Top 5 Free-To-Play Games in 2019

If you like to play games and showcase your gaming skills, free-to-play games are the best for you. There are wide ranges of free-to-play games available for you. You can either choose Battle Royale games or League of Legends or more. The best thing that you don’t have to pay a penny to play these games and they are even better than several paid video games. Here are the best five free-to-play games for you; check them out.

1. PUBG Mobile

Mobile users are bestowed with an outstanding battle royale action packed game with the PUBG Mobile. The PC and Xbox One versions of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are not free though. Its mobile version is almost the same as the PC version, where you can kill others, loot buildings, drive across the map, and kill people using a frying pan or gun. You can even connect with your game squad using voice chat messages in this game. The exciting missions and new updates of the PUBG Mobile game will keep you hooked.   

2. Fortnite

Fortnite is another excellent battle royale game, where you have to take down zombie-like creatures and last till the end of the game to win. It features a Save the World mode and lets players jump in groups and collect resources, construct structures, and do a lot more exciting things. This free-to-play game is one of the best and most popular online games we have today.

3. Warframe

If action is your forte, Warframe is destined to be one of the most exciting games. You can play it on both PC and consoles. Those with a new console need to try this game first and foremost. This free-to-play game was launched in 2013 and has been played by around 26 million people till now. It also gives you customization options and offers personal spaceship access to you.

4. Apex Legends

Being offered by Respawn Entertainment, Apex Legend is a new free-to-play battle royale game. It has the same game progression as most of the battle royale games – jump from the sky, chase the circle, and show the ultimate gunplay. Though, its hero shooter elements make it stand out from the rest. You can explore exciting shooting and defensive moves inside this game. It is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One users.

5. DC Universe Online

Explore the DC world ideally through the DC Universe Online game. It lets you play as your favorite DC character and create your superhero as well. The fast-paced conflict and regular updates in this game will give you the best experience. If you love superheroes, this free-to-play game is a must try. You can play it on Xbox One, PS4, or PC.


Free-to-play games are an excellent alternative to paid games. This blog provides you the best free-to-play games that you can enjoy on various devices. Check all of them out.

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Source: Top 5 Free-To-Play Games in 2019

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