6 Best Alternatives for DirecTV

There is no compulsion to stick to such a streaming service that isn’t serving you accordingly. Don’t think that you are alone if you are canceling the DirecTV. Here is presented a list of alternatives to DirecTV: Fubo TV It is one of the most excellent alternatives to DirecTV. There are many reasons behind it, […]

How To Set Alarm On Your iPad Clock?

Clocks and alarms are an important part of people’s lives. A number of people depend on their alarm clocks. There are several alarm apps available in the app stores. Fortunately, when it comes to the clock of the iPad, you don’t require to install any of the application for setting up the alarm. Best ways […]

How to Change the Facebook Name on Your Phone

Facebook is the site where you can post your pictures; upload your profile picture, a message to your friends, accepting and declining the request, sharing memes or quotes, reading news, many other things. You can create groups here, or you can direct message to anyone. There must be a time when you want to change […]

How to Download, Stream, and Delete Podcast Episodes on iPhone or iPad

Podcasts app for iPhone allows its user to stream episodes online and offline. You can search for your favorite episodes and listen to them from the Podcasts app. Here is how to stream podcasts episodes online and save them to listen offline. You’ll also know how to delete episodes if you want to get rid […]

What To Do If Outlook Doesn’t Get Started?

The presence of Outlook makes work life more manageable. Outlook handles data properly. Most of the people use it as a mail app. But it can even be used to handle our contact details and calendar. Sometimes, people are not able to open it. The correct method to solve this issue will be to update […]

Easy ways to improve the performance of Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft Internet Explorer comes with all Microsoft operating systems. However, after some time the performance of the browser will go down. If your Explorer browser is also running slow, then upgrade it to the latest version. If it doesn’t do the trick, then read ahead. Things you can do to increase the Internet Explorer performance […]

Resident Evil 2: How to Obtain Unlockables In RE2 Remake

Capcom’s latest addition in the Resident Evil video game series has revived the craze amongst the fans and gamers to relive the Zombie apocalypse. With the latest Resident Evil 2 remake, players can now play this apocalyptic game multiple times, as this new remake provides players with different scenarios and new campaigns. Similar to the […]

How to get Kindle Books on your iPad

Now, you do not need to lug around your devices as the Amazon Kindle library can be browsed through your iPad. Just download Kindle app on your iPad and access your entire Kindle library on your iPad. Here is how to get your Kindle Library on your iPad: Step to install Kindle App on iPad […]

Best English Dictionary Apps to Learn English

The English language has become a vitality to stand in front of the world. This language consists of innumerable words and is still evolving day by day. Generally, a small portion of English phrases and vocabularies are used while conversing by average speakers. But, to be proficient in English vocabularies need to be updated with […]

5 Steps to Boost Your Online Privacy

Nothing is more shattering than seeing your most sensitive information online. What will you do if you see images, files, bank account info, and everything online with no consent of yours? We usually see news about various celebs and politicians who aren’t much careful, and their private data gets leaked.  Sometimes, famous figures pass out […]

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