Check Out These Best Call of Duty Campaigns

Call of Duty has become a household name in the first person genre of shooting games. Very few people haven’t heard of this game yet, Call of Duty has rightfully revolutionised the first-person shooting experience and has given the gaming community one after another record-breaking game since its inception in the year 2003. Call of Duty is published by Activision, a video game giant in its own right with multiple “Triple-A” games under its belt. For the Call of Duty franchise, however, Activision has worked with numerous developers to give the varying range of the 16 Call of Duty games that we know today. 

Infinity Ward, Raven Software, Sledgehammer Games, and Treyarch are the developers that have accomplished the whopping task. Call of Duty, famously known as COD, has traversed through many environments where their respective stories have taken place—starting up from the World War eras to the cold war, to modern situations, to post-modern and sci-fi settings. Every story has its own accolades, but here, we will be listing out the top five campaigns that struck the perfect chord or hit pretty damn near it from the sixteen games that we know of.


Released in the year 2014, this game broke free from the design its predecessors were known for. This was the first of the series that took the post-modern and sci-fi approach for the game. The game features the player having an exoskeleton with futuristic powers and which one has to use and further develop. The approach to the game was fast-paced and was a thrilling experience for whoever played it. The storyline was a bit predictable as many complained, but nevertheless, it was a through and through an outstanding experience with a decent amount of gameplay time.

Also unlike its predecessors, Call of Duty: Advanced warfare gave the players only one playable protagonist, US Marines Private Jack Mitchell, with one terrific story. The game was dubbed as an overall success, and the game stood out for its visual and voice acting, which featured Kevin Spacey as the antagonist.


The fifth instalment in the series, Call of Duty: World at War was developed with Treyarch as the lead developers. Initially released in the year 2008, this was the franchise’s last game based on World War II up until Call of Duty: World War 2 was released almost a decade later.

The campaign narrative for the single-player playthrough was focused on two distinct fronts on two sides of the war and the world. The player in control of US Marine Private C. Miller who was fighting against the Imperial Japanese troops towards the end of the war, and on the other side, we controlled Private Dmitri Petrenko of the Soviet Union’s Red Army while closing in on Berlin in the same time period. The game portrayed historical battles accurately, along with the brutality of the war. It was a commercial success and had one of the best stories to date.


Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was the first transition into the modern era after three back to back world war time period games. Led by lead developer Infinity Ward, Modern Warfare focused on a continuous storyline packed with energy and emotion. The innovation in the gameplay mechanics was a considerable step forward from the earlier games, and this was the first time Call of Duty introduced us to everyone’s favourite recurring characters, Captain Price, Soap MacTavish, Kyle Garrick, etc.

The gameplay is spread throughout the Middle East and also into Russia in between a civil war. The all ghillied up stealth mission is one of the best in Call of Duty and first person shooter genre as a whole till date. Hans Zimmer and many notable actors contributed to the game’s soundtrack and characters. This game received acclaim worldwide for its achievements.


Treyarch outdid themselves with the seventh instalment of the Call of Duty series. Black Ops was one of the most revered games in history in the first-person shooting genre. With the game-changing interface and innovative technology, this game broke all preset barriers. This game went back to the 1960s as CIA operative Alex Mason tried his best to navigate through a sequence of events in his memory.

This game combined adventure and action with stealth and espionage with giving a really good thrilling ride with various twists and turns. This game also had Call of Duty’s signature multiple playable characters styles. Other playable characters include Jason Hudson and Viktor Reznov. Not to give off much, Black Ops went on to be one of the best selling games within the franchise and beyond.


Reserved for the top spot, is of course Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. This game was the direct successor to the Modern Warfare 1 story, further investing us in the lives of the protagonists, Soap MacTavish, Captain John Price, General Shepherd, and many others. This story is one of the best ever written, and it had it all, adventure, emotion, betrayal, aggression, everything. It was an action-packed roller coaster ride from start to finish.

The story of this campaign has its fair share of controversies as the famous controversial yet fabulously executed gameplay of the gunning down of the Russian airport, and mowing down innocent civilians as a part of a terrorist strike was a part of this. The game was an instant success and sold millions of copies worldwide. This game was such a success that it’s still relevant even after a decade in this day and age since its initial release in the year 2009. 

