Top 5 Android Battery Apps Available in 2019

For the best smartphone experience, long battery life is essential. It is very frustrating to charge the phone from time to time. Even if your phone comes packed with the best features, it is of no use if the battery life is less. Because of this, most of the smartphone manufacturers give primary importance to battery life nowadays. However, there are a lot of battery apps for Android devices available in the app stores to enhance the battery life as well. If you can’t afford a new phone for now and the battery of your phone is troubling you, these apps are a must-have.

1. Battery Doctor

If you wish to increase the battery life of your Android device, the Battery Doctor is an essential app for you. It is a free app, which packs a lot of great features. You can quickly check the charge status of your phone’s battery as well as the apps and processes that consume the most battery. Various modes are being offered with this app, such as classic mode, advanced mode, sleep mode, and my mode. Go to the Google Play Store app on your Android to download this outstanding battery app.

2. Battery Saver 2019

Another excellent app that provides ideal battery-saving features and settings is Battery Saver 2019. From battery life to expected running time and more, it includes information about your phone’s battery ideally. When it comes to different modes, it has a power saving mode, sleep mode, and a custom mode. The custom mode lets users configure things accordingly while the sleep mode can deactivate radios. Its power-saving mode can be scheduled, for sleep or work or anything else, as well.

3. dfndr battery

Get to know about your battery’s health quickly with the use of dfndr battery app for Android. It is an ideal app for monitoring and saving battery. It even showcases the temperature of your phone’s battery, along with other useful information such as battery capacity, charge status, and more. If the battery temperature, you can tap the dedicated “COOL DOWN” button for betterment. Other than this, it features background task killer, a screen-saving option that can reduce brightness for saving power, and more.

4. Kaspersky Battery Life

Kaspersky is known for its useful mobile utilities. Its Battery Life is another handy tool for using on Android devices. It can both monitor the battery ideally as well as extend the life of your phone’s battery by killing apps from time to time. This app showcases the current battery status along with estimated battery life and more. You can either get the APK of this battery app or download it from the Google Play Store.

5. Power Battery

Power Battery comes as an all-in-one app that can fast-charge, monitor, and save battery easily. Managing the battery of your Android phone will be comfortable with the use of this app. You can quickly check the detailed information of your phone’s battery, including the consumption reports, history, log, and status. According to the available information, you can improve battery life accordingly.

So, these are the best few battery apps for Android devices. AccuBattery, Avast Battery Saver, GSam Battery Monitor, etc. are a few notable names that you can try if you are not satisfied with these apps. Most of these apps are available on Google Play Store for you!

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5 Best Android Swimming Apps Available in 2019

For swimming enthusiasts, summertime is one of the best times of the year. Both beginners and experienced swimmers enjoy swimming in summers. If you are getting started with swimming, there are various apps available in the market that will help you learn to swim quickly and have fun at the same time. The best apps, in that case, are mentioned over here for you. Have a look at them and improve your swimming skills ideally.

1. Swim Coach

Keep the swimming workout information noted in your device with the use of the Swim Coach app. It comes with personalizing swimming training lessons that you access whenever you want. After installing the Swim Coach app on your phone, you get to see four training options that include breathing, endurance, and technique. You can choose the ideal one accordingly. Even you get direct links of instruction on YouTube in this swimming app.

2. Swimming Step by Step

If you need helpful swimming tips from time to time, install the Swimming Step by Step app on your phone instantly. You will learn how to perform different swimming styles in detail and a lot of detailed information related to swimming. For better understanding, an ideal combination of photos and videos are offered in this app. You can quickly get better with breathing, floating, and more with this excellent app. Swimming Step by Step can be downloaded easily from the Google Play store app on your Android device.

3. Swimming Stopwatch

Keeping track of your swimming speed is possible with the Swimming Stopwatch app. It is an essential tool for the ones trying to enhance their swimming speed.  You can easily mark both lap and total times through this app. Also, you can easily keep track of the pace as well as the covered distance. You must download this app from the play store to get better at swimming.

