How to Download and Change the Steam Skins from your PC

Bored with your Steam theme? Want to get a new look?  Just get the new skins. Steam skins change everything in your Steam, including theme, color, fonts, as well as layout. These skins are very simple to download and apply to Steam. If you’re also fed up of that default Steam interface, then switch to a new one now. Here is how to download and change the Steam skins from your PC.

Steps to get and apply the Steam skins to your desktop Steam app

You can find plenty of free Steam skins on the web that you can download and apply to your desktop Steam app. In addition to the instructions for downloading and using Steam skins, you’ll also know about a website that is popular for the Steam skins. Here is how to download and use the Steam skins on your PC.

1.   Launch a browser on your PC.

2.   And go to “” It is one of the most popular sites that have lots of Steam skins for PC.

3.   Select the skin you want to download. The skin’s file will start downloading to your system into ZIP or RAR format. Before this, you may have to select the download location to store the file.

4.   After the file download, open its location. You can navigate to the folder or directly open the location from the Download section of the browser.

5.   Right-click on the downloaded skin file and select ‘Extract files.’

6.   Now, you’ll be prompted to select the folder of Steam skins. You’ll usually find it in the Program Files folder in Local Disk C. In case you’ve installed the Steam into a location in your system, then click the ‘Browser’ option and go to the ‘Skins’ folder.

7.   Click on the ‘Extract’ button to extract the downloaded skin’s files into the selected folder.

8.   Launch Steam on your PC by clicking the ‘Steam’ icon or searching for it into the All Apps.

9.   Enter the Steam Guard code or sign in with your account, when prompted.

10.    Follow the screen instructions to access the Steam’s home screen.

11.    Now, click on ‘Steam’ tab at the upper left corner of the Steam home screen.

12.    Select ‘Settings’ from the dropdown menu. This will open the Settings window at the center of your desktop.

13.    Click on ‘Interface’ in the left menu.

14.    Now, click the “Default skin” dropdown button in the middle of the right menu. In the Default Skin dropdown menu, you’ll see all the skins you’ve downloaded and extracted into the Skins folder.

15.    Click on the ‘Skin’ you want to apply.

16.    Then, click ‘OK’ at the bottom of the Settings window.

17.    Click on ‘RESTART STEAM’ button in the message that pops up on the screen.

Clicking the button shuts down the Steam application and starts it again with your new selected skin. Enjoy gaming and streaming with the new look of Steam.

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Source: Download and Change the Steam Skins from your PC

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