And there is that, the top five best campaign stories in the Call of Duty franchise. Some of these games have retained the value and have even gained more as time has passed due to its stellar storytelling and fluid game mechanics. Some campaigns had to be left behind while making this list as they were equally as good or missed by a little bit.


Top 10 Mobile Apps for Business Leaders

Leaders have to manage everything in an organization and be on top. By using the apps that are designed especially for leaders, they can stay confident and more organized. Here are some of the best mobile apps that business leaders can use.


If you are fond of becoming a great leader, you can download this app, as it will help you in becoming one. The Leadership Challenge app got inspired by the best selling book, The Leadership Challenge. In this, you will learn how to do extraordinary things that will work for the organization. The book is written by a famous author Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner. The leaders from all levels can go for this app as it will help you to grow.


Once you log in to this app, you will find it easy to use as it gives you an option to add links, create notes, checklists, and send attachments. You can monitor all your project analytics.


You can download this app for organizing all your workloads. You will have access to create lists that will allow you to share. Team collaboration is easy to do in this app.


If you are a leader, you have to be available for your team all the time. Slack will help you be available all the time. Communication and collaboration are easy to do in one place with software like Slack. Salesforce, Zendesk, Google Drive, Dropbox are some of the tools that you can integrate with Slack.

BILL.COM is a great app to lessen carbon impressions and to be on top of the costs of doing business. You can move all the payments done to the cloud as it will streamline and facilitate the procedure. To manage cash flow better and make business owners organized, all mobile banking systems and online payments are helping. This application is one of the best ones which performs digital payments. You can connect with vendors, receive payments, and can manage your bills in one place.


Mint application is free to use, and it has a feature creating a budget. You can put charts and graphs to make your budget look appealing. It can track your multiple accounts. This budgeting tool will monitor all your expenses and purchases you perform by using your card.


All leaders out there have to keep a record of their notes. In the world of technology, you will not need to jot down all your documents on paper. You can just download Notability, to keep your records digitally. You can draw sketches or make comments on PDFs. The software allows sharing the notes you create with your coworkers or even your teammates through OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and AirDrop.


Today, the most popular site for professionals is LinkedIn. However, to further expand your network, it will ask you to use the paid version. “Cityhour”got rave reviews from its followers. As in LinkedIn, you can connect with professionals within the range of 50miles through this app.


Leaders have to make a lot of presentations. SlideShark made it easy to create compelling presentations and work on it. It gives you an option to share it on various platforms like Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive. You can also broadcast created presentations online.


Leaders who are always on-the-go should keep the TripIt application on their smartphone. With this App, you can set up business trips- locally or even overseas. The software will automatically sync with Google Calendars, and Outlook.


Guide for Beginners to Use MS Excel

Microsoft Office has an Excel spreadsheet that has unlimited rows and columns, and each row and column has a name indicated by alphabets and numbers. Excel sheets are appropriate for professional work, informal workand even schoolwork. It is versatile and can be used in multiple ways. Some of the various ways to use MS Excel are listed below.


Excel makes calculation easy as you can customise the calculator as per your preferences. You can add, subtract, multiply, divide, find cube square, etc. using the calculation. These can also help you to keep track of expenses, budget, marks obtained, etc.

Handle accounts

It allows you to monitor your accounts by keeping track of your budget, finance, and lets you calculate at the same time. A lot of companies use Excel sheets to monitor their accounts department. You can also choose from in-built templates, that will make your task easier, and you can handle various sheets at the same time as well.

Chart and Graph

You can create pie charts, bar charts, bar graphs, line graphs, etc. for presentation and other purposes. It allows you to represent the data in simple terms via visuals. It is easier to understand that way. You can insert the chart and graph by clicking on the ‘Formulas’ tab and select any kind of graph or chart you want. You can adjust the size as well.

Data Analysis

Data analysis might take you a few practices to understand the numbers and the method to analyse. It’s a beneficial aspect for data management purposes. You can get the insights out of the raw data, and you can sort and update your records or data without any hassle.