4. Swimming Pool Champ

Swimming Pool Champ is one of the best swimming-based games. It lets you compete in different swimming tournaments and have fun. Visit the bottom right corner of the screen and tap over there to choose the ideal swimming pace. Even you get the option to change stances in this swimming game. It is not that hard to win in this game, though.

5. Flip Diving

Flip Diving uses ragdoll physics and comes as a fun cliff diving game. You can download this fun game directly from the play store app on your phone. This app lets players cliff dive from different places such as castles, high cliffs, trees, and more. Also, you can jump as different characters such as a bodybuilder, businessman, or a man wearing a penguin costume. If you consider the total jump platforms in this app, there are 50 of them overall.

All in all, these are the best swimming-related app that you can use on your Android platform. They will help you with swimming and let you have a good time. If you are a swimming fan, you need to try all these apps on your Android device. They can be downloaded on any Android device easily. Go to the Google Play Store app now for downloading each of them!

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5 Best Shotgun Microphone for Filmmaking in 2019

Shotgun microphones are essential to capture the best audio. You can use them with your mirrorless or DSLR camera easily and get the ideal sound for videos.  If you wish to know about the best shotgun cameras available in the market, the best options are listed below over here. Have a look.

These are the best shotgun microphones for buying:

1. Rode VideoMic Pro

Rode VideoMic Pro comes as one of the best cameras that is made especially for camcorders and DSLR cameras. It comes with ½” condenser capsule as well as 3.5mm minijack connector to provide the best sound. Its supercardioid polar pattern helps you record the focused subject correctly. The frequency response is 40 Hz – 20 kHz, while the maximum sound level is 134 dB. When it comes to weight, it weighs only 3 oz and allows you to carry it around with ease.

2. Shure VP83F

Shure VP83F is also an excellent shotgun microphone for recording. It has clear and precise audio recording capabilities and super-cardioid and lobar patterns. Its frequency response is mentioned 50 Hz – 20 kHz, and the maximum sound level is 129 dB. The outstanding, metallic design of this shotgun mic adds more value to it. Even you get advanced controls with the Shure VP83F. If you are concerned about its weight, it weighs 7.6 oz only.

3. Sennheiser MKE 600

Sennheiser is famous for its headphones already. The company provides best-in-class microphones such as Sennheiser MKE 600 as well. Its compact and portable design will allow buyers to carry it wherever they go with ease. You can record outside without worrying about the background noise. If you own a DSLR, this mic can be easily mounted on a DSLR with the use of a camera show and a shock mount. It comes without battery though and weighs 4.5 oz.

4. Sennheiser MKH-416

Sennheiser MKH-416 features RF condenser design and humidity-resistance. You can ideally focus on particular audio without worrying about the surround sound. If you need a mic for harsh conditions, this one is one of the best options for you. It requires 48V phantom power to run smoothly. The frequency response is 40 – 20,000 Hz and 130 dB is the highest sound level.

5. RODE VideoMic Pro+

RODE VideoMic Pro+ is the better version of the VideoMic Pro. It also works perfectly with camcorders and DSLR cameras but displays much better design. Its advanced features consist of digital switching, which decreases editing and post-production work. Even it automatically turns off after you disconnect it with your camera. To quickly replace the battery, it offers built-in battery door.

Overall, these are the best shotgun microphone for filmmaking for now!

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5 Best Tools for Optimizing Instagram Bio Link

Instagram is not only ideal for showcasing your photos from your recent trip or regular life. Even it is also beneficial for those who want to promote their business or products. The bio section in your Instagram profile is an ideal place to highlight relevant links. You can only add one link in the bio section though, but if you optimize your profile thoroughly, you can easily get benefitted. Read till the end to know how you can make the most out of the bio link section of Instagram.

Why does Instagram bio link need to be optimized?

You might or might not know that Instagram’s Bio section allows you to add only one link and doesn’t let you add links with each post. Because of this, a lot of Instagram users put “link in bio” in the captions of their Instagram posts. If you wish to promote your products or services, you will have to follow a different approach on Instagram. The process is not the same as Facebook and Twitter, where you can include links with every post. Instead, you need to post on Instagram differently. The viewers must check the “link in bio” section of your Instagram profile and click the link given over there.

