and it should be done in at least three matches.
  • The gamers have to inflict damage for three times through Rare, Uncommon, and Common weapon, and it should be done in one match.
  • The gamers have to inflict damage to at least 2500 enemy structures.
  • The gamers have to locate and reach at least three bus stops, and it should be done in one match.
  • The gamers have to inflict damage for five times and grab weapons specialist accolades.
  • The gamers have to be the first player to land through the Battle Bus, to get eliminated, and to catch a fish.
  • There is one more prerequisite of these challenges, which is a mixture of PvE and PvP, and players can easily fulfill these requirements by playing several matches.

How to Unlock Toxin Style

Once players complete all the missions, then they can head to attain Toxin Styles.  They need to heal any of their teammates by using Bandage Bazooka. They need to execute this healing process by wearing Remedy skin. In the end, we hope that this blog has served you properly, and if you are new to the world of Fortnite, then you can experience it on Xbox OnePS4PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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12 Best Apps to Install on Your New iPhone

The craze of Apple iPhones are undeniable, and undoubtedly, it is one of the best and popular devices in the world. Apple is continuously innovating the designs, technology, and other features, which has led the Apple iPhone to massive success. The popularity of Apple iPhone could be understood with the fact that it has occupied a large market with a continuous increase in its sales even with its expensive cost.

Apple iPhone can serve as a portable media player, game console, and handheld computer, which is incredible, and seeing these advantages, you won’t find it costly. If you have purchased a brand new Apple iPhone, then you must be curious to know about the apps to download. Here are the best 12 apps to download on a new iPhone-

  1. Google Maps: You can choose to download Google Maps even you have Apple’s conventional navigation system Apple Maps. Google Maps helps you a lot in making your way smooth all around by setting the routes,  providing traffic information, giving you verbal instructions if you are not interested in typing. It also estimates the distance and time of arrival.
  2. Venmo: It is a digital payment app that is of much use if you want to pay for goods and services anywhere by using a Venmo card. It will also make your payment option smoother if you’re going to make payments for your friends and trusted one; however, you can’t make payments to the people you don’t know personally.
  3. Google Photos:  Apple Photos is the default photo app on your iPhone, but you can install Google photos app also in your Apple iPhone. Installing Google Photos will help you click, store, and organize the pictures and videos along with alleviating storage woes regarding videos and pictures.
  4. Fantastical 2: Fantastical is helpful if you are eager to leave your old-fashion to schedule the events as you can alert to get the remainder of your memorable days by using its features, which includes recognizing the holidays, and days of the week along with repeating celebrations. You can also set reminders by speaking the details that Fantastical takes no time to identify and schedule accordingly.
  5. TweetBot: TweetBot has several features that will help you to get rid of annoying experience of Twitter, such as you can block unwanted noise by using its powerful filters along with getting rid of notifications and promoting ads coming out regularly. TweetBot allows you to see the tweets of only those people whom you follow and that too in the order they have tweeted the messages.
  6. Tiktok: Installing this will let you enjoy amusing video clips along with allowing you to create your one and join the sensation. You can enjoy unlimited music by discovering songs, remix, and saving them on playlists and videos with the extensive music library of Tiktok when integrated with Apple Music.
  7. Paprika recipe manager: This app will let you enjoy the cooking by giving information about the ingredients and servings of several dishes. It will help you cook the recipe of your interest by providing the procedures. Also, you can search the other methods on it easily by just copying and pasting a URL in Paprika recipe manager. This app is of much use if you want to categorize your recipes and in that it will allow you to set multiple timers also.
  8. Halide Camera: It is quite useful and makes your photoshoot experience quite exciting by adding power features such as Raw Capture and Manual Focus, which makes it is easy to use.
  9. Installing Authy will help you to store and keep track of all those authentication codes you have used before, as it is the best app for two-factor authentication for mobile or desktops. This app is useful as it syncs one or more devices to one account along with allowing you to use the recovery tool of Authy to update the information in case your number has been changed, and you have not updated the information with the websites you want.
  10. LastPass/1PassWord: The App helps you to generate complex passwords so you could protect and safeguard your personal information on your phone.
  11. Installing Buffer will help you to schedule your accounts and posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. along with making your posts more useful as you can see the stats of the performance of your posts and make changes in them accordingly.
  12. Installing DashLane is useful and worth suggesting if you want to purchase things online as it makes your payment option easier by saving and confirming the information of payment automatically.