You can list down all your meetings, works, timing, etc. in the sheet to ease up the scheduling process. If you have meetings with different clients on the same day or you have to prepare some of the events you have to schedule for the future, Excel would be an ideal option for tasks like that.

Task List

You can also keep a list of your tasks prepared each day to get you through it productively. It is more beneficial if you have some long-term goals that require regular management of tasks. You can enter the data regularly to keep track of your progress.


Creating surveys becomes easy. You can create options for multiple answers for the survey recipients. Excel sheet can be used for quizzes as well. Creation procedure will remain similar. You can share the quizzes and surveys around to know feedback about the company or anything that the survey triggers.


You can create all types of forms. Use can use various methods to record answers from the recipients. You can create drop-down options for them to respond from the pre-set list of responses.


You can play games on it as well by customising and creating your own sudoku puzzle. But one must be aware of the iteration concept and other mathematical figures.

Regular practice of these features of the Excel sheet will make your tasks easier in each sector.


6 Best Multi-Functional Smartphones for Business

With the faced-pace modern world, the work style is changing and so is the technology to meet the customer’s requirement. Carrying laptops and connecting dongles to it all the time is not really a practical option in this world. As a result, handsets have become an additional helper that makes work easy.

So, we dug deeper to find out the best multi-functional smartphones that are fit for the workplace. Although these smartphones can be used for casual purposes, they make an ideal choice for a workplace.


It is currently the best-rated handset as it charges fast and lasts longer with a 4,300mAh battery. It has 6.8” nearly Bezel-less Infinity display. It is powered by intelligent power and super speed processing. Its battery performs as per your usage on an average. Its storage is as similar to that of any laptop, i.e., 256GB or 512GB with a 12GB RAM that is expandable. It has a cinema-quality display, remote gesture sensors, S pen, etc. to control your device. It understands air gestures and it also enables handwriting-to-text conversations effortlessly.


This phone is an ideal choice because it is lightweight, priced and provides a bunch of features such as being processed by iOS 13 along with Apple A13 Bionic CPU. It has an excellent battery of 3,110mAh and it will last up to 24 hours. It has 6.1-inch LCD multi-touch display with IPS technology that ensures you won’t have to compromise with a good screen. It’s waterproof with IP68 rated (2m-30m). If you work till late, the night mode will reduce the stress from your eyes. It comes in various storage options and each one of them provides robust performance.


It runs on Android and is more or less similar to the iPhone 11. It has a 6.55-inch 1080p AMOLED display with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor and 12GB RAM. It is compatible with 2G GSM, 3G, 4G/LTE and 5G sim cards and networks. It has a great battery of 4,300mAh that charges within an hour.

IPHONE SE (2020)

This product is packed with great memory and storage. It has a 4.7-inch retina HD display. It may seem like a compact model but it gives great performance. It is water resistant with an IP67 rating, and is lightweight. Its home button records your fingerprint for security and it also ensures secure payments. It also works on iOS 13 and uses Apple A13 bionic processors.


It has a 6.2-inch display that is secured with Gorilla Glass 6. It has a 64MP high-resolution camera with 3x hybrid optic zoom and super resolution zoom up to 30X. It has a 400mAh battery which charges extremely fast and lasts all day. It’s 5G handset allows you to play games at the best quality. Its expandable memory allows you to never miss out on any important documents.


This handset works on Android 10.0. It has an infinite-O 6.9-inch display protected with Gorilla Glass 6. It has a 108MP high resolution camera, 10x hybrid optic zoom and super resolution zoom up to 100x. It supports 2G GSM, 3G, 4G/LTE and 5G SIM cards and networks. It has dual sim slots. It can capture 8K videos. It also has a 5000mAh battery for great performance and lasts all day long.


Everything You Need To Know About Zero-Based Budgeting

Creating a budget is far more than listing the expected expenditures on a sheet of paper. Budget makers lose all of their confidence when they spend hours with their calculators and still don’t get a green signal for their budgets. After days of fidgeting, they use the previous year’s data and percentages to create a new estimate for the time ahead. This is the usual approach that involves dependency on past records. The approval, though, depends on two factors. One, on how effectively the inferences are drawn from previous readings. Second, on how accurate are the proposed forecasts.