However, there are various tools available in the market for optimizing Instagram bio link. If you are getting started with using the links on Instagram or already aware of it, these tools will be helpful for you for sure. You can easily divert your visitors to more than one web pages with the use of these excellent tools. Let’s check out the best Instagram bio link tools available currently.

1. Shorby

Shorby is one of the best tools for customizing your Instagram bio link. It is an ideal two-in-one tool that comes with a lot of great features. Its first tool lets you easily retarget others with your custom links and the second one allows you to showcase different links on one page. Other than this, each page of Shorby has a colored background to add more charm to it. You can even add various social media account links with ease.

2. Lnk.Bio

If you need a simple tool for Instagram bio link, the Lnk.Bio tool is the perfect solution for you. It allows you to showcase multiple links through a particular link and even track the links later on. You get the option to create a specific page and add as many links as you want. In the end, you will see a simple page that will feature your display picture, Instagram handle, and all the essential links.

3. ShortStack

ShortStack is not a particular bio link tool but being offered as an overall Instagram marketing tool. It is an ideal landing page builder that is destined to help marketers in marketing campaigns. There are more than 60 templates, email marketing features, and more that ShortStack offers. Managing marketing campaigns and targeting all your Instagram followers will be very easy with the use of this outstanding tool.

4. Linktree

Linktree is another excellent Instagram bio link tool, which is a direct competition for Shorby. Its free version allows users to create unlimited links, select ideal themes from the available options, and check the click count. Though, the logo of the Linktree will always be there with the free version. To remove the logo, you will have to choose the paid version of Linktree. The drawback of Linktress is that it doesn’t provide dedicated contact and social media buttons.

5. by Later

If you need an advanced Instagram bio link tool, you need to choose the tool by Later. You can recreate your Instagram account on the particular landing page and manage it accordingly. Unlike others, it can only include a single link to your page. But you can assign other links to the post with ease. Whenever someone clicks the link in your bio, they will see a recreated Instagram feed with mentioned links in the posts.

All these Instagram bio link tools are different from each other and ideal for use. Pick the best one for you and optimize your Instagram bio link ideally!

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How to Troubleshoot “No Operating System Found” Error Code 1962?

If your computer system creates a problem in booting, don’t worry this is a ordinary issue in Windows 10 OS despite some other device models. Though, there is some frequent glitches that is associated with only Lenovo computers that is error code 1962. This error signifies that “No Operating System Found” which creates irritation among various Lenovo users. Usually, Windows 10 error code 1962 ‘No Operating System Found’ encounters by the Lenovo users at the time of boot, immediately after restarting the computer system. Recently, many Lenovo users have reported the error code 1962 and want to install as soon as possible.

Nevertheless, this type of rumors is somehow conflicting. If in case, Windows 10 1962 “No Operating System Found’ displayed after the installation of Windows 10 or its latest updates, but somewhat it is probably to be a twist of fate. When you ensure that the update or installation of Windows 10 is a reason behind the error, then we suggest you run the Windows analytics at boot or need to do a clean installation of that software. Mostly, the issue arises from either the damaged HDD or SATA cable which is directly attached to the good functioning motherboard and HDD. Therefore, to troubleshoot the error code 1962 ‘, No Operating System Found” you should need to follow some troubleshooting steps which helps you in resolving the error code 1962 without creating any hurdle. The steps are discussed below.

Steps to Troubleshoot “No Operating System Found” Error Code 1962?

Before proceeding further, remember that to avoid trouble you need to follow the steps in the sequence as mentioned below. Otherwise, the process is more difficult to follow and much time-consuming. Here how to fix it:

 Solution-1: Type Computer’s BIOS

  1. Long press Ctrl + Alt + Del tabs altogether.
  2. After that, reboot your computer system.
  3. In order to Change to BIOS, click on the F12 many times.
  4. Now, a ‘Setup written box’ appears on the screen, click on the ‘Enter’ key.
  5. Then, choose ‘Startup button located at the header of the screen and choose CSM option.
  6. Choose and press the ‘Now choose the Turned On option’ tab.
  7. Search for the ‘Boot Priority’ tab and tap on ‘Enter’ key.
  8. Afterward, you need to modify the ‘Legacy First to the UEFI First’ tab.
  9. Once modified, tap the F10 key on the keyboard and choose ‘Yes’ tab.
  10. When completed, your computer system starts rebooting without the Windows 10 error code 1962 ‘No Operating System Found.’

