Once in a while I look into Microsoft Office products to find out if there is something new has surfaced, be it a new product, service or update, as long as it is attractively priced, I am interested in it. However, the last few years cast a grim shadow over the rising influence of Microsoft as Office products are overrun by new players in the market offering cloud applications and programs similar to that of MS Office.

Ms office

Despite holding the status of the most downloaded software package in the world, MS Office is facing worldwide criticism for not being capable of keeping pace with the emerging technologies. So, what really keeps MS Office peddling despite numerous resistances is the thing we will discuss in this blog.

Will Office applications sustain a future among newcomers and current users?

For starter, MS Office has a lot of jaw-dropping products and customer captivity even now, so if you buy their products from home to business or desktop to web purpose, that’s great. Although, sometimes I get a bit confused about all the products and services they offer such as OneNote, Cloud, SharePoint, etc. I don’t know which one is for business purpose and what services they offer. Moreover, I am quite concerned about the future of MS Office Products.

I still even don’t get it personally but Nadella’s Microsoft explains a lot about the future of MS Office. I am currently working on MS Office 2016 and looking forward to switching to the Office 365 for its cloud-to-device services. The thing is we don’t stick to the older versions of Office setup suite out of love but for necessity, as they are easy to operate, meanwhile, you probably don’t want to see yourself left behind when people around you are opting for future technologies.

A sudden fall in product selling of Microsoft is not due to the absence of fan followings, it’s not even falling retail demands, but analysts state it as simple physics. People want to connect to the cloud services to store their data online, share their documents, and work reports independently for which older versions of Office setup weren’t capable.

How can it be that MS Office products so defiantly unfashionable hold the largest share in the Business Productivity Software from the last 20 years?

The few times, I asked the opinion of my friends and colleagues using MS Office regarding the future of its applications, they just guffawed and said, “as long as computers exist, MS Office will dominate the world.” If you plan to get paid for sitting in front of a computer for a living, you should download and install Office setup applications as part of your daily routine. Now, I am not an agnostic person but my primary concern from sometime has been the landscape, which is changing.

It’s not the legions of fanboys or the sentimental attachment with www office com/setup products, its just I want to see MS Office transformed in a fashionable manner.

Organizational work and personal computing are rapidly shifting from desktop to mobile devices via www office com. For so many years, Microsoft Windows ruled over the desktop OS but I am afraid that position didn’t carry over on mobile devices. The dominance of Windows OS over the world has been the driving force behind Microsoft’s ability to sell products for a long time.

Its armada of productivity suites is still doing well in the market, and you can see them flourishing with personal desktops when people download and install office setup via www office com/setup. However, the future and competitive advantage of the suite might not be able to satisfy the demands of future generations.

Still, there are analysts who are quite excited about what the future holds for Office products. Nobody can see the future; only can predict it, and history has taught us that predictions are sometimes coming to be true. So there might a chance, we see Microsoft rising from the ashes to rule the market of productivity software again.

Lucia Mandela is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002.    As a technical expert, Lucia has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers  and reviews for many   websites such as office.com/setup

Source: Microsoft

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