How to Use Mozilla Popcorn Maker App

You can use Mozilla Popcorn Maker app for adding various features to videos. With Popcorn Maker, you can easily enhance, remix and share digital videos. Let’s explore the process of using it.

Follow the General Familiarization Guidelines

•    Make a new persona account to sign in by entering email address and password.

•    Go to the “Popcorn Maker” app.

•    Now, you need to sign in to the “Popcorn Maker” app by entering an email address and password of Persona account.

•    You should know about the different parts and feature of the “Popcorn Maker” app.

•    Test the different functions of the “Popcorn Maker” app.

•    You have to decide the content strategy you wish to place.

•    Start using the playback control events to add it in the advantage.

•    You have to merge the layers and control event for getting more output technology.

•    Now, you need to save a project file.

•    You can now share your projects which you had created earlier.

Steps to Create Video by Using Scratch

•    Make a new blank video.

•    Set a time of the new back video you had created in the “Popcorn Maker” app.

•    Now, you have to insert the soundtrack in case you wish to add the audio track on the video you are creating in “Popcorn Maker” app.

•    After that, start uploading videos which you have created by using YouTube, Vimeo and many more.

•    Go through the steps provided in the General Familiarization guidelines column to sign in to the “Popcorn Maker” app and start creating a new project according to the uploaded video.

How to Improve Your Existing Video Content?

•    Go through the guidelines provided in the “General Instructions” window for signing in to the “Popcorn Maker” app, and you can start creating a new project according to the uploaded video.

•    You have to use the “remix” function of the “Popcorn  Maker” app to enhance the created video with the editing software.

•    Now, you need to upload the transcript of the created video.

•    Enable popup feature which includes all the sentence phrases you wish to add in the video.

•    In case the video you have created is informative, then it is a great idea to place Wikipedia events.

•    You can place Twitter events to the video which you had created.

•    In case the video content is all about a famous person, influential people, there is a big opportunity for you.

•    Now, you have to place the “Google maps” events to the created video for expanding the mapping and geographic details of the video.

•    After that, you can click on the “Add a layer” option for placing it into the advantage.

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Source: Mozilla Popcorn Maker App

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