Solution-2: Modify Boot Options

  1. Firstly, long press the ‘Shift’ button on the keyboard and tap on the ‘Shut Down’ tab located at the boot menu of the screen at once.
  2. Long click on the F2 tab and press the ‘Power’ tab. Do Not free the F2 tab till the BIOS screen emerges on the system screen.
  3. When the BIOS launches on the screen, now easily free the F2 button and navigate to the Boot section.
  4. In case, if you unable to boot into the Windows, you need to follow 1-3 instructions from the earlier solution.
  5. Click to launch the ‘Boot ‘ section.
  6. Now, you need to verify the Priority list, if boot drive is not yet scheduled at the top of the screen.
  7. Here you need to shift the boot drive instead of the Windows Boot Manager, DVD Rom or USB HDD.
  8. Click on the ‘Save’ tab to save all the changes and exit all the BIOS option.
  9. Once completed, restart your computer system to save all the changes.

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How to Sign Up for iTunes Account?

If you have an Apple ID, then you can download stuff from iTunes. Needless to say, you need an Apple ID to create an iTunes account. In this blog, we will go through the instructions for setting up an iTunes account. Follow the steps given below and create an iTunes account.

Using a PC

Here is the process of creating an iTunes account on the computer. Follow the instructions carefully.

•    First, you will have to go to the iTunes application.

•    After that, click on the Store menu and select “Create Apple ID.”

•    After agreeing to all the terms and conditions, you will fill your details like email ID, password, date of birth, and security question.

•    Then enter your payment details.

•    Thereafter Apple will send you a verification email to your ID, and it will have a “Verify Link.”

•    Go to your account and click on the verify link then it will activate your account.

On iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

Here is the process of creating iTunes account on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Follow the instructions carefully.

•    First, you will have to go to your iPhone’s Settings.

•    After that, make sure that you are logged out.

•    Then hit the “Create New Apple ID.”

•    Now, Choose your country.

•    Thereafter you have to fill your information in the form like your email ID and password, security questions, and date of birth.

•    After that, you should input your payment details.

•     Now, you will get a verification email from Apple, and it will have a verify link option, you can tap on this link then your account will activate.

 Sign Up Apple ID Without a Credit Card

Here is the process of creating an Apple ID without a Credit Card. Follow the instructions carefully.

•    First, you will have to go to your App Store in your device.

•    After that, locate the free application.

•    Then install the application and when the prompt comes, then login with your Apple ID.

•    Now, select ” Create Apple ID.”

•    After agreeing to all the terms and conditions, you can fill the form.

•    It includes your details like email IDs and passwords and first and last name etc.

•    Choose ” None”  as your payment choice.

•    Complete the account sign up process.

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6 Best Weather Apps For Pilots in 2019

Musical instruments apps are available in the app stores. Most of them do not contain enough features to offer to users. Here I recommend top six musical instrument apps with real instrumental feel, sound quality features, and with multiple other features.

1. Yousician

Yousician is an all-in-one app with multiple musical instrument features. The app is fast, as well as a fun way of learning and playing a new musical instrument. With Yousician, one can master the art of playing some of the major instruments like Guitar, Piano, Bass, Ukulele, singing, and vocals. In Yousician, a user can enjoy thousands of songs on their real instrument. The app is like your all-time tutor who listens to you sing and corrects you by giving feedback on your singing.

2. Ultimate Guitar

Ultimate Guitar app is available in both iOS and Android.  A number of guitar, bass and ukulele chords, tabs and lyrics of more than 80,0000 are available in the app. Ultimate Guitar enables users to search for any song by rating, tuning, type, and difficulty. Mastering the guitar techniques with tips available by professional guitarists helps users in numerous ways in learning the art of playing the Guitar.

