How to get Kindle Books on your iPad

Now, you do not need to lug around your devices as the Amazon Kindle library can be browsed through your iPad. Just download Kindle app on your iPad and access your entire Kindle library on your iPad.

Here is how to get your Kindle Library on your iPad:

kindle books

Step to install Kindle App on iPad

1.    Start ‘App Store’ of your iPad.

2.    Tap on the ‘Search bar’ and type ‘Kindle’ into the search bar.

3.    Hit the ‘Search’ button.

4.    Look in the Search result for Kindle app by AMZN Mobile LLC.

5.    Select ‘Kindle’ iPad version.

6.    Now, click the ‘Get’ button of the Kindle App under the iPad section.

7.    Now, touch the ‘INSTALL’ button to start downloading.

8.    Provide your ‘Apple ID and password’ if asked.

9.    And tap the ‘OK’ button.

Now, you’ll see a downloading bar will show the downloading progress.

How to Download Kindle Previous Purchases

After finishing the installation, Kindle icon will automatically be added to your iPad’s Home screen.

1.    Tap on ‘Kindle’ icon to open it.

Sign in screen will appear on your iPad screen.

2.    Enter your ‘Amazon account email address and Password’ into their separate field.

3.    And, hit ‘Sign in’ button to link your iPad with your Amazon account.

4.    Now, go to the ‘Cloud’ tab at the bottom of your iPad screen. On the next screen, you’ll see the entire purchases item of your account.

5.    Select the item you want to download. Tapping on it (Book’s cover) will begin downloading.

6.    To check downloaded Kindle items (books). Go to ‘Device’ tab.

If there is no item on the screen, this means you’ve no purchased item. Here you’ll get the instructions for purchasing new item on your Kindle account as well as instructions for adding non-Kindle items to your Kindle account.

How to Purchase new Kindle item on iPad

Apple Store didn’t allow purchasing of Kindle items through Kindle app due to some restrictions. So, to purchase a new Kindle item on your iPad you’ll have to purchase it directly from Amazon’s website.

1.    Start ‘Safari’ browser of your iPad.

2.    Now, into the Safari search box type URL “” for Kindle Store.

3.    And press ‘Enter’ to locate the ‘Kindle Store’ through the browser.

4.    Sign in with your Amazon account, if asked. For sign in you’ll have to enter your account email address and password.

5.    And click the ‘Sign in with secure server’ button.

6.    Now, use the Kindle Store search bar to browse for the book, you want to purchase.

7.    Type the book titles or authors name into the search box or look into Bestseller or current deals and more.

8.    Tap on the ‘Book’ to view more details about the product.

9.    Click the ‘Buy’ button.

10.    And then ‘Read now’ button to purchase and download book.

Downloaded book will be added to your iPad’s Kindle app library. Once it is done, you can navigate to your Kindle library and read your book anytime you want.

If you want to check the book before purchasing, click on ‘Try a Sample’ and make the decision whether to purchase it or not.

How to Add Non-Kindle item to the Kindle App

Apart from the books bought from the Amazon, you are also able to use the Kindle app to add and read a vast variety of content of other formats. Kindle app support, PDF, TXT, and DOC format Documents files, JPG, PNG, BMP format image files as well as eBooks also. Before this, you need to install transfer software on your system to send your computer’s content file to your iPad.

To send a file from your computer to your iPad’s Kindle app,

1.    Navigate to the file you want to add to the Kindle app.

2.    Right click on it, and go to ‘Send’ option.

3.    Select ‘Send to Kindle’.

4.    And choose your ‘iPad’. The item will be added to select iPad’s Kindle app, and now you can browse it through your Kindle app.

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