How to Keep Your Apple ID Secure and Protected

If you have ever lost your Apple ID, then you must know the horror of it. Even if you have never faced it yourself, experiencing so could prove to be lethal as your Apple ID is connected with everything. It can be something personal like Calendar, Mail, or Remainders, etc. or it may be a […]

How to Begin a Trainer Battle in Pokemon Go?

Pokémon GO now allows users to participate in Trainer Battles. This allows players to combat with teams assembled by them. In this blog, we will discuss the process to start a Trainer battle in the game. Users may battle against the Trainers who are in their vicinity. They can also battle with their friends. To […]

How to Cancel an App Store or News+ Subscription?

Apple offers a number of subscriptions. For instance, it can be iTunes Match, Apple Music, or Apple News+. These subscriptions are paid, and you may want to stop them for some reason or the other. Here’s how you can cancel the subscriptions to News+ and App Store. To cancel an App Store or News+ Subscription […]

How to Create playlists in Apple’s Music App?

Apple Music is in trend nowadays, and it has billions of users around the world. Several iOS users often ask how they can add music in the Apple music app on their iPhone or iPad. Adding up music in Apple’s music app is as easy as it sounds. If you want to add up your […]

How to Enable the Play/Pause Button on Your Google Chrome?

It is quite irritating when you hear audio of an embedded video while surfing the internet. You may struggle to find the video that is playing in the background of your browser. But with the new Play/Pause button, it is pretty easy to stop a video that is playing in the background of your Chrome. […]

How to Enable or Disable Apple Card Notifications?

Want to turn off Apple Card Notifications on your iPhone or iPad? If yes, then you have landed on the right place. In this article, you are going to learn how to disable the notifications of Apple Card.  Notifications can be a lot helpful in keeping yourself up-to-date, but what if you are getting unwanted […]

How to Send an Email as an Attachment from Outlook App

If you want to forward an email complete as it is, send it as an attachment.Sending an email in this format will be useful in showing someone the exact message.  Anyone can send the email as attachments from the Outlook app of their device easily. Moreover, you can use any version of Outlook app to […]

How to Set Adobe Acrobat as Default PDF File Viewer on Your Computer

When you have one of the most well-known PDF creator and viewer app installed on your system, then why to use Microsoft Edge or another app to view PDF document. In the recent version of Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Edge browser is used as a default PDF viewer. If you’ve installed Adobe Acrobat on your PC […]

How to Create Labels in Gmail

You might have observed that Gmail doesn’t have any folder options. At the same time, people can label their mails and group them together. They are typically the same as folders. There is a beautiful feature of setting up filters that by itself shifts mails from a particular mail ID into folder labels. People shall […]

How To Compress Videos on Any Device?

As you all know, videos can be big as well as small. Compressed videos are easier to share because of their less file size. Also, certain services and platforms do not allow users to transfer files beyond a certain limit. If this is the case, then read on and learn how to compress videos. Why […]

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