3. Metronome Beats

Metronome Beats app is designed by musicians to improve the speed training of learner musicians. Metronome has been used worldwide for solo as well as group music practice, teaching newcomers and live concerts. Metronome is designed with great ease of use in mind for easily increasing and decreasing the tempo in small increments with a single touch of the screen. A user can create their own custom beats and customize settings according to their preferences in the app.

4. Perfect Piano

If you are curious in learning of your favorite tunes in Piano, the app is designed for you. It is an intelligent piano stimulator with genuine piano timbre. The app easies the process of playing the Piano with step by step guidance to users available in the app. The perfect Piano app comes with single-row mode, Double-row mode, chords mode, and Dual players. It has multi-touch screen support and keyboard with adjustments, which very much ease the chaos of users in learning.

5. iBone

iBone is the best award winner app available for iOS users. iBone is a tool for trombonists. It features touch and blows to make a sound, sliding fingers to chance pitch and raise and lower the bell to change the volume.

6. Bongos App

Bongos is an ultimate app for your iPhone and iPad. It professionally records and masters sounds depending on where you hit the bongos sounds varies. The app features more than 18 high-quality bongo samples, more percussion cowbell, and sticks. It also has professionally recorded and mastered sounds which helps the users in creating a new beat on bongos. The app is also optimized for iPhone and iPad speakers, headphones, and external speakers.

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6 Best Weather Apps For Pilots in 2019

Checking weather conditions before the departure of a flight has always been considered very important to pilots. Updates of the weather forecast on our smartphones are very much easier to get with a single touch on the screen.  Thousands of weather apps are available on Google Play and Apple Store, but one need not think too much of this huge availability of apps. I have shortlisted the best six weather apps for pilots to see the weather reports, updates and visibility in the sky.

1. MyRadar

MyRadar is one of the fastest apps that gives you upcoming weather alerts by using its animated weather radar. A pilot or a user can simply get an idea of weather conditions ahead of them and if any storm is coming their way or not. The app has the best zoom and pinches quality, which allows a user to zoom on the weather and see what the weather is like anywhere.

2. WeatherSpork

It is a strategic weather planning app for pilots, which gives a glimpse of weather conditions before taking off the flight. These features are usually available to pilots in the cockpit of a plane by which they see the weather condition of their entire air route to the destination.  The app features the grid view combined with the wheels up departure advisor, which gives a green signal to flight to take off. The app also tells about the speed of wind in the air by which the pilot adopts a clear alternative route if they have to.

3. CloudTopper

CloudTopper is a modern designed app which works as a sight level for pilots during the flight. The app offers a new sight level method to determine cloud height. The app works with your phone’s camera, which works as a gyroscope and accelerometer. In the app, you can enter the distance to a cloud and calculate your height above and below that cloud.


WINDY is one of the best-trusted apps by professional pilots, which gives a detailed and accurate weather forecast. WINDY is the most suitable and best tool for pilots, skydivers, surfers, storm chasers and weather geeks, etc. Proper and accurate weather information than other apps is WINDY’s most appreciated feature. From wind, rain, pressure, and temperature, a user can check multiple layers of temperature at their fingertips.

5. Weekend Flyer

With Weekend Flyer app, one can see and plan their flights around the weather up to several days into the future. A user can plan their weekend before three days of the weekend. The app gives weather forecast up to three days in the future. Pilots also find this app so helpful in deciding the flight timing and changing in air route due to the weather condition.

6. METARs Aviation Weather

This is a paid application but is a fast and easy to use it to get the weather forecast. The app notifies you with the latest weather updates with your phone in your pocket. The best thing about the app is its customizable notifications, even when the app is not in use, it gives alerts about the changes in weather conditions.

Lucia Mandela is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Has passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. She writes for Norton security products at

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How to View and Manage Downloads in Safari Browser on iPadOS 13

Finally, you’re able to download files with Safari on your iPad. With iPadOS 13, Apple brings a ton of new features and functionalities on iPad. Amongst these, one is the ability to download files from web pages in Safari, now like your desktop (Mac), you can download, view and manage files in your iPad too. This could be one of the biggest addition for some iPad users. Here is how to view and manage downloads in Safari browser on iPadOS13.

