How to Download iOS Applications From the App Store

When you purchase a new iOS device, the first thing you want to do is to download the applications from the App Store. With every application, you can perform different works. The typical applications like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat you will install them all in your phone.

app store

There are many other applications you wanted to download in your iPhone as per your wish. Without any application, you find your iPhone boring. You can download games from the App store to play it in your free time.

If you want to connect socially with many other peoples, then you have to download the social networking application from the App Store. You can use their website to use it on your daily life so you have to download their application from the App Store, which will be easier to use.

Introduction to App Store

The advantage of using iPhone is to store many applications from the App Store. You can download several applications like the native, hybrid, web, gaming, business, educational, lifestyle and many more. App store has millions of applications for Apple users.

This is an easy process to download the applications from the App Store. You will find that the App store is similar if we compare it to iTunes Store, but there are small differences between them

How to Find Applications From the App store?

There are two options of finding the applications from the App Store. You can find for an application by entering the app name in the search column located on the top of iTunes screen.

The other option is you can check the buttons column which is located on the upper side. The centre area of buttons column is App Store. Tapping on it to return to the home screen of the App Store.


In case you want to find a particular application the type on the search column in the search bar located on the right side of the App Store page. Click “Return or Enter.”

A list of similar application will appear on your screen which can be the app of any category. At that time you can do:

•    Press “iPhone Apps” or “iPad Apps” in the right side to see a full list of similar applications.

•    Press “See All” option located at the right side of the search bar to view a list of all the application which is similar to your search name.

•    In case the application you are searching for appears on the other list of the app then move there and after that, press on it.

In case you don’t remember the name of that application you want to have in your phone, then you should scan the App Store. On the first page of the App Store, you will find much application in it, but you will get more application when you remember the name of that application and search for it by entering it on the search bar given on the top. If you find that application you wish to download, then after finding it press on the download button to get the app in your phone.

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