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Best iOS 13.3 Hidden Features You Should Know About

When you install iOS 13 or iPadOS 13, it adds many amazing characteristics to the iPad and iPhone. There are fewer chances to know all of them as the device has numerous ones like improved screenshots and a volume indicator.

There is an improvement in iPhone 11’s swanky new Deep Fusion Camera and dark mode. Many features that you wanted have been included in the updated version of iOS 13.

Apple undermines many improvements, such as Gesture Keyboard, new Volume Indicator, and improved Safari. iMessage search is just top of the line feature, but the new Photo-Sharing option is just the final seasoning by the chef, the chef’s kiss.

Below are the best features of iOS 13 that will make you install the update immediately.

New Way to Optimize Battery Charging

Charging your iPhone to full regularly and trying to keep it on 100%, can reduce your battery life capacity over time. This new technique in iOS 13.3 is the road to help prolong battery life by gaining charging routine and eliminating the chance the battery from constantly charging to 100%. Suppose that you charge your iPhone at night when you sleep, it will keep the iPhone charged at 80% and the last 20% will be charged just before your alarm sets off.

To access this feature:

Go to Setting>Battery>Battery Health. Then turn it on.

Improved Way to Scroll

This feature will be seen on the right side of the screen when you start to scroll on Safari. It shows where you are on the page and you can drag it up and down at a faster rate.

Scan Documents in the Files App

The recast Files app lets users scan documents and store your data directly on the Cloud or device.

To avail this:

Go to Files, then to the Browse tab, select the three-dot icon on the right corner, and select Scan Documents.

Now all you have to do is scan the document and it allows you to scan multiple pages and store them into a single PDF or save it in iCloud.

iMessage Search Will Work Now in Real

If you are a user of Apple products for a long time, you know how horrifying searching for the past message is. Now you can search any phrase or word, and results will be displayed instantly.

Searching Anything in iPhone by Your Voice

  1. You can find a small microphone symbol on the top-right side in the search bar.
  2. Click on the icon to search via voice, not typing.
  3. Apps like Setting, Mail, Messages are the examples where users can find data via voice search.

Share Photo With Location or Without It

Now we can remove the location information of photos when you share those from Photos app. The user can choose either to share your photo with location tag or without it on email, social media, or message.

To avail this feature, select the image you want to share, select on Option, turn off Location in the section mentioned in Include.

Different Volume Indicator

In iOS 13, the volume indicator is very small as compared to others. As you control the volume, it will shrink to the small line and hide as soon as you are done.

You have the option to use your fingers to adjust the volume too.

Dual Sim Support in iMessage and FaceTime gain

Travelers and businessmen will appreciate this feature as prior to this update, users can access only one number on iMessage and FaceTime. Apple updated the Dual SIM support feature on the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR as well. This feature is a Christmas gift for those who don’t wish to separate work and personal phones and carry them all the time.

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How To Get Gamma Container in Escape from Tarkov?

The live streaming platform has proved pretty beneficial for the success of video games, and now it is enhancing the popularity of Escape from Tarkov. Although, the game is in its Beta version now and can only be bought via the official site of the game.

The emerging popularity of the game has deliberate the developers to launch steam for it, and the only way to access this game is by Standard Edition, which will cost 44.99$. Besides the standard edition, the game also offers two more editions, and both of them are comprised of unique features and perks. Gamma Container is one of those perks which grants the players to attain essential types of equipment.

Escape from Tarkov ‘s Gamma Container

The Containers are essential and unique items of Escape from Tarkov and those who are not aware of the objective of Escape from Tarkov; it is an MMO game that consists of useful PvP elements. The game requires players to access raid maps and accomplish the quests alongside attain loot, which is extracted from the raid.

