Everything You Need to Know About Android Q

Google I/O 2019, which is the IO developer conference held by Google every year, held recently and the company finally introduced Android 10 Q over there. It comes with a whole lot of new AI as well as privacy advanced, gestures, and exclusive features. The full name of Android Q isn’t revealed yet, but the internet world has started guessing the name such as Quibble, Quince, Quirks, Quesito, Qottab, and more.

When will it be available?

If you own a Google Pixel phone, you can check the third public beta of Android Q that is released just few days back. Though it is not finally delivered yet, and various changes will are, however, to be seen in the coming days. There are numerous other manufacturers in the list of “Android Q Beta Devices” provided by Google including OnePlus, Huawei, Nokia, LG, Xiaomi and more. Total 21 devices are covered in the list, which you can check by visiting the developer.android.com page.

Its final release?

Android 10 Q is expected to arrive around the third quarter of 2019, which is around August. The final update will also roll out first in Google’s Pixel smartphone, and soon, the update will be available with other manufacturers as well. Google has updated the timeline of Android Q that you can check for better clearance.

What will be the final name?

The earlier versions of Google’s operating system were named after desserts and sweets such as Marshmallow, Kit Kat, Orea, and the recent one Pie. So, accordingly, the name will be relevant. It might be Quince Jelly or the ones that we already mentioned over here.

Is it free or will cost something?

Android Q is destined to be offered as a free update. If you will be asked to pay for the update, it is going to be a scam that you need to ignore. All in all, it will be a free update for you.

Say hi to gesture controls and bye to the back button

Various manufacturers have tried to provide their gesture control to the users. But the OS remained static with the three navigation option from time to time. It will not be the same as the new update will provide only gesture controls and no navigation buttons. The gestures are not finalized yet, but it is sure that the navigation buttons are not there.

What about dark mode?

Dark or night mode is a buzzing feature that is being offered with most of the apps these days. Many users are concerned about it as other Android manufacturers have implemented the same. However, Google has also stepped up and introduced a system-wide dark theme that can be used either at night or any given the time of day. Those who love the black background along with white text on the screen will appreciate it. It will enhance the battery life of the devices as well if you are using a phone with an OLED display.

Android Beam is no more there

Android Q will not have Android Beam, which lets users share files between two devices. You might or might not have used Android Beam. If you have used it, you must be aware of it, but if you haven’t, it could share files without using the internet when you place two phones next to each other.

Parental controls

It will be easy for Parents to manage their device to let their kids use them as parental controls are being updated with Android Q. You can easily find the feature on the settings app once Android Q will be launched. You can easily control and track usage of your child when it will be available for you.

Live captions

You will get the option to use subtitles or captions on any video or audio in real-time with the Android Q. It will help transcribe audio without the use of the internet by using on-device AI. The same will work with the stuff you record yourself as well. As there are a large number of people who like to watch videos without sound and keeping hard-of-hearing in mind, Google had to include this feature. There are plenty of new and exciting details will be seen with the next beta versions. Stay updated with them to make the most out of Android Q.

Becky Losby is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at norton.com/setup.

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