5 Best Add-ons and Accessories for Google Home

To add more versatility to your Google’s smart speakers, you can choose various third-party gadgets. They add more value to the Google Home smart speaker and the Google Home Mini and make the user experience better than ever. Have a look at these budget gadgets given below, which are destined to make your existing smart speakers more efficient.

1. Google Home Mini Outlet Wall Mount by Mount Genie

Mount Genie brings you Google Home Mini Outlet Wall Mount that is specially made to attach your speaker to the wall directly. You don’t have to worry about its damage by placing anywhere with this ideal wall mount. It comes at a very less price and is a great space-saving solution for you. Use this wall mount in any room of your house and add more charm to the whole set. Its installation can be done in seconds according to the provider.

2. JOT Portable Battery Case

The JOT Portable Battery Case is made for Google Home Mini. It allows you to use your smart speaker anywhere you want. The build quality of this battery case is outstanding, which assures long-lasting value. Installing the JOT Portable Battery Case is very as well. It features four LED lights on its body that lets you know the battery level. You will have to charge this battery case for around three hours to fully charge it and then can use for almost eight hours.

3. Ninety7 Loft Battery Base for Google Home

The Loft Portable Battery Base by Ninety7 offers cord-free power up to 10 hours with the help of integrated Lithium-Ion battery. Its beautiful design and metal grill finish will conquer the hearts of your visitors at home. You need to remove Google’s base and adjust the Loft base in the same place for using. The total charge time of this battery base is around four hours. Take your Google Home easily around – within the range of Wi-Fi – with the Loft Battery Base.

4. Dot Genie Google Home Mini Backpack

Another great option to attach the Google Home Mini to a wall is through the Dot Genie Google Home Mini Backpack. It is being offered by Mount Genie, which has already won the trust of a large number of users through outstanding products. You can choose the desired color option among the available once accordingly while purchasing. Though, you can insert the Backpack only inside three-prong outlets.

5. Mount Genie Google Home Mini Pedestal

Showcase your Google Home Mini in the best way possible with the Mount Genie Google Home Mini Pedestal. It uplifts your smart speaker off a flat surface and highlights colorful Google lights perfectly. The pedestal comes to users with different colors options such as white, silver, and charcoal. You can choose the one you love according to your choice and home settings. It has a rubber bottom, which ensures no slipping or vibration while using.

So, these are the best gadgets that you can use with your Google’s smart speakers. Choose the ideal from the list and keep your home organized.


Google’s smart speakers make our lives more exciting and accessible. It is our equal responsibility to take care of them in a perfect manner. This blog offers you the list of best new gadgets that you can use with Google’s smart speaker.

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Source: Accessories for Google Home

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