Past records can be useful to create a blueprint of the upcoming budget. This becomes helpful when marketers need to implement the same ideas further, and the costs are nearly stagnant. However, with markets changing as rapidly as weather forecasts, there is a need to peep into the details of this approach. The economy is like running water, and it presents changes every now and then. No new year is similar to the last, and price ranges aren’t predictable. New policies and practices cannot be constructed using previous budget records.

Moreover, for a budding entrepreneur who wants to kickstart a venture from scratch, there is undoubtedly no past experience or record he can implement in the new budget for that venture. That’s where Zero-budgeting steps in. Zero marketing involves starting the budget creation from scratch; using no past budget estimates. It is an approach used by marketers, either willingly or due to lack of choice.

Read on and dig deep into the concept.

Zero- Based- Budgeting (ZBB)- The Concept And Uses

Zero budgeting or zero-based budgeting refers to the creation of a fresh budget, in which the calculation starts from a zero-base. It is not estimated based upon past budgets. As new business strategies are getting unveiled, marketers are shifting towards the ZBB approach. Why? Because it lets them save up to 10 to 25 per cent.

Traditional Budgeting VS The ZBB

 The traditional budgeting requires using past records to formulate new estimates. In this type of budgeting, one adds on previous year’s allotments and allocations to the new budget. More often than not, the method leads to a 2% increase. Next, the new expenditures are analyzed, and estimates are created. This strategy often leads to a rise in the overall expense.

However, the benefits include less time spent, and a simplified budget creating process.


Zero-based budgeting involves one, to begin with, a zero base. The process requires it to justify all spending listed in the budget.

Thus, one examines both prior and new spending and creates a budget for what is needed. The objective of zero-based-budgeting must be to decrease cost while simultaneously avoiding inhibiting growth.

Successful instances of zero-based-budgeting are manifested in the benefits companies like Unilever has enjoyed. The company, after switching to the ZBB approach, stopped wasting their capital in areas that are no longer useful to them. They have now decreased the cost of advertising production while raising capital investments in profitable media channels. They used a “trial and error” approach to begin with. In some countries, the brands have seen a 2% decrease in their share of sales. They say that zero-based budgeting is their strategy to keep their focus, resources, and budgets to present opportunities and threats in the market. 

Several reports have been presented in support of both traditional budgeting and ZBB. A study by McKinsey suggests that the ZBB allows for rapid reallocation. Businesses that invest funds through ZBB outperformed the market.


Test Your Website Speed With These Top 10 Tools

Some secrets separate budding developers from experienced ones. These tiny yet important secrets or factors define the destiny of their websites. One such important factor is the loading speed of the website. Believe it or not, the website loading speed affects the amount of traffic the website is getting. Users can be unpredictable and impatient at times. Whenever you promise “ease” to your website users, you must ensure that your website loads immediately after the first clicks. If your website loads slowly every time, it may lose users’ interest, no matter how fancy your website and services may look.

Another secret is that search engines are entitled to rank the websites based on certain factors. The average website loading time is one such factor. If your website gets a low rank, then its name will automatically drop in the search engine result pages. This is something that scares most website developers and managers. You see, with superb gifts of technology, nothing is that gloomy. The following are some tools that might help you test your website load speed in no time. Using these, you can correct your speed within time and gain popularity among your users.

  • Uptrends

It provides you with several features if you want all the necessary metrics regarding your website speed. It manages to provide you with data on the time occupied in the load, and load requests. Uptrends is famous for two reasons, one, because it is available globally. Second, because it provides guidance on what you can do to improve your website load speed.

  • Google PageSpeed Insights

Google never lacks solutions. The tool has a different method of gathering data. It makes use of the lab data that’s created by Lighthouse for the purpose of testing the speediness of websites. It gives the sites a score out of 100. Clearly, if your site manages to get a score between 90-100, you don’t need to worry. The score between 50- 89 is a moderate score. However, you must not relax if your website score is between 0-49.

