5 Best Screenshot Apps and Extensions for Windows

Screenshots are an utmost necessity these days. No matter what device you use, you have to capture something from time to time. On that note, if you wish to have a snapshot or screenshot app for your Windows PC, this blog will help you with the best Windows screenshot apps and extensions.

Here are the best options for you:

1. Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool is a native screenshot application, available for free,  that is already there in your Windows computers. It is readily available on the computer that operating on Windows Vista and later versions.  Just type “Snipping Tool” in the search to find it.  Snipping Tool provides a Delay feature which lets you take screenshots of apps at a certain time,  the capability to save your screenshots in different formats. Also, the app allows enables users to mark their screenshot using its colorful highlighter along with pen options. Its interface is, however, outdated and will not look good on the recent Windows versions.

2. ShareX

ShareX is undoubtedly one of the best screenshot apps for Windows. It is easy to use, free to download but will need Windows 10 or higher version. This app comes with plenty of exciting features and easily lets you capture screenshots. You can even record the screen as well as create a GIF with the use of this app. Though, this app can be complicated for beginners as it comes as a professional grade app. Only a few of the features of this app make it user-friendly.

3. Marker

If you are looking for an ideal browser extension for taking a screenshot, Marker is an excellent option for you. It is available in Microsoft Edge and perfect for Microsoft Edge users. This extension is destined to help professional and businesses that share documents around or involved in fixing bugs or reporting. You get the option to save the screenshots easily and use the available image editor for editing. It can download for free, but Windows 10 version or higher is a must. Take the help of various included tutorial to go through this extension.

4. Screenshot

Use the Screenshot app to capture any web page quickly. Just copy and paste the desired URL of the web page and you can take a screenshot through this app. It has a sleek and exciting user interface that makes it ideal to use. This free app also demands Windows 10 and higher versions for running. The random ads on the app might be frustrating for some users though. Also, you don’t have any in-built image editing options with this app. You will have to use other editors for the same.

5. QuickCapture

Same as the Screenshot app, you can provide the URL of the web page and use QuickCapture for taking the screenshot. But, it can grab the entire length of the page, unlike screenshot. This app comes as a highly responsive app, which is free for downloading and using. It will run on Windows 10 version or higher and offer a pro version too. You will have to see the large ads with the free version though. Hence, these are the best screenshot apps or extensions for you!

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