How to Disable Windows Defender in Windows 10

Windows Defender provides the users with free protection for securing their data on their system. It keeps the system data away from attacks and cyber theft. Window Defender remains turned off till you again start the system, and there is an option of stopping the Windows Defender from enabling automatically. Make sure that in case you turn off the Window Defender on the system, then all the data of your system becomes unsafe from thefts.


Steps for enabling Windows Defender in Windows 10

•    Go to the “Start button.” Press the “Windows” symbol located in the left-hand column of the display. After following this step, the option given in the start menu appears on the screen.

•    Go to the “Settings” application. Press the “Gear-Shaped” settings symbol located in the right-hand column of the “Start Page.” Once you follow this step, a setting application appears on the screen.

•    Press the “Update and Security” option. This option is located in the end column of the “Settings” application.

•    Press the “Windows Security” button. You will find this button in the left-hand column of the display.

•    Tap “Virus and Threat protection” option. You will get this option underneath the “Protection areas” button located on the upper side of the webpage. After following this step, the “Windows Defender” page will get open on the screen.

•    Tap “Virus and Threat protection Settings” application. It is located in the center of the webpage.

•    Turn off the “Windows Defender’s real-time scanning” option. Press an azure color “Enable” toggle underneath the “Real-time protection” option and after that, tap “Yes” button. By following this step, it will disable the “Real-time protection” option which is a function of “Windows Defender.”

♣    There is also an option of turning “Windows Defender’s cloud-based protection” off by pressing an azure color “Enable” toggle underneath the “Cloud-delivered protection” option after that, tapping “Yes” button.

♣    When you again start the system, then the “Windows Defender” automatically changes its setting.

Other Steps for turning off Windows Defender in Windows 10

•    Unlock “Start” page. Press the “Windows” symbol located in the left-hand column of the display.

•    Go to the “Registry Editor” option. This option permits the user from changing the system functions.

•    Open the “Windows Defender” files.

•    Right-clicking the “Windows Defender” files.

•    Choose “New” option. You will get this option on the upper side of the pull-down list.

•    Press “DWORD (32-bit) Value” button. You will get this button into the context menu. Pressing this button will change an azure and white color “Windows Defender” display located on the right-hand column of the webpage.

•    Type “DisableAntiSpyware” option as the folder title. After the “DWORD” folder comes, enter the “DisableAntiSpyware” option after that tap the “Enter” button.

•    Go to the “DisableAntiSpyware” DWORD folder. Double-clicking on this button to complete the step. You will get a context menu on the screen.

•    Change the “Value Data” serial number by 1.

•    Press the “Ok” button. This button is located at the end of the desktop.

•    Start the system again. Press the “Start” page, tap “Power” option and after that, press the “Restart” button located in the context menu. After completing the restarting process of the system, “Windows Defender” options get automatically turned off. •    Turn On the “Windows Defender” again, if required.

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How to Download iOS Applications From the App Store

When you purchase a new iOS device, the first thing you want to do is to download the applications from the App Store. With every application, you can perform different works. The typical applications like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat you will install them all in your phone.

app store

There are many other applications you wanted to download in your iPhone as per your wish. Without any application, you find your iPhone boring. You can download games from the App store to play it in your free time.

If you want to connect socially with many other peoples, then you have to download the social networking application from the App Store. You can use their website to use it on your daily life so you have to download their application from the App Store, which will be easier to use.

Introduction to App Store

The advantage of using iPhone is to store many applications from the App Store. You can download several applications like the native, hybrid, web, gaming, business, educational, lifestyle and many more. App store has millions of applications for Apple users.

This is an easy process to download the applications from the App Store. You will find that the App store is similar if we compare it to iTunes Store, but there are small differences between them

How to Find Applications From the App store?

There are two options of finding the applications from the App Store. You can find for an application by entering the app name in the search column located on the top of iTunes screen.

The other option is you can check the buttons column which is located on the upper side. The centre area of buttons column is App Store. Tapping on it to return to the home screen of the App Store.


In case you want to find a particular application the type on the search column in the search bar located on the right side of the App Store page. Click “Return or Enter.”

A list of similar application will appear on your screen which can be the app of any category. At that time you can do:

•    Press “iPhone Apps” or “iPad Apps” in the right side to see a full list of similar applications.