  • KeyCDN

KeyCDN values teamwork and enables you to share the speed data via a link to your partners. Color-coded parts feature some essential elements. It also presents HTTP codes to display status.

  • WebPagetest

WebPagetest is one of the most globally- accessible tools for speed testing. Moreover, it helps those with a forum who are stuck with the ways to improve. Waterfall charts enable an easy to read data, that adds on to its uniqueness. It goes well with many different browsers, like IE browsers and Chrome. Voila!

  • SpeedCurve

What makes it a favorable choice is the fact that it focuses on minor details. To present it in simpler terms, SpeedCurve not only analyses the load speed of the overall website but also evaluates the speed of all its pages. Using this tool is beneficial as you will be able to test your website on various parameters, including cart size, conversion rates, etc.

  • Dotcom-Tools

Dotcom Tool is broad in its geographical approach. You can test the load-speed of the websites sitting on any continent of the world. Its compatibility with browsers like IE, Firefox, and Chrome makes it an excellent choice for all types of users.

  • DareBoost

The tool is a multi-tasker. It checks the load speed and keeps an eye on security, quality, SEO, and other vital data. Get to know whether your website is prone to click-jackings with this tool.

  • Geek Flare

Geek Flare is a simple-to-use tool that enables you to monitor your website speed with both mobile and desktop devices. Also, you can use this tool at various locations of the globe. It provides metrics like page size, load requests, and TTFB.

  • GTMetrix

This one makes use of Google Page Speed and Yahoo for speed testing of websites. It also shares the points where improvements need to take place. GTMetrix, too, presents the data in a waterfall chart format.

 . Pingdom

Pingdom is an excellent choice among all the website speed testers. It not only provides the essential data, but it also highlights the rooms for improvement. The tester rates the speed score in a 0-100 range. Ratings give a clear idea of where your website stands. This way, all things become easy and merry!


Increase Your Website Traffic With Google AdWords

Website creation is not an easy task. You need to select the best colors, create alluring pages, and deliver the perfect message that matches with your service. It is heartbreaking to see your website not getting enough eyeballs, even after putting in so much effort. If you are facing such a problem with your site too, then Google AdWords is here to increase your Website Traffic.


– Learn To Measure Your Returns

It is essential to make use of some tools to track your ad performance. Why? Simply because you are putting in a lot of money.

Keep an eye on impressions, clicks and conversions, and traffic. You can do this with the help of Google Adwords.

– Your Target Market Matters

It is a widely known phrase that you shouldn’t keep all the mangoes in one basket. Yes, not all of your ads are perfect for all people. Are you selecting the ads for certain people? Use targeting options. Choose the best ads for your target audience. Divide the ads if your audience is spread throughout the country. Your ads should connect with the mindset of your target group.

– Take Help From A Google Marketing Agency

It becomes difficult to use the AdWord metrics at times. In such cases, there is nothing bad about seeking help. An agency will help you with the metrics and will guide you the best. This way, you won’t make any mistakes with your Ads in the future.


  • Revamp Your Website

Maybe, your website needs some polishing. It is crucial to make some changes to the website in order to pull up the traffic. Focus on the following points:

– The Loading Time

The loading time of your website shouldn’t irritate your viewers. If this happened, they would surely leave your site. Nobody likes to wait these days. If your website values time, it will get the desired traffic.

– Navigation Matters

Accept it; every easy-to-navigate website is a favorite choice of viewers.

  • Long Keywords Might Help

Make sure that you use longer keywords. Why? Because short tail keywords won’t let your websites take you to top rankings. Long-tail keywords have low monthly search volumes. However, the customers who know what they want search for these terms frequently.

  • Pull Up Your Budget

It is very obvious that you will definitely see better results if you increase the budget for your ads. It simply attracts more clicks. Once you improve your budget, you allow Google to display more ads. Clearly, this will lead you to get more traffic.