 The Extraction process from the raid allows players to locate the gear, and also they can retain the permanently lost gear, whereas Gamma Containers grants the players to attain specific gear permanently though it won’t allow the raid to snatch gear from the player. Besides, the Gamma Container also provides firearm, extra ammo, and specific medkits.

Get the Gamma Container

The best and the possible way to get the Gamma Container is to buy the edition of Edge of Darkness. Besides, the Gamma Container this version contains several useful types of equipment such as SV98 Sniper RifleKiver HelmetLoaded Mag, and Tactical Tomohawk. Players need to buy this version and avail of the benefits of it.

In case, players who cannot afford this version of the game, then they need to wait until the Gamma Container’s price gets down or any option for free player arise in the market. However, there may be several ways to attain these Gamma Containers, but it is highly suggested to not go with any of these because they aren’t secure and may cause severe internal damage to your game.

The game also contains several other containers rather than it, but they are also paid just like Gamma. Players are keen on Gamma because it is one of the best containers, among others. There are several streamers who are streaming Escape from Tarkov nowadays on Mixer and Twitch, and players can attain essential information from there.


Players who are pretty keen to attain Gamma Container must know that there is only one way to purchase a game’s new version. Besides, it is highly recommended not to get indulged in any further unofficial method as they aren’t secure enough. Players who want satisfaction before heading towards the purchase aspect can obtain experience of Gamma Container from any live streaming platforms such as Twitch and Mixer. However, there are several videos on YouTube that can also feed you with the appropriate information. In the end, we hope that you will find this article useful, and those who are new to Escape from Tarkov can attain its experience on their PC.

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How to Get Helpful Doge Charm in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?

Recently we have witnessed the new arrival featured in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, which facilitates the players with the customization of the weapons. Players can now customize the guns with Weapon Charm, and it can be unlocked in several ways.

Besides, players can easily unlock all the Weapon Charm except the one which is pretty intricate known as Helpful Doge Charm. The process of unlocking Helpful Doge Charm initiate with the selection of the best multiplayer mission. Players need to attain at least three fury kills or four rapid kills to accomplish the unlocking of Helpful Doge Charm.

Below we have provided a specific workaround to favours the player against the challenging unlocking of Helpful Doge Charm. If you want to know about these ways, then make sure that you read all the below-gathered information carefully to get the best results.

How to Get Helpful Doge Charm?

As we have discussed above that the process for accomplishing this task is pretty tricky, but we have obtained a secure method to achieve it. Some of the essential information of this article has been derived from the Ballistic YouTube account. Players first need to select the Ground War mission for this process, and then they need to shoot all the enemies that are being spawned by them.

It is suggested to shoot them instantly as they usually hide immediately once after spawned. Although, there are several updates from the Call of Duty team to make this Helpful Doge Charm unlocking convenient for the players, and one of them is to accomplish the process by playing the Infected Match. Players need to survive them till the end of this match, and after that, they will get several chances to attain fury kills.

 The Infected Matches comprises numerous amount of enemies to hinder the survivors, but still, players can easily attain three or four fury kills before their character dies. It is recommended not to use any other resort because it will lead the player towards smaller maps and thus intricate this process more.

 However, the smaller maps can be used to attain FPS, which is also a significant component of the game, but players must initiate the Helpful Doge Charm. Both of these processes must be done separately, and it will only lead the player to more time conceiving because it is impossible to accomplish both of these processes at once.


After reading this article, if you are still facing issues in accomplish the Helpful Doge Charm process, then make sure that you again read all the steps carefully and give it a try one more time. There are numerous ways to accomplish this process, but it can cause you damage as the team of Modern Warfare does not officially design them. We have shared two of the best and possible ways to attain Helpful Doge Charm, and you can use anyone out of them. If you are new to the exciting world of Modern Warfare and would like to witness its gaming fun, then you can play it on any of these devices such as PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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Pepsi And Regal Partnership Starting Early 2020

This year, in the beginning, itself partnership between Regal and Pepsi have been declared. Whenever the film lovers go to watch movies, it has been seen that the main reason behind it is the movie itself, but the side things like food, snacks, drinks, and services provided there also matter a lot to the viewers. You might be aware that due to this reason, few of the movie halls do provide dine-in options, letting the audience to get proper one-time food at the time they enjoyed to see the newest movie.

