How to Create Labels in Gmail

You might have observed that Gmail doesn’t have any folder options. At the same time, people can label their mails and group them together. They are typically the same as folders. There is a beautiful feature of setting up filters that by itself shifts mails from a particular mail ID into folder labels. People shall be able to view their filtered mails from folder labels rather than by the inbox.

Best Ways People Can Filter Mails Into Folder Labels

The method of setting folder labels for Gmail mails

1. Firstly, put a folder label for Gmail mails for working in it. For doing it, move the scroll bar towards the leftwards side of the Gmail’s tab down to the Make new label option. It shall be immediately below it.

2. Then, press the Create new label option for opening the window displayed immediately below.

3. After that, put the heading for the label in the first statement bar.

4. Next, click the Create option. Note that people shall be able to view a newly made folder heading on the left of Gmail directly below Drafts.

The method of putting the mail filter

1. People need to put a filter that shall shift mail from a particular mail ID into the new folder heading. Open the email sent from the particular address.

2. Then, press the three-dot option displayed immediately below.

3. Choose Filter messages like these for starting the buttons in the snapshot immediately below.

4. After that, press the Create filter option.

5. Next, choose ‘Apply the label’ check bar.

6. After that, press the ‘Choose label’ pull-down menu for selecting the newly folder label of the mails.

7. Then, choose to put a filter to X similar conversations option for adding every mail from the same mail ID in the folder label.

8. People shall be able to even choose the Skit the inbox button for ensuring mails from that ID that don’t get displayed in the inbox. Rather, every mail from the ID shall go in the chosen folder label.

9. After that, press the ‘Create filter’ button.

10. At present, the new folder title shall comprise every mail from the filtered mail ID, and those mails shall not be shown from the inbox. So, press the folder label towards the left side of the inbox. So, press the folder label towards the left side of Gmail for opening the mails within it.

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Source: Labels in Gmail

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