•    Press “See All” option located at the right side of the search bar to view a list of all the application which is similar to your search name.

•    In case the application you are searching for appears on the other list of the app then move there and after that, press on it.

In case you don’t remember the name of that application you want to have in your phone, then you should scan the App Store. On the first page of the App Store, you will find much application in it, but you will get more application when you remember the name of that application and search for it by entering it on the search bar given on the top. If you find that application you wish to download, then after finding it press on the download button to get the app in your phone.

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How to Install MacOS Mojave 10.14.4 public beta 1 for Mac

MacOS Mojave is available as an unrestricted beta for the subsequent age of Mac software. For some years now, Apple is availing public betas for MacOS. It is primarily for those who are interested in trying out upcoming software. Directly download MacOS Mojave beta and install it further. Although it isn’t a very complicated process, this article will reduce some minor pains too.


At times, Apple avails updates to iOS, tvOS, watchOS and macOS as some of the closed developer for iPad, iPhone, Mac or the Apple TV. Although it has new features, it also has some of the pre-release bugs. These bugs can prevent normal Phone usage. It is generally recommended to keep away from developer till they are needed for development of software.

What is coming up with MacOS Mojave public beta?

Apple rolled out “MacOS Mojave 10.14.4 public beta1” for the collaborators of “Beta Software Program”. When users have previously installed public beta:

  1. Go to System Preferences.
  2. Then Software Update.
  3. Now download.
  4. Get started with MacOS 10.14.4 for getting started with the MacOS testing.
  5. Grab it right away.

How to Set Up a backup of your Mac

Just create a “back up” of your Mac before following the free beta. In case if you aren’t satisfied, then you can go back to MacOS 10.14.3. Go for a backup. Ensure that you are covered up adequately, go for manual backup. Take help of the Time machine and Super Duper. Start a backup:

  1. Go to Mac Menu bar and tap on Time Machine.
  2. Tap on Backup now.

How to register an account for MacOS 10.14.4 public beta

Users need not to register a public beta for the MacOS then you don’t require to register again. Just sign in along with Apple ID. If you are a fresher, then sign up.

  1. Head over to in the Safari.
  2. Tap on Sign up and get the start.
  3. Write email address of Apple ID along with the password.
  4. Tap Sign in.

How to enroll Mac in MacOS 10.14.4 public beta

  1. Download MacOS 10.14.4 via the Mac App Store.
  2. It would need a unique code.
  3. You can get the code on the website.
  4. It can be auto entered.
  5. Head over to when you aren’t already there.
  6. If you can’t see it already then tap on MacOS tab.
  7. Tap on button “Download MacOS Public Beta Access Utility”.
  8. Now go to your Downloads window for opening the file.
  9. Click double the package for running the installer.

When done with the downloading, Mac Store will auto open Updates section. Tap Update and download and install public beta software. Mac will get start itself now. Start your Mac again if the recent public beta doesn’t show on Updates list.

How to download MacOS 10.14.4 public beta

“MacOS public beta” would auto open itself downloaded. Now follow the below-given steps:

  1. Download Install MacOS Mojave Public Beta application.
  2. Tap Continue.
  3. Tap Continue if you are prompted to set up a backup. Now tap continue by going to the drop down.
  4. Tap Continue once you are done with the backups.
  5. Tap agree and accept terms of licensing.
  6. Tap agree for further confirmation.
  7. Tap on the drive if you need to install.
  8. Tap Install.
  9. Write an administrator password.
  10. Tap ok.
  11. Tap restart again.

Now that you are done with a reboot, uou are all set to use MacOS 10.14.4.

How to update to new version of MacOS 10.14.4 public beta

  1. From the Dock, Go to the System Preferences.
  2. Now, Tap Software Update.

Next to the Automatically keep my Mac up to date, tap checkbox.

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How to Fix PXE-E61 Error Issue

Errors such as PXE-E61 are concerned with Preboot Execution Environment. Some of the motherboards support it. It is a fantastic boot mode that allows the computer search. With its help, you can look for and load the bootable operating system.