As we know that none of the meals is complete without a cold drink and movie halls ensure having a wonderful collection of beverages for the viewers these days. Popular PepsiCo is among the top leaders in this field and this is the reason behind Regal Cinema forming a partnership with PepsiCo for improving the spread of its locations in the American region properly.

The partnership was exactly told this year on January 8th by the Regal and Pepsi during the time of spring it is going to come up together. This shall result in having PepsiCo’s drinks such as Moutain Dew and Pepsi Zero etc. into the movie hall of Regal’s everywhere in the nation.

Earlier PepsiCo was present at Regal movie halls by Frito Lay snacks, and it is going to be a good continuation of their business. After the good deals offered by Regal, people are curious to know the impact of this partnership as early as possible. Previously, Regal offered dollar 100 tickets for the premiere blockbuster of the year with the remarkable posters.

Merging with Pepsi shall be the newest method of Regal for improving their services for making their branches look better to all the movie lovers. It always made efforts to give full satisfaction to its customers in every possible way. Such as in the previous year, which allowed movie lovers to get unlimited tickets just for the price of the service given. With the change in time, halls are also changing simultaneously in the contemporary world because the task of streaming has become easiest as compared to the rest of the time. So different ways are developed one after the other for the betterment of the movie halls. There are high chances that Pepsi shall be helpful to Regal movie halls for spreading its branches and making more famous than it has been expected by everyone.

The step of partnership might be fruitful for both of them in their own way.

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How Disney will change in 2020

The majority of Disney fans are super excited as this time Disney will seem different in the year 2020, especially because of FOX and changes for Marvel and the recent release of Disney+.

You might have observed that Disney is evolving from time to time and makes changes depending on the need. This process shall be continuing in 2020 also. Even when Walt Disney was running the frame, Disney branches spread from being only the producer of animated type movies into becoming a producer of ‘live-action’ features. The changes with time are as much the part of Disney as the Mickey Mouse’s ears.

The above statement implies that in the upcoming time, the Disney audience shall be getting to watch a lot of new things. After all, one year back, only it has been seen the Mouse House expansion with the inclusion of the 2Oth Century Fox entertainment part and the release of Disney+ in the month of November.

Look at this blog carefully to know the different methods Disney shall be changing majorly in the year 2020

Closing of the Infinity Saga

In this year of 2020, the Infinity saga is coming to an end. It is among the most popular stories of Disney. There are innumerable questions arising in the mind of its viewers. Such as what will now happen to the Marvel Studios? It seems as if attention will be paid on particular single franchises like Black and Eternal as well as combining the Marvel character earlier located at Fox to the big Marvel Universe of cinema in the upcoming time.

The Avengers movie recent non-presence will not be good for Disney, but at the same time the Marvel Studios hit in the past because of movies such as Guardians of Galaxy proved that they have the ability to manage every condition.

No stop of Live-Action Remakes of Disney

You might have noticed that ten years back, Disney showed ‘Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, ‘ which made a big change on Disney Pictures. And then, all of a sudden, the studio’s movie started paying attention to producing live-action remakes of Disney films that belong to classic animation. Some of them are super hit all-time favorite movies of all kids, such as The Lion King and Aladdin. Before the year 2010, the live-action remakes of Disney animated classic films came only twice in the past. Fortunately, this year 2020, such movies are part of the Disney kingdom.

How are the two Fox movie brands going to be presented?

Disney fans are curious to know from the Mouse House how it is going to present the two Fox films brands into the big screen. Presently, it seems in the upcoming time of 20th Century Fox and Fox Searchlight might have studio launch of approximate ten movies in one year.

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