How to change Google Docs Default Formatting Settings

Google Docs provides its user with default settings which are applied to every new document you create. Considerably these settings include font style, text color, line breaks and much more. Although you can change these settings at any point of time while creating your document, if you have some preferred settings which you have to […]

Google Assistant to Soon Provide Proactive Notifications Regarding Flight Delays

Those who travel by air frequently understand and know that a number of flight delays happen because of the airplane getting stuck at some other place or due to the weather of the destination or arrival airport not being good. If you are one amongst the frequent fliers, then you must know how to check […]

Guide to Synchronizing your Fitness Band with Google Fit

In this article, I would like to guide you in the simple steps for attaining your fitness goals through Google Fit. It is very tardy to have your mobile with you always especially when you are on morning or evening track run. Thanks to the Google Fit which can be directly linked with fitness band […]

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