How to download files in Safari on iPad

If your iPad is running on iOS13, then you can use these points to download any file from Safari on your iPad.

1.    Start ‘Safari’ on your iPad.

2.    Browse the web or navigate to the webpage from which you want to download the file.

3.    Now, look if there is an option to download the file on the website, it may be hidden under the menu. If you found the option to download, tap on it to download the file.

4.    Alternatively, tap on the file you want to download on your iPad.

5.    If you are prompted to verify that you want to download the file, then tap on ‘Download’ to confirm.

The file will begin to download immediately if you confirm to download it. You can tap the ‘X’ button to cancel or close the download. Once the file downloads, you’ll be able to access and manage it.

How to manage files in Safari on iPad

If you’ve used Safari or other browsers on your desktop, then you may have seen that you can open and manage your downloads right from the browser. Just the same you can do in your iPad, here is how.

1.    Open ‘Safari’ on your iPad, if it is already not.

2.    Now, look for the ‘Download’ (It is a blue circle icon having an arrow pointing down) button in the toolbar.

3.    Tap the ‘Downloads’ icon or button. This opens a popover menu with your downloads listed.

4.    Here you’ll also see the currently downloading files with an option to cancel, tap ‘X’ option to cancel the downloading.

5.    If a file is paused, you can resume the download by tapping the ‘Resume’ (same as the refresh icon) button.

6.    Tap the ‘Magnifying glass’ icon to view downloading in the Downloads folder. This opens the folder in iCloud.

7.    If you want the downloading items to do not appear in Safari, then you can clear then easily with the ‘Clear’ option at the top in the menu. Tapping on ‘Clear’ will clear out all the downloads from the list, including completed and pending.

Don’t worry this only clears the downloads list, it does not delete your downloaded files.

How to access the downloaded files in your iPad

Accessing your downloads from Safari is quite simple; you can quickly access them by tapping on the ‘Magnifying glass’ icon in the ‘Downloads’ menu. But, if you’d clear the downloads, then here is how to access them manually.

1.    Open the ‘Files’ app on your iPad.

2.    Then tap on ‘Browse.’

3.    Select ‘iCloud’ from the left side pane.

4.    Find the ‘Downloads’ folder in the right window scroll down if needed.

5.    Tap on the ‘Downloads’ folder to access your downloaded file.

Your downloaded files are on your screen; now you can open as well as share them from there.

Dave Hogan is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.

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How to Use Mac-only Apps on Windows 10

Wondering how to install and use Mac-only apps on a Windows 10 PC? You have come to the right place to know the answer. There are barely any ways to use Mac apps on Windows, but there is a method which will enable you to run Mac apps.

This method is not a very easy and straightforward but will work once you understand the whole procedure. So without wasting any time, let’s get started.

Step 1: Install and Setup Virtual Machine

This is the best way to use Mac apps on a Windows computer. It requires a bit of technical knowledge, but we’ll help you in that regard.

Files required to create a MacOS Virtual Machine in Windows 10:

  1. Download the “VirtualBox”(latest version).
  2. A copy of “macOS”(Download most recent version)

After successfully downloading required files, extract them in different folders. In the Mojave Image folder, you will find a VMDK file, which means Virtual Machine Disk Format. This file is containing macOS operating system.

How to Make macOS Virtual Machine in Windows 10?

  1. Open the VirtualBox folder and then locate and launch the VirtualBox file.
  2. Select “New” and then type macOS. The software will detect the OS when you type and then select the macOS 10.13 High Sierra.
  3. Set the RAM to 4GB (Your Computer must have at least 6 GB of RAM to run the Mac OS).
  4. Set hard drive (use existing virtual hard disk file).
  5. Then select the folder icon to browse and then select the VMDK file.
  6. Hit the Create button.

Setting up the macOS Virtual Machine

Before you start using macOS on the Windows 10, you need to tweak the settings of Virtual Machine. To begin editing the settings, see the guide below.