It is quite common to confront PXE-E61 error. Very often it is because of misconfigured setting in BIOS. It can be most commonly be caused by the failure of the hard drive. Some of the most common errors related to PXE are: Media test failures, exiting Intel Boot Agent, exiting Intel PXE ROM etc. Errors are visible even before when the computer starts. You may see it on a black coloured background, generally with additional text.

Troubleshooting PXE-E61 Error

  1. Change boot order in BIOS- This will help you in booting from the hard drive at the place of the network. BIOS will look for the operational system. A system that is installed on local hard drive. Most of the computers are set up this way only. Complete this step with care. When you change the boot order, then it restricts computer form booting from the network. You will not get any error messages related to PXE.
  2. Ensure that it can detect hard drive and access BIOS. If you see PXE-E61 error then just Search Boot menu and ensure Boot Drive Order screen. You will see a hard drive that won’t read “NO Boot Drive”. Shut down your PC if the BIOS isn’t detecting any of the hard drives. Ensure the connection between HDD cables.
  3. You want to boot from UB, then ensure that the device is bootable actually. BIOS will search for any other device to boot. It can try to use network by showing up PXE-E61 error.
  4. Take help of ‘Rufus’ for making a bootable device of USB. Cross check whether the boot sequence is set to boot off the USB.
  5. Type the BIOS and cut the PXE if not using. Generally, it is found on Boot menu, named ‘Boot to Network’ or the Ethernet.
  6. If you have to use PXE for booting network, then just check that network cable is plugged in correctly. Without any proper connection, PXE cant communicates over networks. You will get the PXE-E61.
  7. Just update network card drivers and fix error PXE-E61. When you have an outdated, corrupted or missing driver then beware because it can restrict system form accessing network. It stops the proper working of PXE.
  8. Reset the BIOS and clear out the CMOS. When PXE-E61 is because of misconfigured BIOS setting, just reset it to the default option. The error will get cleared out this way.

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What To Do First After Getting A New iPhone?

Got a new iPhone and getting confused about what to do next? There are plenty of things that should be done by you, and it is pretty simple to do as well. Let’s start!

This blog will help you out with the primary things that should be done with your new iPhone. So read it carefully.

First After Getting A New iPhone

Top 5 Things To Do Immediately After Purchasing An iPhone

  1. Make An Apple ID
  • Use the Play Store and take the golden opportunity of downloading a lot of applications. These applications can be used with the help of an Apple ID.
  • Access to the account is entirely free of cost.
  • And it allows you to purchase songs, movies, and applications.
  • It is also the account that has been used for accessing other amazing features like iMessage for sending/receiving SMS, iCloud for storing data and FaceTime for having a video chat, etc.
  • It is optional to make an Apple account but remember without having it, you’ll not be able to avail some remarkable golden opportunities.
  1. Download iTunes

Most people are aware of iTunes because of its lovely musical world. But in reality, it has a lot of other functions.

  • It not only allows you to insert and delete songs but also video, pictures, applications and so on.
  • Thankfully, Macs available in the stores, come with preinstalled iTunes. Whereas, in Windows, you need to download it after purchasing your system.
  1. Set Up Your New iPhone By Activating It

After getting your new iPhone, you need to set up your new iPhone by activating it.

  • The primary set up of activation makes you select from options related to some features such as iMessages, Face Time, iCloud and Find My iPhone, etc.
  1. Don’t Forget About Find My iPhone
  • Find My iPhone is a significant feature that allows you to track the exact place of your iPhone wherever it would have been placed.
  • This feature is advantageous and will even make you feel lucky to have this feature because it can help you to get back the iPhone that has been lost by you or got stolen.
  • Only a few minutes will be taken to set up Find My iPhone.
  1. Activate Touch ID or Face ID
  • Both these features help you to keep your personal information safe in your iPhone.
  • These features cannot only unlock the iPhone, but also help you to buy applications.
  • It is friendly for users as people can use them in their day to day life without facing any problem.

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Top 4 Ways To Limit Your Child’s Screen Time

Nowadays the starting from adults to kids everyone is aware of all types of gadgets and its uses, especially the newer generation. The kids not just only get smart classes but even get their personal gadgets at home for doing their work such as completing homework, writing essays on MS Word and also for making PowerPoint presentations.

