How to Use Your Android and iOS Device as a Webcam

You must be wondering how a person can use their Android and iOS device as a webcam. After all, webcams are connected to computers allowing the users to stream any image or video. And the webcams are usually connected to the computers via USB. Finding a good webcam in the present time has become quite […]

Most Beneficial Meditation Apps Available For iOS and Android Users

Meditation is a way to align your mind, soul, and spirit. Its regular practice can help you cure anxiety, depression, stressful thoughts, overthinking, and many more. It helps a person to connect to their thoughts and themselves. It is making a comeback in people’s lives as the world realizes how important it is to take […]

How to Check the AppleCare Warranty Status on iOS, Watch, TV, or MacBook?

After the arrival of new operating systems, we are bombarded with tech support, consumer protections, and warranties. In case you cannot remember the date when you purchased your iOS or forgot the warranty renewal date, then here are some easy steps for you to figure out the warranty status of your iOS devices. To Locate […]

6 Best Weather Apps For Pilots in 2019

Musical instruments apps are available in the app stores. Most of them do not contain enough features to offer to users. Here I recommend top six musical instrument apps with real instrumental feel, sound quality features, and with multiple other features. 1. Yousician Yousician is an all-in-one app with multiple musical instrument features. The app […]

How to use the Maps app and its feature on your iOS device

Get the directions for your travels with the Maps app on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. The app also gives you real-time traffic information so that you can plan your route or travel. There are many great and useful features, you get with the Maps apps. Discover new places with detailed information, save locations, and […]

Ways to Beat Facebook Addiction for iOS Users

A while ago, I would spend hours on Facebook. I used to think that it was the place where my buds and family would share some pictures, posts, and funny memes.  However, this habit turned to addiction, and I started spending hours stalking people and endlessly scrolling pages. With the rise of other social networks, […]

Steps to Turn off Facebook Messenger Notification on iOS

If you are sick and tired of getting Facebook Messenger notifications on your iOS device, then read this blog to find out how to disable them. Disabling Notifications on  iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Launch the Setting tab in Messenger: Directly any user can adjust some of his/her notification setting in the Messenger app. Hit […]

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