What To Do First After Getting A New iPhone?

Got a new iPhone and getting confused about what to do next? There are plenty of things that should be done by you, and it is pretty simple to do as well. Let’s start!

This blog will help you out with the primary things that should be done with your new iPhone. So read it carefully.

First After Getting A New iPhone

Top 5 Things To Do Immediately After Purchasing An iPhone

  1. Make An Apple ID
  • Use the Play Store and take the golden opportunity of downloading a lot of applications. These applications can be used with the help of an Apple ID.
  • Access to the account is entirely free of cost.
  • And it allows you to purchase songs, movies, and applications.
  • It is also the account that has been used for accessing other amazing features like iMessage for sending/receiving SMS, iCloud for storing data and FaceTime for having a video chat, etc.
  • It is optional to make an Apple account but remember without having it, you’ll not be able to avail some remarkable golden opportunities.
  1. Download iTunes

Most people are aware of iTunes because of its lovely musical world. But in reality, it has a lot of other functions.

  • It not only allows you to insert and delete songs but also video, pictures, applications and so on.
  • Thankfully, Macs available in the stores, come with preinstalled iTunes. Whereas, in Windows, you need to download it after purchasing your system.
  1. Set Up Your New iPhone By Activating It

After getting your new iPhone, you need to set up your new iPhone by activating it.

  • The primary set up of activation makes you select from options related to some features such as iMessages, Face Time, iCloud and Find My iPhone, etc.
  1. Don’t Forget About Find My iPhone
  • Find My iPhone is a significant feature that allows you to track the exact place of your iPhone wherever it would have been placed.
  • This feature is advantageous and will even make you feel lucky to have this feature because it can help you to get back the iPhone that has been lost by you or got stolen.
  • Only a few minutes will be taken to set up Find My iPhone.
  1. Activate Touch ID or Face ID
  • Both these features help you to keep your personal information safe in your iPhone.
  • These features cannot only unlock the iPhone, but also help you to buy applications.
  • It is friendly for users as people can use them in their day to day life without facing any problem.

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