Child’s Screen Time

Best Methods To Restrict Screen Time for Kids

  1. Change the screen time

Ensure that your kid only spends appropriate time on gadgets and does not stick to it throughout the whole day. You can decide the time according to their age and the type of work they are doing on it. The location also matters a lot like during dinner, they should not be allowed to use their smartphone.

  1. Enable privacy setting

There are a number of features that can allow adults to have an idea about their kid’s activity such as location tracking or parental control. With GPS tracking, you can keep a track of where your child is. This way, you will be able to supervise your kid even when you are at work.

  • There are a lot of applications as well that can help them to monitor their kid’s life from far away.
  1. Make your kids aware of the advantages and disadvantages

Make your kids know about the way gadgets can be misused and can create a huge problem in just a few clicks. So they should always read the instructions carefully before permitting anything.

  • For instance, tell them to read terms and conditions carefully before installing any of the application.
  1. Fix a good deal with your kid

Prefer having dining table topic discussion regarding the use of technical items so that they learn to use gadgets in a proper way of using it. You can even fix deals with then that can make them learn some domestic work.

  • For instance, You can let them play one round of the game and in return tell them to do cleaning work of their room.
  • You can even tell them to read current affairs in their PC and after making them read on it play the game by asking questions related to it while making them clean their room. If they answer all your answers correctly, then the next day they don’t need to clean their room.

While limited screen time is alright, it should be carefully monitored as kids can get addicted to technology.

Lucia Mandela is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002.    As a technical expert, Lucia has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers and reviews for many   websites such as


Resident Evil 2: How to Obtain Unlockables In RE2 Remake

Capcom’s latest addition in the Resident Evil video game series has revived the craze amongst the fans and gamers to relive the Zombie apocalypse.

With the latest Resident Evil 2 remake, players can now play this apocalyptic game multiple times, as this new remake provides players with different scenarios and new campaigns.

Similar to the past editions of Resident Evil, players can unlock different costumes, weapons and game modes for their characters by accomplishing different campaigns.

Unlockables In RE2 Remake

Based on the characters from the initial game, players can unlock alternative Claire and alternative Leon costumes in this remake.

As the players successfully finish the campaign using one character, it would unlock the alternative character costume for the second run.

If you choose Claire as your character for the first run, then as you finish the gameplay you can re-play the campaign using Leon.

But an important thing to remember is that only alternative Leon and alternative Claire costumes can be unlocked through this means.

If players want to play this remake using other provided costumes, it would require them to purchase the Deluxe Edition which would provide all the in-game costumes.

A number of costumes can be availed using the Deluxe Edition. You can refer to the list below to know about all the available in-game characters.

  • Arklay Sheriff Leon
  • Alternative Leon
  • Noir Leon
  • Noir Claire
  • Eliza Walker Claire
  • Alternative Claire
  • Military Claire

 In this Resident Evil 2 remake, players can unlock a total of three different weapons in the game. The first is the Samurai Edge that has infinite ammo, and players would require to receive S rank in the Hardcore difficulty to unlock this weapon.

Second is the LE-5 Submachine Gun with infinite ammo, and gamers would require to achieve S Rank in the Standard difficulty mode to unlock this awesome weapon to use in-game.

The third Unlockable weapon is the Unbreakable Combat Knife, and players can receive this weapon by destroying every Mr. Raccoon toys in the game.

In the RE2 remake, gamers can also unlock two different mini modes after accomplishing the Side A and Side B campaigns using Leon or Claire character.

As players complete the first two campaigns in the game, it would unlock a third game mode.

This third game made is named The 4th Survivor and allows players to access the Umbrella operative Hunk character, but it requires players to finish this game mode in a set time limit.

Although this game mode is quite hard to accomplish but if players successfully finish this game mode, they can unlock the Tofu Mode which is considered the most challenging game mode to finish.

To finish the Tofu mini-game mode, gamers require some extraordinary game skills as this Tofu Mode is a very hardcore and challenging mode in Resident Evil 2.

Players only have knives and few herbs by their side, and there are no additional supplies in this game mode, with such scenario player require to showcase their true skills to survive in the game.

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Resident Evil 2: How to find and complete the Sewers Chess Puzzle

The new Resident Evil 2 remake is the latest addition in the RE series, and although it has a unique storyline, still the basic concepts are inspired by the previous additions.