  • Write Alluring Ad Copies

A good message never fails to attract the right people towards it. Whether it is a speech, or simply and Ad, the use of the right words always makes a mark on the people. Your ad should be so alluring that it compels the viewers to click on it immediately. Follow the tips given below:

– Highlight Properly

Yes, some essential details must be appropriately highlighted in your ads. These details include all the facts that make the product/ service different from others.

– Make Use Of Keywords

That’s the most obvious strategy. Once you make use of the appropriate keywords, it automatically attracts more traffic.

– CTAs Are Important

The perfect call to action is essential to make your audience take the necessary action. Smart CTAs guide the audience for what needs to be done. Sometimes. Simple and crispy CTAs like “Buy Now” or “Get Started” can do wonders for you. Make sure you research a lot before using the perfect CTA for your Ad.

– Attract Using Promotional Offers

Make promotions to the best way to reach out to more people. Highlight the promotional offers and make them as tempting as possible.

  • Use Google Ads Smart Bidding

Optimize your ad settings and attract the right traffic. This is a unique strategy that is commonly used these days. It makes sure that you don’t require to rest various metrics manually. Instead, it will use past records for your future campaigns

Final Words

Google Ads is a smart way to make a website stand out. Online advertising is the newest way to attract traffic on your website, thereby turning prospective customers into real customers. When people enjoy the website time and the ads, they get more inclined towards the products and services offered. You will see your business reaching to new heights in no time with this effective strategy. Get more people visiting your sites and then your stores with Google Ads.


8 Best Internet Service Providers in the United States

There are a vast number of ISPs that are currently running their services in the United States. These ISPs are offering services through Cable Internet, Fiber-Optics, Mobile Broadband, and through a Digital Subscriber Line. The choice depends totally on the users, which means they want to opt for the service. The connection speed of downloading, uploading, and surfing depends on the service providers. Users may opt for any plan which will likely meet their requirements.

While a user is searching for the right Internet Service Provider, he may get puzzled by the plans and packages of the various ISPs. It may become a pretty tough task for him to choose from a variety of options available in the market. Sometimes, choosing the right Internet Service Provider is easy, but it can be complicated at times. Searching for a suitable ISP may take a reasonable amount of time. It can also be stressful at times, especially if you have already compared a vast number of ISPs and are still confused as to which one to opt.

So, here we have decided to make it a bit easy task for you if you are searching for an Internet Service Provider for you or your company. Below we have mentioned a list of best Internet Service Providers, which are leading the market. You can check them and make your choice accordingly.

  • Xfinity

It is one of the best and most widespread Internet Service Providers. Nearly over 110 million users are using this service in 41 states, which makes it the largest cable broadband in the United Stated in terms of area coverage. This service provider has an internet speed ranging from 15 Mbps to 2 Gbps. It is currently offering a budget-friendly plan of 200Mbps for $39.99. If you opt for their services, the company gives you an additional subscription to Xfinity Mobile service. With Verizon’s help, this service lets users have several benefits like unlimited talking, texting, and data at only $45 for a month. You can also opt for their limited monthly data plans.

  • AT&T Internet

It is one of the earliest companies to settle in the US. Being among the oldest US telecom companies, it offers Digital Subscriber Line, Fiber Optics, Fixed Wireless Internet services. It has three packages that provide a speed of 100 Mbps, 300 Mbps, & 1 Gbps. The company has named its three packages: Internet 100, Internet 300 & Internet 1000 and you already know about the indication of these packages. AT&T also offers various other plans with lesser speeds. You may select from their other packages if you want to spend a bit less on internet service.

  • Charter Spectrum

It is one of the largest cable operators in the United States. It offers Cable Broadband and Fiber Broadband services with only a single plan, which has a per month cost of $49.99. Alongside, if you want to increase the speed of this monthly package, to 300 Mbps, you will have to pay an additional amount of $20, and if you want to increase the speed to up to 940 Mbps, then you will have to pay an additional amount of $60. Like the Xfinity Mobile subscription in the Xfinity package, in Charter Spectrum, you get Spectrum Mobile, where you get an unlimited monthly plan at the price of $45. The Charter Spectrum uses Verizon towers for providing you Spectrum Mobile facility. Along with the Internet facility, it also offers a free modem and an antivirus to keep your connection safe.

