Fortnite: Where to Find Hidden “N” & E.G.O Outposts

Fortnite is among the most well-recognized battle-royale game at the moment and it is back with its new set of challenges. The latest challenges for the game include finding hidden N and the E.G.O Outposts. Here is how you can find them. Locating Hidden “N” in the Dockyard Deal Screen Follow these steps to play […]

How to Install Windows 10 Update of November 2019 before the Official Release?

Do you know what Windows Insider program is? It is a place where you can get early access to Microsoft’s latest products and software updates. That means you can get Upcoming Windows 10 Updates before anyone else can. If you are a tech enthusiast and want to test the prerelease of Windows 10 November 2019 […]

How to Check the AppleCare Warranty Status on iOS, Watch, TV, or MacBook?

After the arrival of new operating systems, we are bombarded with tech support, consumer protections, and warranties. In case you cannot remember the date when you purchased your iOS or forgot the warranty renewal date, then here are some easy steps for you to figure out the warranty status of your iOS devices. To Locate […]

How to Download Files from OneDrive on your iPhone or iPad

OneDrive is indeed an amazing backup source with millions of its users around the world. Users keep OneDrive to back up their essential documents, media, and files. Today, OneDrive comes as a default backup source in many smartphones. You can easily upload files on OneDrive with your Google as well as Apple ID account. It […]

How to Fix iPhone Cannot Verify Identity Issue

iPhone is amongst the most preferred phones today. Several people prefer iPhone over other devices. There are multiple amazing features an iPhone has that you will not get on other phones. Besides, iPhone’s amazing features and its popularity, some issues usually occur on an iPhone, and ‘iPhone Cannot Verify identity’ is one of them. The […]

How to Fix Microphone Not Working Error on Windows 10

Several windows users complain about the Mic not working issue on their Windows 10 PC and laptops. Without proper Microphone functionality, there are several tasks that cannot be done and users face huge inconvenience by this issue on their PC. If you are amongst the users who are facing the same issue on your Windows […]

How to Keep Your Apple ID Secure and Protected

If you have ever lost your Apple ID, then you must know the horror of it. Even if you have never faced it yourself, experiencing so could prove to be lethal as your Apple ID is connected with everything. It can be something personal like Calendar, Mail, or Remainders, etc. or it may be a […]

How to Keep Using Time Machine When the AirPort Time Capsule is Disconnected?

The AirPort routers by Apple brought a huge change in the world of backups. Time Machine allowed users to back up their data automatically. This allowed people who did not have much technical knowledge to take backups. However, Apple does not make Time Capsule anymore. If you still want to continue using Time Machine, then […]

Guide to Using Widgets on iPad in iPadOS 13

In iPadOS, the older Today View has undergone minor changes. It can now be accessed from the Home Screen. Users can pin their favorite widgets there. These widgets will appear on the left-hand corner of the iPad’s Home screen. If you are wondering how to use widgets on your iPad, then read on. Adding Your […]

How to Begin a Trainer Battle in Pokemon Go?

Pokémon GO now allows users to participate in Trainer Battles. This allows players to combat with teams assembled by them. In this blog, we will discuss the process to start a Trainer battle in the game. Users may battle against the Trainers who are in their vicinity. They can also battle with their friends. To […]

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