Similar to the older Resident Evil 2, players have to solve various puzzles to continue with the campaign in this remake. Some of the puzzles in the game are quite easy and requires not much time to accomplish, but most of the puzzles require ample amount of problem-solving skills and putting sufficient thought to solve the puzzles.

RESIDENT EVIL 2_20190122141529

In the list of in-game puzzles, the Sewers Chess Plug is one of the most challenging problems to get through in the game.

 Moreover, the solution for this puzzle varies with the character that you are playing with, which makes it much more complicated for players. In order to pass through the monitor door in this remake, players require collecting the three missing chess pieces from different locations and placing all the pieces in the right order on the wall. Knight Bishop and Pawn are already present on the wall, and three missing chess pieces, King, Queen, and the Rock are required to be placed.

 As a player successfully collects all three plugs, he can then access the monitor room and continue with the campaign. But to find these missing items, players have to solve additional puzzles and then only they can receive the missing chess plugs.

To locate the King and Queen pieces, players will be required going towards the Supplies Storage Room situated at the Sewers lower area where a T-Bar Valve Handle is present near the treatment plant.

Gamers will have to use the T-Bar valve to get across the floodgates and then making their route through the Bottom Waterway reaching the Supplies Store Room.

Just a few steps ahead, players will be able to spot the Queen piece on the left side door of the Supplies Store Room.

 Now players will be required to place this piece into the right-hand side door, which would allow players to get across the locked door and reach to the staircase.

As gamers would climb up the staircase, they can immediately spot the kings piece. Then by jumping down players will be required to reach back to the right-hand side gate and place the King piece in its socket which would open the door behind them.

After the door behind the player is unlocked, players will be required to remove the Queen and king pieces from their slot and head towards the Lower waterway Floodgate and use the lift to get to the Workroom.

As you exit the Workroom, the Rock piece would be placed at the nearest door. Remove the piece from its slot and now run for the Monitor room. Players will be required to assemble all the plugs in a pattern to unlock the doors.

The Knight, Rock, and Bishop should be placed in a top to bottom order on the left side of the door and the King, Queen and Pawn will also be placed in a top to bottom order.

But if you are going through with your second campaign, then the order of placing the plugs would also change.

 For players in their second run requires placing King, Bishop, and Queen on the left-hand side of the door and the Knight, Rook, and Pawn for the right side of the door.

As you correctly place the pieces in their right order, then you will be able to continue with your campaign. Hopefully, now you will easily accomplish this challenging Sewer Chess Puzzle and would require no time to finish the campaign.

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How to Manage Files, folders, and other documents in Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is almost similar to other cloud file-management service just like Dropbox, but besides this it also lets you access your MS Office files. If you haven’t managed your OneDrive account storage, then it gets complicated for you to find a file stored in OneDrive storage.

one drive

So, here is how to manage files, folders and other documents in Microsoft OneDrive!

Syncing Files, Photos, and other documents to OneDrive

From My PC:

•    To sync Files, photos or any other document to the OneDrive, the first step you have to do is choose the files for syncing. You can also select an entire folder to sync to OneDrive.

•    Login in into the computer you’re using OneDrive.

•    Now, navigate to the files or folder that you want to sync on OneDrive.

•    Then add the files or folders to the OneDrive location.

•    Repeat the same procedure to add more files or folders to OneDrive. If you need a new folder for your documents, then you can create it.

From Settings:

You can also select files for syncing from Settings. This is the second method of selecting data for synchronizing.

To directly selecting files from settings,

•    On the system tray, click to the up arrow icon.

•    Here you’ll see the OneDrive (Cloud) icon. Right-click on it.

•    From the popup options, select Settings.

•    Confirm that ‘Accounts’ tab is opened.

•    Now, go to ‘Choose folders’ and then select files or folder.

Backing up files or folder to OneDrive

•    The above files or folders you’ve selected will be added to your OneDrive folder, so to view them, go to OneDrive folder.

•    If OneDrive folder contains all the files that you want to sync then check the box of ‘Make all files available’.

•    To sync only selected folder, tick the box ‘Make this folder visible’ for that folder only.

