How to Change the General Preferences on Safari

In case the users wish to change the Safari browser preferences on their iPhone, then they can do so by using iPhone settings application but not the Safari browser application. The user can adjust Mac settings by going to the Safari browser Preferences page. MacOS users will get more preferences options as compared to iPhone […]

How to Download, Stream, and Delete Podcast Episodes on iPhone or iPad

Podcasts app for iPhone allows its user to stream episodes online and offline. You can search for your favorite episodes and listen to them from the Podcasts app. Here is how to stream podcasts episodes online and save them to listen offline. You’ll also know how to delete episodes if you want to get rid […]

How To Fix An iPhone That Keeps Shutting Off

iPhone has plenty of remarkable features and uses. However, no technical device in this world is perfect. And same is the case with iPhones. Sometimes, it faces some significant issues like it keeps turning off by itself. Reasons behind an iPhone turning off again and again There can be many reasons behind an iPhone that […]

What To Do First After Getting A New iPhone?

Got a new iPhone and getting confused about what to do next? There are plenty of things that should be done by you, and it is pretty simple to do as well. Let’s start! This blog will help you out with the primary things that should be done with your new iPhone. So read it […]

How to Hide & Unhide Apps on Android and iPhone

Sometimes hiding an app of your device is necessary. There are numerous third-party apps available on the App Store or Play Store that you can download and install for free on your device to hide apps. To hide apps without using any specific app, here are some methods: How to Hide (Disable) a Pre-installed App […]

How to Block an Email Address on iPhone from Yahoo Mail and Outlook

In this article, we are going to learn how we can prevent emails from a particular email address to appear in your iPhone’s Mail app. So, let’s check out the steps for blocking email addresses on iOs device. Yahoo Mail Visit Yahoo – Type from your computer’s web browser. Now input your email address […]

How to Block an Email Address on iPhone from Gmail and iCloud

In this article, we are going to teach you how you can prevent emails from a particular email address to appear in your iPhone’s Mail app. You can’t block email addresses from within the Mail app or any other email app for the iOS, and if you block any email addresses from your inbox on […]

How to Cool Down an Overheated iPhone

Many people complain that their iPhones get overheated. Some iPhone owners discover that their phones heat up even when they are switched off. Well, if you use your iPhone for quite an extended time, then it may get a bit warm. But if your iPhone heats p quite often, then it may also affect the […]

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