  • Verizon Fios

It is one of the earliest companies in the US that offered Fiber Internet at doorsteps. As the name suggests, Fios is a short term for Fiber Optic Service. The company offers three plans like AT&T Internet, but with different pricing. The cost of the plans is $39.99, which includes up to 200 Mbps, $59.99, which includes 400 Mbps, and $79.99, which includes up to 940 Mbps speed. With reasonable pricing, the company is also known for its customer service and satisfaction. It also provides a free Disney Plus subscription for a year that users get when he opts for any of the plans.

  • Century Link

This Internet Service Provider provides Fiber Internet in addition to the Digital Subscriber Line. The plans which this provider is offering are having the pricing of $49 for a month with a speed of 100 Mbps and $65 for a month with a speed of up to 940 Mbps.

  • Frontier Communications

It is one of the most considerable Copper Internet, DSL and Fiber Internet service providers in the United States. It has the most significant presence over the West Coast, covering the regions which are having only a few good Internet Service Providers. The service is mainly said to be suitable for rural areas where there are only a few service providers. However, it does have Fiber Optic Service for customers in major cities too. It offers a speed range of 6 Mbps to a maximum of 45 Mbps. It has a price range of $27.99, which is for 6 Mbps to $44.99 per month for the speed of 45 Mbps.

  • Cox Internet

This Internet Service is available in 18 states. Cox Internet provides various plans, especially a wide variety from which you can choose one. Cox Internet provides Fiber Optic Service along with Cable Broadband. There is a cost between $19.99 for the speed of 10 Mbps and $99.99 for the rate of 1 Gbps. You can get several other plans between this range.

  • Viasat

As the name suggests, the service provided will be with the help of satellites. It is a Satellite Internet Provider that features a speed of up to 100 Mbps with which you will hardly face any issue regarding the connection, as the service is provided through satellites. Here you may find the prices a bit high compared to all the other ISPs. The plan has a pricing of $150 for three months in the starting, and after that, you will have to pay $200 per month from the 4th month. You will get a speed of 100 Mbps. Along with this, the company also provides free data 3 at night to 6 in the morning.  The data you will use in between that time will not be counted as a part of your subscription. Instead, it is a free data facility that you can use if you work late at night.


Shorten Your URL With The 10 Best Free Shortener

The tech world is filled with bells and whistles. Homo sapiens use countless of these and have named them with unique terms. Years ago, these terms were used by only the techy-minded people. However, at the time of writing, both tech savvies and laymen have added these terms in their daily vocabulary. One such term people deal with these days is a URL. While all use a URL, not many know its expanded terms and meaning. A URL is an abbreviation of Uniform Resource Locator. As the name suggests, it is used to mention addresses on the WWW. Simply defined, it is an address used to find web resources. A URL must not be confused with a domain.

So, the question is, what’s the problem with long URLs? Well, it is not always easy to copy and paste long URLs whenever the need arises. Also, user experience too is an essential factor here. Additionally, long URLs do not drive credibility, and the target audience may refrain from accessing it. All these factors sum up to the desire for short and crisp URLs that appear understandable. Is it possible to trim the URLs? Yes.

  • Tiny.CC

Short URLs are the supreme need of a website designer, as the shorter the link, the better it stands on result pages of Search Engines. Now, Tiny.CC has a simplistic procedure to offer. You get to see a text box on the shortener. Enter your long URL and tap on Shorten and Boom; you can now access a trimmed URL for your site. Precautions must be taken care of before entering the URL. Why? Because once you get the trimmed one in hand, you won’t be able to make changes in the link.

  • Yourls

This one comes with a condition. You first need to install it on the server to access it. However, the ease it provides is worth it. It comes with a unique tool called Bookmarklets. This is used to trim the URLs short. Yourls also gives you the liberty to generate random, public, or even private URLs. Huzzah!

  • IS.GD

The IS.GD guarantees both ease and quickness to its users. It comes with a simple method of presenting a new shortened URL to you. You won’t find any difficulty in understanding what to do. Just enter your URL and tap on the Shorten button. IS.GD will do the rest for you. You can also preview your webpage to avoid any fuss later.