The selected files or folder will synchronize to your OneDrive online storage.

Managing folders of OneDrive

•    Go to OneDrive Login page.

•    Log in with your OneDrive account’s username and password. You’ll see the files and folders stored on your OneDrive on the next screen.

•    To view items of a folder just click on that folder to open it.

•    If you want to do anything with a file like Move, copy, delete, Rename, Download then just right-click on that file.

•    Drag a file or folder of your system and move it ‘OneDrive page’ to directly upload them.

•    To get accidentally deleted documents you can open Recycle bin and also recover deleted file or folder from there.

Stop Syncing

You can directly uninstall OneDrive to stop syncing files or folders of your device. However, if you’re unable to do this or you don’t want to uninstall OneDrive for any reason, then you can also disable syncing manually.

To disable syncing,

•    On the system tray, click to the up arrow icon.

•    Here you’ll see the OneDrive (Cloud) icon. Right-click on it.

•    From the popup options, select Settings.

•    Go to the ‘Settings’ tab.

•    And then select ‘Turn off’. It doesn’t matter on which platform you’re, either you’re on Windows, Mac, laptop, or mobile device. You can manage your online OneDrive account from any of them.

Lucia Mandela is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Lucia has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as


How to Create a Music Video on TikTok

TikTok is a fun media app, which has become very popular among teenagers. TikTok allows you to watch, create and share musical clips, lip-sync to songs, shoot short videos. Users can also edit their videos with its built-in special effects, filters and stickers.

If you are also interested in TikTok and want to create videos then here is how to use TikTok to create and edit music videos.

Tik tok

How to Pick Music for your TikTok Video

1.    Open ‘TikTok’ app on your device.

2.    Log into Tiktok. You need to login to create a video, if you don’t have a TikTok account then create an account.

3.    Now, hit ‘Add [+] sign button’. After login, you’ll see this button at the bottom of the TikTok homepage.

4.    Tap ‘Pick a Sound’ button with Music sign at the top of your phone screen. Doing this will open Music Library.

5.    Allow if TikTok will ask you to permit to use Camera, Microphone, etc.

6.    Tap on a song from the TikTok’s built-in music library to preview it.

7.    Tap ‘Shoot with this sound’ to select it, when you found music to shoot your video.

8.    Tap on ‘Cut song (Scissors-shaped icon)’ to choose your Music’s starting point.

9.    Scroll toward the right to select the point at which you want your music to begin.

10.    Hit ‘Checkmark’ to save.

How to record a TikTok video

1.    Point your phone camera at a subject that you want to record.

2.    Tap ‘Flip’ (circling arrows) button at the top-right corner of the screen to switch between cameras.

3.    Now, press & hold the ‘Recording’ button. It is a camera circle at the bottom of the screen. Hold the recording button as long as you want to film.

4.    Release the ‘Recording’ button when your recording is finished.

You can record a video from minimum 3 seconds to maximum 15 seconds.

To record video Hands-free:

  1. Tap on ‘Stopwatch’ icon at the right side of your screen.
  2. Choose the time when you want to stop the recording.
  3. Now, tap on ‘Start Countdown’. The countdown will start from 3 after that camera starts recording.
  4. Tap ‘Stop’ icon at the bottom to return to normal recording. You can return normal filming anytime by pressing ‘Stop’ button.

Now, you can record a TikTok video without holding your phone.

To Add effects on your Video:

  1. Click on ‘Wand-shaped’ icon to apply the “Beauty effects” to your video.
  2. Touch on the ‘Filter’ button to use a colour filter. You can swipe between them and choose the colour filter you want.
  3. Select the button at the lower-left corner of your screen to choose lenses.
  4. Use the ‘Speed’ button to control the speed of your video.

To delete or reshoot your video:

  1. Tap the ‘Cross (X) button’ at the top-left corner of the screen.
  2. Click on the ‘Reshoot’ button to rerecord a new video.
  3. Or hit, ‘Exit’ button to delete.
  4. You can also use ‘Delete’ button of the right bottom corner to erase the last recorded segment.
  5. Hit ‘Check’ button at the bottom right corner of the screen to save your video and open video editing page.
  6. Now you can edit it more as you want, share on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook and also save to your Device.

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