  1. Right click on macOS Virtual Machine and select settings.
  2. On the left-hand side menu, hit the system tab.
  3. Then uncheck the Floppy located under Boot Order.
  4. In the Chipset, select the ICH9 option.
  5. Now click on a processor located at the top menu.
  6. In the processor, slider, assign two units.
  7. Check the Enable PAE/NX box.
  8. Under “Display” settings, set the Video Memory slider to 128MB.
  9. Now under “Storage” settings, make sure that box labeled with Use Host I/O Cache is checked.
  10. Hit ok, and your settings will be saved.

Open Command Prompt and To Tweak Your PC

Your PC isn’t ready to run Virtual Box due to lack in the configuration. We will use the Command Prompt to configure your PC. macOS VMDK requires patching of the Virtual Box to function flawlessly. To do this, you need to enter some codes in Command Prompt. It is pretty easy, follow the below steps carefully:

  1. Close all applications and programs on your PC (It is important to close all program on your PC otherwise this action can be futile).
  2. Hit the Start key and type CMD.
  3. Right click on the CMD and choose Run as administrator.
  4. Now type “C:\Programs files\Oracle\VirtualBox\” and hit enter.
  5. Below are some commands that you need to type in CMD. Replace the “macos” with the name of your virtual machine, which is located in the quotes. After every command hit enter:
  6. VBoxManage.exe modifyvm “macos” – -cpuidset 00000001 000106e5 00100800 0098e3fd bfebfbff
  7. VBoxManage setextradata “macos” “VBoxInternal/Devices/efi/0/Config/DmiSystemProduct” “iMac11,3”
  8. VBoxManage setextradata “macos” “VBoxInternal/Devices/efi/0/Config/DmiSysteVersion” “1.0”
  9. VBoxManage setextradata “macos” “vBoxInternal/Devices/efi/0/Config/DmiBoardProduct” “Iloveapple”
  10. VBoxManage setextradata “macos” “VBoxInternal/Devices?smc/0/Config/DeviceKey “”ourhardworkbythesewordsguardedpleasedontsteal(c)AppleComputerinc”
  11. VBoxManage setextradata “macos” “VBoxInternal/Devices/smc/0/Config/GetKeyFromRealSMC” 1

If any command fails, then enter it again and make sure you type accurately. When you have done every command successfully, then close the command prompt.

Start Your macOS Mojave Virtual Machine

Now open the VirtualBox and then double click the macOS virtual machine to start your macOS on Windows 10.  You can now see a long stream of random text, and then a grey screen will appear after that. This grey screen can take on up to two minutes go away, so don’t panic and don’t press any key. After two minutes later you will finally see a “Welcome” screen. Now you can set your macOS  Mojave virtual machine to the full screen.

Now the macOS is successfully installed and is working perfectly. Move ahead and install the Mac apps on windows.

Step 2: Sign into Your Apple Account 

Now you can see that every process and experience is similar to a real Mac. To access the  App Store, you first need to log into the Apple account. Apple requires an account to install an app from the Apple App Store.

Step 3: Download First Mac App on Windows 10

As now you have the authority to install and use any Mac app on your Windows PC. You can download any apps from the App Store. Open the App Store from the bottom icons. If the system asks for the Apple account information, then enter again.

Now browse for the app which you want to download. Click on the Get button then Install.

Open your macOS app on your Windows 10 PC and enjoy the Mac app on Windows.

How To Save MacOS Virtual Machine Session and shut down safely?

Randomly closing the virtual machine can cause your virtual disk to get corrupted and your Mac apps and other work can also be affected. Follow the below guide to save the Virtual machine session safely:

  1. Click on the Apple logo in the top-right corner.
  2. Click on shutdown.

Now you can see operating system will shut down the macOS correctly.

How to save your current state in Virtual machine?

Any activity you do inside your macOS will not be saved automatically. You will need to do that manually every time before closing it.

You will need to take a snapshot which will save your current progress on the virtual macOS.

A snapshot will allow you to restore the progress of your work that you left before quitting it. After taking a snapshot, you can shut the macOS as well as your PC.

Wrapping It Up

A small mistake in the whole process can fail the entire process. Now we know how to use the Mac apps on your Windows 10. You can save a lot of money by using this method. You are not limited to using only apps. You can almost do everything possible in a macOS.

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