How to Send an Email as an Attachment from Outlook App

If you want to forward an email complete as it is, send it as an attachment.Sending an email in this format will be useful in showing someone the exact message.  Anyone can send the email as attachments from the Outlook app of their device easily. Moreover, you can use any version of Outlook app to do so. In this blog we will be discussing the process of sending emails as attachments in Outlook.

How to use Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019 to send emails as an attachment

If you want to show someone that you haven’t edited anything in the received email, then you can send that email as an attachment. You can also use this feature to share your conversation. Here is how can you do so.

Note: The email message you send as an attachment may display differently in different email clients.

1.   Start your Outlook app on your computer.

2.   Go to your Outlook inbox and see the email you want to forward.

3.   Select the email to send.

4.   Then, click and open the ‘Home’ tab from the upper left side of the window.

5.   Now, find the Respond Group and look for More Respond Actions option into it.

6.   Click on ‘More Respond Actions’ option when you find it. If you’re using version 2010, then you have to click on ‘More.’

7.    Then, click on ‘Forward as Attachments.’ You can also use ‘Ctrl + Alt + F’ button to send an email as an attachment.

8.   Click on the ‘To’ field and input the email(s) of the receiver.

9.   You can also click and fill the CC field as a regular email message.

10.  Then click on the message typing box and type your message. You can tell that you’re sending someone’s email as an attachment, and also describe the reason for sending it.

11.  Once you finish typing your message, verify the details again.

12.  And click ‘Send.’

The email will be sent to the entered email address (es) with the copy of the original email you’ve attached as an attachment. You can send multiple emails at a time as an attachment. You just have to select all of them you want to forward from your Outlook inbox. To do so, press and hold the ‘Ctrl’ button and select the emails in ‘Step 3’.

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