  • TinyURL

If you are looking for a trustworthy shortener, then this one would work best. Since its inception in 2002, the URL shortener has shortened innumerous URLs. The main page of the site gives you a clear idea of how to go about it. The fact that you can’t check your link’s performance is its only loophole.

  • Polr

If you are a beginner and lack technical know-how, then Polr should be your first choice. A demo page guides you more about the tool, and once confident; you can use it for your personal or professional uses.


Another one with an exciting name. Apart from link shortening, understands the importance of tracking link performances, and thus, it allows you to do so. It is a fit choice for all those with smart firms.

  • Rebrandly

Create branded links that are short and crisp. This one, too, aids you with the tracking of link performances. The ability to trim the links and track their performance makes it a preferable choice for many young and old entrepreneurs.

  • T2M

For the once who are always up to gather the extra points of data, here comes a treat. T2M enables one to trim URLs, generate Quick Response codes, check the link’s performance based on geographical location, platform, and device. All in one, it will give you a clear picture of where your link stands.

  • Bitly

Often used by businessmen, this one fulfills all the expectations. It trims your links and provides all the information you need after it completes tracking your link’s performance.

 . RL Shortener By Zapier

Zapier’s automated feature makes life a lot easier for everyone who is in a hurry. While posting content on the go, you can automatically get a trimmed and more accessible version of your long URL.


7 Best Alternatives to Outlook in 2020

Microsoft Corporation developed a favourite email client that is known as Outlook. However, it has some limitations. You can look for the best alternatives to make your work easy.



For secure processing, this software automatically categorizes emails for you. It gives an option to sleep and pins your emails, and it gives an option to create mail together by inviting your teammates.


  • By using a language search, you can quickly find your emails.
  • You can comment on emails.
  • It helps you to personalize widget, sidebar and swipes.
  • Email reminders are available in this software.


It is capable of managing an unlimited number of mail accounts which enables you to personalize multiple email accounts. Group Emailing and Smart push notification are allowed in Bluemail.


  • Counting unread emails is easy in Bluemail.
  • Switching from one theme to another is easy.
  • It supports tablets, Android and iOS phones.
  • You can view calendar plan events.


One of the best alternatives to Outlook has advanced customization options. Wizard for setting accounts is easy in Thunderbird. Mozilla Thunderbird allows you to personalize your emails the way you want.


  • It also checks for updates randomly.
  • It will manage multiple email accounts by combining your inbox. archive, or your sent folder.
  • It gives an option to filter your emails by new messages, people and tags.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird has a feature to share large links in your email.


Zimbra Desktop is a smart mailbox which lets you find your emails quickly. It can be used to view the inbox conversation. You can compose multiple emails at the same time. It also allows you to share the message folder to collaborate with others.


You can attach images in your email.

Emails can be dragged and dropped into a specific folder.

It can undo send and restore email as well as scheduled delivery.

It gives an option to recover your removed emails from the trash for up to 30 days.


Inky is the safest email client. To keep all your personal information safe it offers end-to-end encryption to all your email. Inky allows you to sign digitally on emails. Both IMAP and POP accounts are compatible to use with Inky. You can easily sort your emails and files in separate folders.


  • It supports Operating Systems like Mac platform, Windows and Linux.
  • It has good sorting capabilities which make your work easier.
  • It has advanced security features.
  • It Supports POP and IMAP accounts for easy onboarding.


The easy and simple user interface makes it the best tool to use. It manages your calendar, tasks, contacts and emails. eM Clients are compatible to use with Mac and Windows.


  • It has pretty good privacy encryption.
  • It can take the backup of your emails.
  • The contacts are automatically downloaded from the web.
  • You can flip, change rotate and resize your images.


Mailbird can be worked with Gmail. You can manage all your emails and contacts from one account. The layouts can be customised by using this app.


  • You can sleep a particular message.
  • Multi-languages are supported in this app.
  • There are many shortcuts available to compose, reply and forward emails.
  • You can add your customized sound through this app.


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